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Duggard: Nice wolves. Nice wolves! Whoa! Not nice wolves. Not nice wolves.

Dak: Have no fear, chief.

Leyla: The Rescue Riders are here.

Duggard: Ah. No sweeter words have ever been spoken.

Aggro: I got this. I'll blast some fire to scare the wolves and...

Duggard: Whew.

Aggro: That's what I was gonna do.

Duggard: Thank you, Rescue Riders, I don't know why those wolves started chasing me. Uh... Oh. Maybe it was for my lunch. Ah.

Summer: Is that...?

Burple: Haggis?

Cutter: No rest for the Rescue Riders today.

Winger: Come on, gang. Time to wing it, again.

Duggard: Good luck, Rescue Riders. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Always carry a spare.

Burple: It is Haggis. How'd he get himself into that mess?

Aggro: I have an idea. I can... Huh? Aw.

Winger: Nice blast, Summer.

Aggro: Yeah. Nice blast. But mine would've been nice, too.

Winger: Some morning, huh. Rescues are my favorite way to start the day.

Burple: Wanna know what would really hit the spot after all that action?

Cutter: Let me guess. A hearty lunch of fresh fish?

Burple: Oh. I was gonna say a nice, long dragon nap, but fresh fish sounds even better.

Leyla: You guys can eat it raw, but I'm having a fish fry. Little help getting this fire started?

Aggro: Fire? Finally, something you need my help with.

Burple: Hey, guys, check this out. Just a little trick I've been working on.

Dak: Whoa!

Summer: Awesome, Burple.

Leyla: Amazing.

Aggro: You know, I think I'm gonna skip lunch today. Sure, tart a fire with rocks. Don't do anything too easy, like ask the fire dragon to do it.

Leyla: You okay, Aggro?

Aggro: Me? Oh, uh... Heh. Yeah, fine. Why do you ask?

Leyla: You just seem a little upset, that's all.

Aggro: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not upset at all.

Leyla: Really? 'Cause you're about to set fire to the trap door.

Aggro: Okay, so, maybe I'm a little upset. It's just I could help too, you know.

Leyla: I know that. We all do.

Aggro: Really? Then why doesn't anyone ever let me?

Leyla: Okay, now you've lost me.

Aggro: What I'm trying to say is ever since I joined the team, I don't feel like I'm on the team.

Leyla: Really?

Aggro: Yeah. All the rescuing and stuff, I never get to do anything important.

Leyla: I'm sorry, Aggro. Next mission, we'll find something big you can help with. I Promise. Ouch!

Aggro: Sorry. I'll try to cool down.

Dak: Aggro. There you are. I've got a super important job I need your help with.

Leyla: See that. It's happening already.

Aggro: What is it, Dak? I'm ready for anything.

Dak: Great. We gotta go catch more fish, right. And we need you to stay here and make sure Burple's fire stays lit.

Aggro: Keep Burple's fire going? Really?

Dak: You got it. Thanks, Aggro. Big help.

Aggro: Ooh, such a challenge. I sure hope I can handle something as important as this.

Elbone: Rescue Riders? Rescue Riders, are you home? Aggro, is it?

Aggro: Don't tell me. Not the dragon you're looking for, right?

Elbone: Let's see, all I got was roar, roar-roar and another long roar at the end. Listen, I don't know if you can understand me, but I saw something. I assume that roar meant you're following along just fine, which is great. Because that was getting exhausting. Okay, I was up on the icy northern tip of the island for a new business idea I've been working on. Yeah. Alright, I'll tell you all about it. Gorgeous custom-made ice sculptures. See? This is a sculpture of Dak. And this is Leyla, making a new entry in her Dragon Diary. And this is a self-portrait. Of me. I have a feeling these are gonna be a big hit. Anyway, I was up north and I saw a dragon egg frozen in the ice. Aha! You do understand me. So my first thought was, "This is a job for the Rescue Riders." Well, actually my first thought was, "That chunk of ice looks a lot like a dragon egg." But then my second thought was the Rescue Riders thing. So, um... do you think the others will be back soon? Maybe Burple could break the ice with a rock or Cutter... Uh, why you looking at me like that? I'd be happy to give you directions or just draw you a map or... I'm not really the flying type! This is way colder up here than down there. Oh, hat did it. Thanks. Ok, now make a left at that glacier. At least I think that's a left. All of these giant chunks of ice kind of look alike. Lot of good raw materials for my ice sculptures, thought. Remind me to grab some before we get back to Hutts... There it is!

Aggro: Huh?

Elbone: Ground sweet ground. No offense. This might've been a mistake. Little help here. Thanks.

Aggro: Hmm. I wonder what kind of egg's in there.

Elbone: It's really in there deep, huh? You did it!

Aggro: Of course I did. All by myse...

Elbone: Aggro? Aggro. That wasn't supposed to happen, was it? Never thought I'd say this, but let's fly. Frozen wings? But you're a fire dragon, can't you just warm them up or something? Icy water puts out dragon fire, doesn't it? At least we saved the egg, right?

Winger: Good fishing trip, everybody. Time to eat.

Burple: Wait up, wait up.

Winger: Great haul today gang. Top-notch flying all around.

Leyla: Cutter, when did you get so good at fishing?

Cutter: What can I say? Fish are attracted to shiny objects. But it was Burple with the really awesome move. Nice work belly-flopping into the water and scaring all those fish over to me, buddy.

Burple: Yeah. I totally meant to do that. And I didn't just fall into the water by accident.

Leyla: Ok, let's fry up these fish and...

Dak: Fire's out. And where's Aggro?

Winger: I'm sure she's just inside. She's definitely not inside.

Summer: Where is she? And who is she with?

Leyla: What do you see, Summer?

Summer: Boot prints.

Leyla: Someone was here.

Summer: Recently. And look.

Winger: Is that ice?

Burple: Is it just me or do two those two sort of look like Dak and Leyla?

Cutter: It's just you, Burps.

Winger: Where did it come from?

Burple: Probably from somewhere icy. Oh, right, I bet you knew that.

Dak: I don't get it. What does all this mean?

Summer: I'm not sure yet. But wherever Aggro is, I sure hope she's okay.

Elbone: Getting even colder out here. So what are we gonna do? If you can't fly until you warm your wings, and you can't warm your wings without restarting your fire, then we're stuck here, aren't we? We're never getting off this ice.

Aggro: Maybe we can use one of those trees to pull ourselves to shore.

Elbone: Hey, maybe we can use one of those trees to pull ourselves to shore. Oh, that's what that roar meant, isn't it? They're so far away. We need something to grab the branches. But there's nothing on this chunk of ice but ice. Why are you pointing at me? So I have something on my shirt? Wait you're trying to tell me something?

Aggro: Uh-huh.

Elbone: Oh, this'll be fun. Okay, okay. Start again, I really wanna get this. My backpack? You need something from my backpack? Oh, you want me to carve something out of ice. A sculpture of you? I appreciate the business, but that's not gonna really help us get to those trees. Ah, you want me to carve a fishing pole. To use to catch a fish, and then the fish can pull us closer to the trees. I'm on it. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be a lot easier if I just use the fishing pole to catch onto the trees? Thanks. It is a good idea. Here you go. One custom ice fishing pole. Okay. Roar me luck.

Aggro: You did it.

Elbone: I did it. It's working. It's really... Whoa! Whew! Guess that's why they don't make fishing poles out of ice, huh?

Duggard: Aggro? No, I'm afraid I haven't seen her. I mean, I've seen her, yay big, red, fiery disposition. I just haven't seen her today. Except in my mind's eye right now. Because we're talking about her. What were you asking me?

Leyla: Yeah, I think you've answered it, chief.

Duggard: Oh. Uh, you're welcome.

Dak: Come on, let's try Elbone. Maybe he knows where Aggro is.

Duggard: Did you say Elbone? Oh, you won't find him in town either.

Leyla: Why not?

Summer: Because he's been traveling up north for a new business. Something to do with ice, perhaps.

Cutter: Uh, say what now?

Dak: Elbone has an ice business?

Duggard: Oh, so you've heard about his custom-made "ice sculptures." Daft, if you ask me. I mean, does this look anything like me? I mean, it didn't look anything like me before it melted, either.

Leyla: How could you possibly know that?

Summer: Elbone is always looking for a new business idea. Those boot prints and ice chips back at the Roost tell a story. The story of where Aggro is.

Burple: They do?

Duggard: Oh, I have no idea what she's roaring about, but it's still exciting to watch.

Summer: Elbone must have come to the Roost looking for help, but only Aggro was there.

Leyla: She was feeling a little left out our rescues. So maybe Aggro took Elbone up north to help him all by herself.

Duggard: Oh, the north side of the island gets pretty cold, but a fire dragon should be able to handle that, right?

Leyla: I'm not so sure. According to my Dragon Diary, young Fire Furies' pyroglands aren't fully formed, making them very sensitive to cold.

Winger: Then it sounds like we may have a rescue on our hands. Come on, riders. Let's fly.

Duggard: Good luck, Rescue Riders. Ha. Maybe it does look like me after all. Whoops. Nope, that's just my reflection.

Elbone: So, where do you think the river leads, anyway? Hey. Maybe it'll flow right back into Huttsgalor. Of course, by then we'll be two ice cubes and a frozen egg. But at least we'll be home. What was that?

'Aggro: What was it? More bad news.

Elbone: The egg! The me. Whoa! The all of us! Wow. Cool move.

Aggro: Cool is an understatement.

Dak: Sure hope Aggro is all right. The cold weather's bad enough, but look at that icy water down there.

Leyla: She goes in that and her fire could totally go out, she wouldn't be able to fly.

Burple: If she is down there with Elbone, how are we gonna find them?

Winger: Just keep those eyes peeled for something red. The Sun's almost down. Which means it gonna be too dark to see anything soon.

Leyla: And without the Sun it will get even colder.

Dak: Then it sounds like we gotta fly faster. Come on, Wing.

Aggro: Frozen cliffs. Too high to reach. Oh. And an endless river of freezing water ahead. Elbone, I know you can't understand me, but I'm sorry. I never should have flown you up here all alone. I wanted to prove myself and do something big for the team.

Elbone: Uh, Aggro?

Aggro: Wait, I need to get this off my chest. It's just hard being the new dragon, you know.

Elbone: Um, Aggro?

Aggro: Let me finish. I guess I thought if I could save the egg all by myself, everyone would be really impressed.

Elbone: Aggro! Look.

Aggro: Aw. Hi, little guy. Welcome to the world.

Elbone: Aw, he's cute. We should name him Elbone Junior. Okay, okay. Aggro Junior? Or what about Elggro? Or Agbone. Or, uh... Don't tell me. You see where the river leads. It's not Huttsgalor, is it? So, uh, got any other cool moves in you? 'Cause We could really use some now. I'll take it.

Cutter: Sorry. I just don't see them. It's too dark.

Summer: They're here, somewhere. I know it.

Winger: We leave no Rescue Rider behind.

Burple: Ok, but I think my wings are starting to freeze. Thanks.

Winger: Me, too. Hit me with your best shot, Cutter. And your warmest.

Cutter: Coming right up.

Winger: Ah!

Elbone: Maybe my next business should be indoors. Viking dance lessons or door-to-door butter-churning service, or.... Whoa! Oops. Who knew ice was so icy?

Aggro: There's no more ice coming down. Nowhere else to jump to.

Elbone: Oh, come on. How could we run out of ice up here? Is that a fire dragon?

Aggro: Hey, little guy. Could you send some of that fire my way? That's it.

Elbone: Great idea. But you might wanna do it a little faster.

Aggro: Now, one more, right here. Ah. Now, that's more like it. Time to fly out of here.

Elbone: Your wings, they're not heating up fast enough to fly us all out of here. Maybe you and the baby can make it. Go, save yourselves. I'll be okay. Until I go over the incredibly high waterfall.

'Aggro: No. I can't leave either of you.

Elbone: Huh?

Aggro: There has to be a way.

Elbone: Look, it's the other Rescue Riders. Rescue Riders! Rescue Riders!

Aggro: Leyla! Dak! Winger! Summer! Burple! Somebody!

Elbone: Rescue Riders!

Aggro: Down here! We're down here!

Elbone: It's no use. They don't see us. Unless we find some way get their attention... Need I say more?

Aggro: I hope you have enough fire in you, little guy. Flame on.

Elbone: I've got an idea. This always worked when I was a kid.

Dak: It's getting pretty cold.

Leyla: I know.

Dak: Whoa!

Leyla: There's Aggro.

Dak: They are here.

Winger: Not for long if we don't do something fast. Follow me.

Elbone: It worked. They saw us.

Dak: Need a lift?

Aggro: Oh, no. Too cold. Whoa!

Cutter: I'm not gonna reach her.

Aggro: Whoa! Huh? Yeah.

Dak: Woo-hoo.

Leyla: All right.

Cutter: Was that hot enough for you?

Aggro: Could've been hotter, but not bad for a Razorwing.

Cutter: What?

Aggro: Just kidding. Heh. Thanks, Cutter.

Elbone: Ah. I can feel my toes again. Only eight of them so far. But I'm sure the other three will follow soon.

Aggro: I appreciate you for coming to find me. I'm sorry for all the trouble.

Dak: We're sorry, too, Aggro.

Burple: Yeah, we all are.

Aggro: You are? For what?

Dak: You're part of the team. Sorry if we made you feel you weren't.

Winger: Yeah, we've all been flying together for a while, and I guess were just not used to working with a new dragon yet.

Leyla: But we'll keep trying if you will, huh.

Aggro: Thanks, everyone. Now I'm really feeling warmed up.

Leyla: Besides if you didn't fly up there when you did, you might've never saved this Hideous Heatwing.

Burple: That's sort of rude, calling him names.

Leyla: No Burple, that's the type of dragon he is. See? Hideous Heatwing.

Burple: Oh! Still can we call him Heatey? It sounds friendlier.

Aggro: I like that even more than Agbone. Can we take care of him here?

Leyla: You kidding? I wouldn't miss this chance for anything. I bet Heatey will be hungry when he wakes up. We should probably start by catching him fresh fish.

Winger: Why don't you lead the way, Aggro?

Aggro: Really? Thanks. I'd love to.

Dak: Come on Elbone, we'll drop you off at home on the way.

Elbone: Thanks, but do we really have to fly there? I'm still not really the flying type!

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