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The Ice Axe is a weapon introduced in the game School of Dragons during the Expansion "Rise of Stormheart".


The Ice Axe was crafted by Gobber, specifically for the player. He obtains a couple of Shivertooth teeth, and the player humanely obtains the others needed from a Helpful Shivertooth on Scuttleclaw Island.


The Ice Axe is composed of a wooden handle and a curved base onto which Shivertooth teeth are attached with what appears to be leather cord. It has "frost" ability, which means in the "Dragon-Tactics" mini-game it is powerful against poison and weak against fire.



School of Dragons

The Ice Axe appears during the events of the expansion, "Rise of Stormheart". It is used in the mini-game "Dragon-Tactics", which is also introduced in the expansion. The player is only equipped with it during the mini-game and not elsewhere.


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