Iggy is a male Terrible Terror who first appeared in "Worst in Show".


This red Terrible Terror is quite fetching . . . literally! Fishlegs trained him to fetch by showing him a picture of the item first. Perfect if you need some Wood or Fish!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Iggy is an orange and red Terrible Terror. He is the size of a typical Terrible Terror.


Iggy has a mellow behavior; when Fishlegs was about to name him he simply scratched his head and sniffed around. Iggy also seems to be irritated by Snotlout, as when Snotlout showed him a picture of a bucket, Iggy simply grabbed the bucket and threw it onto Snotlout's head.


  • Intelligence: Fishlegs trained Iggy to grab whatever the picture Fishlegs was holding showed. For example, when Fishlegs held up a picture of an apple, Iggy grabbed an apple with his mouth and gave it to Fishlegs. 


  • Other names Fishlegs considered naming Iggy were Lars, Van, Slurg, and Deathwing.
  • Iggy is one of only two dragons to have human names. The other being Luna.


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