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      The Icy Wastes is a Northern area of the Barbaric Archipelago first seen on the map in How to Speak Dragonese.


The Icy Wastes is a poorly defined area seen on a map of the Barbaric Archipelago that is North of the Isle of Berk and Peaceable Country, and near the Outcast Lands. In later, more expanded map views, the Icy Wastes are not mentioned but that area is defined as an area of sea and a peninsula of the Mainland called the "The Dragon's Nose". There are, however, depicted slightly westward in later maps the Frozen Isle of Nowhere and Nothing, which may be the areas the author intended as 'The Icy Wastes'.


How to Speak Dragonese

The Icy Wastes appear on a map at the front of Book 3, but does not figure into the story.

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