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      The Icy Northern Tip is an area on Huttsgalor with frigid temperatures first seen in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Iced Out".


Thick blankets of snow cover the rolling landscape, with an occasional bare tree poking out. A wide icy river winds through the snow, at times cutting into the land and forming high walls. It flows toward the village of Huttsgalor, after crashing over a steep waterfall.

Little to no green vegetation is seen except leafless trees. These may be deciduous trees, indicating that the Icy Northern Tip may get warmer seasonally. One lone Hideous Heatwing egg is found in the ice, possibly indicating that this dragon species lives in the area.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

The Icy Northern Tip appears in the episode, "Iced Out". Elbone visits the area to find ice to carve into sculptures. While there, he finds a dragon egg stuck in ice. He gets the help of Aggro, who frees the egg, but in the process gets doused in cold water and loses her abilities to fly and breathe fire. Elbone and Aggro get caught on the river on a slab of ice with the egg, and attempt to escape, only to be saved at the last minute by the Rescue Riders before going over the waterfall.

Aggro has a more positive experience in the Icy Northern Tip in "Furious Fun", when a pair of playful Fire Furies take her sledding and other fun activities in the snow.

Season 2

In "Game of Horns", Duggard and Magnus race through the Icy Northern Tip during the titular event.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

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