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      Impossible Island first appeared in the game School of Dragons, as the main location in the expansion "Secret of the Leviathan".


Impossible Island appears rocky and barren at first glance, but contains a partially hidden cenote at its center. A cenote is a geological feature in which a sinkhole and underground cave system have been exposed to the surface, usually through collapse. Caverns and sinkholes are formed when underground water wears away layers of limestone. There is usually a pool of water at the bottom of the cenote.

The cenote at Impossible Island sports a small tropical ecosystem with lush greenery including Ceriman (Monstera deliciosa) and the Dragon Bloom. It also contains ruins of a former branch of the Defenders of the Wing. This flora creates what seems to be a maze made of bushes and shrubs. Perhaps it was purposely planted like that.


The ruins, for the most part, were left by a branch of the Defenders of the Wing, as clearly evidenced by the many images of the Eruptodon littered across the island. According to Queen Mala, the island was abandoned during her grandmother's time because it was deemed dangerous. They left various puzzle trials to challenge their warriors with.

At some point, Bork the Bold and Hamish II from Berk also went to the island and added to the puzzles and trials on Impossible Island in an attempt to hide the Dragon Bloom.


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