Icestorm Island is an island introduced in the game School of Dragons, at the release of its first expansion of the same name, "Icestorm Island".

Official Description

Icestorm Island is an arctic landscape previously uncharted by Vikings. This island is known for its frigid temperatures, rugged terrain, and its expansive, underground Ice Caves. Perhaps the most prominent geographical landmark of Icestorm Island is the crystal-like glacier that rests on one side of the island.
The freezing climate of this island has produced a unique ecosystem of flora and fauna that thrive in ice and snow. As it takes a certain tenacity to live in such a frigid climate, the inhabitants of Icestorm Island are known to be particularly resilient. Two of these inhabitants are the distinct, powerful, and rare dragons, the Groncicle and the Speed Stinger.
One of the most fascinating aspects of Icestorm Island is its ability to preserve history. Icestorm Island’s freezing climate has preserved ancient Viking and dragon artifacts. Curious Vikings can team up with the Archaeologist to explore the treasures and history lost in time.
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Icestorm Island is an arctic environment covered in snow and ice. It is located north of the Wilderness. Players receive special thermal clothing during expansion quests. There is a central mountain, possibly an old or inactive volcano, with geothermal activity at its center inside the ice caves.

Inside the island, there is a warm area with plants, flowers, and fresh water, as well as ruins of an ancient civilization that no longer exists. Directly above on the surface, there is a snow-less grassy area with an unfrozen lake and woodlands. This area is where the Speed Stingers live.

Around the island you will find many steep glaciers and slopes. Patches and sheets of ice can also be found as well as some old docking bay. These glaciers move slowly over many years. This could mean that after a couple of decades the islands formation could differ.

The main rock cliffs are most likely composed of Igneous rocks due to the fact that the island is formed around an inactive volcano. There are also more various small mountains surrounding the center of the island. These were probably formed due to the volcano.



School of Dragons

According to the petroglyph that Skulder the Archaeologist had found on the island, the Vikings that had made it their home coexisted with the island's Groncicles and built statues of them. For some unknown reason, they left the island and the underground village that they built. The ruins of a ship with a sail similar to that of the The Reaper can be found at the dock of their underground village, with the bay now sealed with ice. The Groncicle Dragon Eye lens was found among the treasure trove there.

Hiccup, his friends and the player's dragon rider avatar discovered the island when they were caring for a baby Groncicle on the School of Dragons island. The hatchling was drawn to the coldness of Icestorm Island and led Hiccup and the player to it. Once they saw the island, Hiccup and the player decided to explore it while nursing the Groncicle back to health in its proper habitat. Eventually, an outpost of the School is built on the island by Gobber.



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