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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

An Injured Snow Wraith appears in the expansion Battle for the Edge of the game School of Dragons.


Injured and Rescued

At some point before the events of School of Dragons, this Snow Wraith was attacked by a migrating group of Speed Stingers that invaded its cave on Glacier Island. The Snow Wraith was injured during the fight, leading to it retreating back into its cave.

While searching for her notebook containing notes on the Dragon Hunters, which she believed she had dropped on the island, Heather and Windshear discovered the Snow Wraith injured in its cave. Heather called the player to Glacier Island in an attempt to both recover her notebook and heal the Snow Wraith, with Astrid Hofferson also heading to Dark Deep to send a Helpful Prickleboggle to the island as well for backup.

After briefing the player on what had happened, Heather and the player discovered Speed Stinger footprints, revealing to them the cause of the Snow Wraith's injury, before realizing that the Snow Wraith had left its cave. After finding its new location and realizing that both her notebook and the Snow Wraith were in the same place, Heather asked the player to bring the Prickleboggle to the Snow Wraith in an attempt to use its healing fire to heal the injured dragon.

Making sure to give the injured dragon its space, the player and the Prickleboggle successfully used the Prickleboggle's fire to heal the Snow Wraith's injury, calming the dragon enough to allow the player to take the notebook from beside it and return it to Heather. Realizing that the Snow Wraith's white coloration made it difficult to find it in the snowy conditions of Glacier Island, Heather suggested that similar camouflage could be used to hide the base defenses on Dragon's Edge from attacking Dragon Hunters. She told the player to pass this idea on to Hiccup to see if it would work.

Physical Appearance

The Injured Snow Wraith is representative of its species. It is completely white in color with several, small, black spines on its body and tail.




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