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For generations, Hunters have learned the trade using the Ingerman Method. To our founder, Ingar Ingerman! [src]

Ingar Ingerman is a minor character mentioned in the episode, "Loyal Order of Ingerman". He was an ancestor of Fishlegs Ingerman and a Dragon Hunter.


As Fishlegs discovered in Oswald's Diary and papers, the Ingermans were Dragon Hunters at some point in the distant past. Ingar Ingerman developed the "Ingerman Method" of Dragon Hunter Training using Dramillion dragon who could mimic any dragon fire-type. He left a legacy on Dramillion Island - the Loyal Order of Ingerman. The Order has a song dedicated to him as well as a statue.


Not much is said about Ingar's personality, but some characteristics can be implied from his trade of Dragon Hunting, such as ruthlessness and low amount of compassion, with a certain amount of bravery and bravado.



  • How far removed generationally Ingar is from Fishlegs is not stated, nor at what point the Ingermans became Hairy Hooligans or why.


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