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Project I.C.A.R.I.S. (International Crevasse and Research Investigation Station) is a research station that appears in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms.


Project ICARIS is a geological station that studies the mysterious fissure that emits electromagnetic energy that leads into the Hidden World. They mainly study the features it has to offer such as the minerals, dragons, creatures, plant life and the dragon realms. Due to it being located far into the wilderness away from civilization the domes around it serve as homes for many Rakke Corp employees working at the station such as geologists, biologists, security staff, technicians, engineers, doctors and even the kids of certain employees. In which it also provides Food, Health Care and Education for the kids.

Notable Places[]

Research Station[]

The ICARIS Research Station is large building that sits upon the Kullersen Fissure, it serves as place where Rakke Corp scientists can study the fissure and all the things it has to offer like the wildlife and plant life of the Hidden World, it also possesses many rooms and areas vital for their research. The research station contains a state-of-the-art research lab to study samples of things from the fissure like minerals, plants and sometimes dragons. A control room where it operates the systems of the building and other important things like communications, lights, sliding doors, security cameras and even the drones. The Hanger is a large two-story room where they store both the drones and heavy-duty equipment. The visitor centre serves many different purposes like a common area, an emergency meeting room and a classroom for the kids' education. On the outside on the roof is a helipad for landing the ICARIS Chopper and outside the hanger door is a large platform for having the ICARIS Crane lower things like the Probe or Bathysphere into the fissure.

Rakke Town[]

The surrounding domes around the Station serve as homes for all the employees since the station is located very far into the wilderness in which they refer to it as Rakke Town. Each dome contains a joint living room and kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. However some Domes are extended like Wong Family's since they require three separate bedrooms. Around Rakke Town are multiple windmills that provide clean and efficient power to all the facilities but if they stop spinning then there is also generators to help power things. And, in case of earthquakes, they're fitted with spotlights to help people navigate in the dark safely. Plus, there are also a couple of bins and picnic tables scattered around the area for people to eat on their lunch breaks.

Big Dome[]

The big dome in Rakke Town is very essential for everyone's well being as it serves multiple functions. It posses a General Store that sells food for everyone to buy their groceries to eat, a Storage Room to store essential survival gear like spare medical equipment and food rations, a Sick Bay for ill or injured employees run by Angela Baker and finally a Dragon Hospital for injured or sick dragons to get better, study their anatomy and establish healthy relations with the dragons so they won't see humans as threats which is all run by D'Angelo Baker. Also there's supposed to be a perch on top of the dome for Hobs to keep lookout but it hasn't been shown yet.

Dragon's Lair (Unofficial)[]

The Dragon's Lair is an underground cavern in the forest nearby the station where the Dragon Club uses it to house their dragons and use it as base of operations. It also serves as a training area, playground, feeding station, first aid station, meeting area, and easy and unseen passage into the fissure leading into the Hidden World. The cave itself has many natural stalagmites and stalactites in which the dragons use to scratch their itches and it has it's own hot springs for swimming and for dragons like Wu and Wei to naturally relax and sleep in. The lair also has the rider's (except Eugene's) hand prints on the wall claiming it as their own and a Night Fury symbol burnt into the wall by Thunder.


Dragons: The Nine Realms[]

Beginning the Discoveries[]

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In "A Hole New World", when Thunder brings Tom back home he creates an EMP blast to disable all the lights and security features to prevent him or Tom being seen, which then results in Olivia having to use a flashlight to find her way back home. As Thunder rushes to get Tom home they almost run into a windmill but thankfully evade it and then land on the dome's roof where Tom then proceeds to exit through the skylight and land on the couch without Olivia suspecting a thing. The next day Tom tries to see Thunder again so as he tries to escape through Rakke Town he hides as he sees Philip setting up sensors and then evades a sheep who tries ramming him but hits Philip who intimidates the sheep making it run away, Tom then heads over to Alex's dome who then puts an app on his phone to help him slip past the sensors undetected. But as Tom makes his escape little does he know Jun is following behind him, when she catches up to him, she knows Tom is hiding something and distracts him and heads into the cave's entrance and is amazed by it. When she looks around and sees Thunder sleeping and wakes up, she becomes scared as he gets closer but then jumps onto Tom being happy to see him, Jun is shocked but also amazed by sight of seeing a dragon and Thunder kindly offers the chance to touch her. After Tom officially introduces Jun to Thunder, she wants to get a picture, but Tom tells her that the dragon needs to be kept a secret from the Rakke Corp so reluctantly Jun agrees, she then realises that Tom mentioned dragons as in plural, so he offers to take her on a ride with Thunder out the cave and into the Hidden World.

In "Dragon Club", Jun meets Wu and Wei she and Tom find an injured Gembraker and want to help it, so they head back to Rakke Town and to the Big Dome for medical supplies, but as they head back a drone is close by so Thunder blasts it, so it doesn't see them. At the station Linda is monitoring the drone's visual feed but sees as it loses connection in which Olivia and May have a look to see Thunder's blast before it hits the drone but deducts it's an electromagnetic anomaly but get confused by seeing Thunder's blurring silhouette, meanwhile Alex in her room looks through the security feed around ICARIS and sees the sheep, D'Angelo and Angela stocking the supply room and Olivia figuring out the drone's footage. When Tom and Jun head back to Rakke Town they get down as a small earthquake hit however in the Big Dome's supply room D'Angelo gets buried under fallen boxes and then helps his mother restock them, he then catches Jun and Tom trying to sneak a Medical Bag away to help the Gembreaker and after they lied saying it was helping an injured lizard D'Angelo begs to help them. When they take him to the cave and introduce him to Thunder and Wu and Wei, he gets scared and runs into a rock which knocks him out. Later after helping the injured Gembreaker he named Plowhorn D'Angelo invites Tom and Jun to have dinner at his house.

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Studying the Fissure[]

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In "Magma Breather", Sledkin calls Olivia from the control room to her tv and informs her that she'll be going into sector 2 while she herself will be checking on the quartz discovery in sector 9. In the Dragon's Lair Tom holds an emergency meeting telling the others he's going to keep his mother busy while they close up the entrance to the hidden world in which D'Angelo begs to take charge. Before Olivia is about to depart on a expedition into the cave systems, to prevent her from finding the Dragon World Tom heads to the station and convinces her to let him join her on the expedition. Later when Sledkin finds out Olivia was wrong about the discovery she asks Linda if she's back at ICARIS yet but Linda responds saying she hasn't thinking she found something which makes Sledkin really mad at her and then finds out that she and Tom have further into the cave.

In "Dragons of the Undead", during a class session Angela teaches the kids about public speaking and assigns them a project where in their next session each of them will do quick 3-minute speech in front of the whole station, however before she finishes her session Alex in fear of public speaking disappears in which Angela asks others to remind her to practice as well. Later in the Dragon's Lair they practice and go over their speeches like Tom who does a speech about the famous fight pilot Chuck Yeager and one of history's most skilled aviators, Jun does her speech about photographic supposed evidence of the cryptid Chupacabra, D'Angelo does his speech on the importance of pet dental care. Alex does her speech about the importance of creating a good avatar however originally, it's done by a hologram of herself but after rescuing Feathers from a pack of mounting Featherhides Alex is brave enough to do the speech herself.

In "Downpour", when Tom returns to the Lair from joy flying in the Hidden World the team scolds him for going on another lone wolf mission and reminds him, they are a team but then Alex receives an alert on her tablet from ICARIS. In the control room Linda calls a meeting informing everyone of a forest fire and though its miles away and isn't burning in their direction May recalls of the Burne Lumber Company is nearby the fire's location so Linda attempts to manually use the drone to check but Olivia suggests taking the Chopper to make sure the lumberjacks evacuated or if they need their help however Sledkin won't risk them damaging company property on a maybe and even declined them using the van however May distracts her saying something's on the monitor and while Sledkin isn't looking she throws Olivia the keys to the van then she and Philip went to check if the lumberjacks needed help and as they left fire destroys the drone and Linda became in trouble for it. When the riders return to Rakke Town and see the fire in the distance they see Olivia and Philip order them to stay in their domes while they check if anyone needs help. After Buzzsaw crashes his van full of canisters of gasoline which explodes causing the van to hurl into the air and making the forest fire head towards ICARIS, as Linda monitors the situation Sledkin notices Olivia and Phil are gone and isn't happy they risk destroying the van but as May orders Linda to put out another alert to prepare an evacuation she scolds Sledkin saying that she'll put the lives before company property. As the fire gets too close to Rakke Town Tom heads into the Hidden World to get the Flood Fangs to help put out the fire so with help from Alex they manage to lure the Flood Fangs with fireflies and as they open they're mouths eat the fireflies they spew out enormous amounts of water over the fire putting it out. In the Control Room Linda tells May and Sledkin to stop the evacuation as the fire is completely put out.

In "The Tangled Web", when returning to Rakke Town Tom and D'Angelo notice a bird that made it's nest on one of the windmills which worries them since it could get chopped in half, D'Angelo tries calling his dad to handle it but Tom takes the initiative and climbs up the windmill himself to rescue the bird and though D'Angelo isn't happy about it he assists him. When Tom almost slips D'Angelo manages to hold him up to rescue the bird but as D'Angelo struggles to hold him up Tom falls off but is caught by Philip who wasn't happy with the boys. He scolds them for being reckless but is really disappointed with D'Angelo and then takes the bird away back into the forest. When Jun and Alex get stuck on a Spiderwing Web and trapped in their cave so Tom and D'Angelo return to Rakke Town to quickly get Philip's bolt cutters and Olivia's blowtorch however the boys both argue which one would work better. After freeing Jun and Alex and making up with Tom D'Angelo returns home with the bolt cutters but Phil catches him, D'Angelo apologises to his father but stands up to him saying Tom is his friend and that both boys have each other's back and Philip accepts this but as they go inside he reminds D'Angelo ask to borrow the bolt cutters.

In "Follow the Lightning, Part 1", when the riders enter the Lair to hangout with the dragons they notice Thunder is missing and then Alex receives an alert on her tablet showing that Thunder's saddle tracker passed the sensors meaning he went off on his own in the hidden world. Meanwhile in Rakke Town Eugene tries looking for Jun and makes her their chores so he pretends to act nice and ask the Gonzalezs if Jun was with Alex but they said Alex left early and after he left they casually called him a liar. Eugene then learns of the so called game the kids play called Dragon Club and tries to figure out what it is so then he asks tries asking Chief Baker politely if he knew where they where and he informs him he doesn't know then asks Eugene if he's even done his half of the chores yet leaving Eugene in a awkward position and goes on his way while Eugene becomes frustrated and wants to know where they could be. Later when Eugene tries sneaking into Jun's room and gets his hands caught in some mouse traps Jun set up to keep him out he screams so loud that all of Rakke Town could hear him and even makes a sheep on a cliff loose focus and fall because of his screaming.

Encountering a Haunted Cave and a Sinkhole[]

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In "Ride or Die", when the team meets up in the Lair Alex, Tom and the Monstrous Nightmare work together to make the Fire Suits in which Tom proudly wears to show making D'Angelo and Jun really impressed. Alex then explains how it works and demonstrates by having the Monstrous Nightmare blast Tom with fire in which Tom manages to survive without a scratch, with the Fire Suit operational everyone is excited to explore the Fire Realm however Alex states she only made two suits and that Tom couldn't wait to put his on and then states it would take her awhile to make more. Jun becomes sad after an argument with her mother which makes the team and D'Angelo a few seconds later think that Jun should explore the Fire Realm with Tom to cheer her up. Out in the forest Olivia tries to figure out what the Dragonsite crystal is but then Sledkin arrives and questions her in which she shows her the Dragonsite and like Olivia Sledkin is amazed and baffled by it and wonders if there is more in the cave Olivia found it in so she can get more for herself. Meanwhile in the Lair D'Angelo, Alex and their dragons are swimming in the hot springs playing Marco polo however as they're enjoying themselves, they receive an alert on Alex's tablet saying that there was a breach in the dragon world. After a long day of dealing with Flame Throwers and preventing Sledkin from reaching the Hidden World everyone returns to the lair for the dragons to get some sleep, Tom and Jun bring back a shield and an injured Terrible Terror and have D'Angelo have a look at it. The Terrible Terror sleeps with the dragons while the others head home, and Tom tells Jun some encouraging words in case she feels defenceless against her mother.

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In "Dr. Catastrophe", the angry sheep that's been bothering everyone wandered near the facility again making Pete and another ICARIS worker to get rid of it however it then started attacking them and pounding on their van making Philip and D'Angelo respond the distress, when dealing with the sheep D'Angelo notices it's hoof is overgrown and trims it down making the sheep calm and on its way but then it knocks over a sensor out of spite. After accidently feeding Catastrophic Quaken eggs to Gronckles D'Angelo feels ashamed about what he did and returns to the lair and sits out the mission and heads back home. When the situation gets out of hand Alex heads to Rakke Town for D'Angelo's help and convinces him to come back and help, when he does, he returns to the lair and apologizes to Plowhorn then suits up to help Tom and Jun.

In "It Flies in the Family", in the lair Tom and Jun were training with their weapons while flying on their dragons, Alex playing a game on her tablet and D'Angelo doing a check up on Plowhorn. Jun then manages to knock Tom of Thunder and gloats but freaks out when a spider gets onto her shoulder, while the riders were talking Thunder senses something hiding in the lair and the other dragons try and find what it is until Feathers finds Eugene and scares him out of hiding. Eugene is impressed by the dragons however they don't like him and intimidate him, but Eugene still wants to join them and despite Jun's protests he threatens to reveal the secret if he doesn't get one so the riders have a quick discussion on what to do and Tom comes up with the idea of if Eugene can bond with a dragon he's in the group. Later after dealing with some Flame Throwers they all head back into the lair where Eugene has now bonded with a Deadly Spinner named Webmaster and though Jun is still reluctant to allow him into Dragon Club but after the others convince her she allows him on provisional rider status.

In "Magma Comes to the Surface", in the Dragon's Lair everyone tests how strong exactly the shield she found is and then Tom suggests they could all use a weapon to defend against the Flame Throwers and tries out the shield, but Eugene and Webmaster decide to pull a prank and blast Tom with a web leaving him stuck and while Eugene and Webmaster find it funny everyone else becomes annoyed with them including the dragons. After Tom is free Jun suggests turning the Lighting Rod from the silver maze into a sword and then D'Angelo goes nuts listing all the possible lighting weaponry possibilities but calms down after everyone looks at him weirdly, but Alex sarcastically states they don't have a forge but Tom then gets the idea of having the Magma Breather help instead to forge the sword. Later when the find out the Magma Breather is sick they plan to sneak him into the infirmary and when Eugene begs to do something to get off provisional rider status Tom says he can serve the area but Alex beats him to it by shutting down ICARIS's security systems and brags how she's good, eventually they bring the Magma Breather to the surface and take him to the infirmary while leaving Eugene to watch the dragons. When they get to the infirmary they bring the Magma Breather inside but he's too big to fit through the door so the Tom grabs butter from the General Store to make the dragon slippery and squeeze through. When they load the Magma Breather onto a gurney D'Angelo uses an ultra sound to see what's wrong with him but the noise it makes freaks the dragon out so while Alex stands watch the others struggle to calm him down. When they manage to subdue him they found out a Crystal in his throat is causing his lava blockage so having no choice D'Angelo has to pull it out. When he does the Magma Breather's temperature drops but becomes very cold D'Angelo theorises that he can't produce magma to keep himself warm or else he'll freeze to death so they use blankets but that doesn't work, so D'Angelo proposes that they have to take him to the Fire Realm so they get him up and take him out of the infirmary.

In "The Sky Torcher", in the woods a sinkhole was formed, and Olivia was informed about it so she goes to check it out in case it could pose a threat to Rakke Town, however Sledkin thinks Olivia will make a discovery, so she decides to tag along. In the Dragon's Lair Tom informs everyone that they should head down to the bottom of the Fissure to check whether the Fault Ripper is still alive, D'Angelo and Jun have a lot of concerns about doing this and tell Tom that it wasn't his fault if the dragon had died but then Alex intervenes saying that all the sensors in the Crystal Realm have off. After encountering and escaping the Sky Torcher the team regroups in the Lair in which Tom orders everyone to protect and help the injured dragons while he goes off to find the Fault Ripper who can drain the lava.

Studying Dragonsite[]

In "Cold Open", in the Dragons' Lair Tom is obsessed and struggling to open the Viking Puzzle Box they found after the Sky Torcher although the others become concerned about his mental health so after D'Angelo and Eugene leave to help injured dragons from the battle, Jun and Alex decide take Tom over to sink hole to investigate strange cold readings and convince him by Jun and Thunder giving him puppy dog eyes. In the Lab Olivia is obsessed in figuring out what exactly the Dragonsite Crystal she found can do and states that it's both harder than a diamond and withstands extreme high temperatures which baffles and greatly frustrates her not knowing what exactly it is, Hazel and Carla notice this and offer to take her to lunch but she declines stating she needs to figure this out as it's driving her crazy. After discovering the Ice Realm and dealing with Buzzsaw the team holds a meeting in the lair to discuss the seriousness of the matter, Tom suggests place sensors in the Ice Realm to try and find him and starts to ease of the obsession of trying to figure out the Puzzle Box. Later at night Olivia uses a machine to extremely heat up the piece of Dragonsite and discovers it's strange oxygenating properties.

In "Uncharted Territory", after an emotional talk Alex and Eugene decide to venture back into the Ice Realm to find Feathers and Webmaster without telling the others, so while sneaking through Rakke Town they hide behind a bush as security camera can see them but Alex hacks into the systems and has the camera position itself to look over a sheep grazing so that the security guard on monitor duty isn't suspicious. As they leave Rakke Town Alex manages to disable the sensors the sensors so that they don't detect them walking through however Pete arrives and demands to know what they're doing past curfew how they lie and trick him into thinking they're doing a surprise inspection for May in which Pete becomes scared and dose his job much better and harder.

In "The Decoy", Olivia gives the kids a tour of the lab and shows them the stuff they've been studying their discoveries, the Gonzalezs show a deep ocean mineral that was discovered in the fissure. Then Olivia shows them more pieces of Dragonsite which worries the group thinking the adults are closer to finding out the dragon secret but Olivia overhears them calling it Dragonsite and gets confused until Eugene states that it's just a name from a made up game they play, Olivia likes the name and decides to call the crystal that, as they leave Olivia asks Tom what they'll be up too and Tom states they'll be flying his drone however Olivia becomes a little sceptical of him. While Tom and Eugene argue about the secret almost being revealed Alex informs everyone that sensors in the Ice Realm are going off making them head out to deal with the problem.

In "The Night Lights, Part 1", after meeting Shadow and finding out that his leg is hurt from one of Buzzsaw's traps Tom and Thunder bring him back to the Dragon's Lair in which everyone except Alex took a liking to Shadow, but considering his playful behaviour the Dragon Riders decide to get supplies from the Big Dome for Shadow while he stays with them like some pillows, D'Angelo's Medical Bag a couple bags of Cheesy Loops which are mainly for Jun and Alex, and a tire Eugene stole to use a chew toy. Back in the Lair Shadow is extremely anxious in getting home in which his actions start to bother the other dragons including Thunder, but Tom deducts that Shadow might know the way back to Thunder's family, so they decide to follow him back to Thunder's home.

In "The Night Lights, Part 2", after becoming heavily suspicious about Tom's behaviour and noticing a flashing light coming from the Dragon's Lair from the footage from Tom's drone, she deicides to see what's going on however Sledkin assumes she's looking for more Dragonsite and keeps following her around. Later Olivia is very careful as she walks through Rakke Town knowing Sledkin is trying to spy on her in which Linda is doing it for her while she observes Olivia from the station however Olivia manages to lose Linda and continues to the lair. When she does arrive, she witnesses Tom and Thunder and is shocked and scared about seeing a dragon.

Meeting the Dragons[]

In "Punishment and Torcher", now that Olivia has discovered the cave and Thunder, she grounded Tom and prevented him from going into the lair or ever seeing Thunder again. During Tom's absence, D'Angelo decided to make a few improvements to the lair such as a tool wall, scratching posts, a feeding station and first aid station. After the riders get captured by Buzzsaw, Thunder heads to Rakke Town to get Tom needing his help to free them, so he emits a electric shockwave to create a blackout and disable all the lights and security cameras to help him slip in unnoticed. Because of the Blackout Olivia is then needed in the lab to make sure the power didn't affect the samples. But she forgot something and got back in the dome to grab it only to be met again by Thunder. But she once again tried to force Thunder out, and when Tom realized the others must be in trouble, he confessed to her that the other kids know about dragons and each have their own. Despite his confession, she still refused to let Tom go. As Thunder tried to get them to talk, Tom eventually revealed to Olivia that he lied to protect Thunder, because he was worried about what the Rakke Corp would do to him. Thunder showed Olivia how much he cared about her, and she finally pet him and smiled, seeing that Tom was right about the dragon being good. After this and much convincing, she let him go help the others despite her fears of losing her son. When Tom did return home, she was relieved that he and everyone else were okay. In addition, she told him to tell her everything he's learned from the dragons, and they make amends.

In "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dragons", when Olivia decides she needs to see the Hidden World for herself to determine if it's safe so Tom holds a meeting in the Lair to discuss what to do since the dragon realms aren't safe, in which he comes up with a plan gather the most docile dragons in one place and show they are safe. Later when Tom brings Olivia into the lair, she takes the time and admires it and finally gets to know Thunder better, in which Tom and Thunder take her to the Hidden World. When they all return to the Lair Olivia tells the group she understood why they tried trick her and thinks the Hidden World isn't safe, but she understands the bond they have with the dragons and allows them to go but tells the group the other adults need to know.

In "Barrel of Vine Tails", in the Lair Eugene prevents the other riders to allow their dragons to eat from the feeding station so that Webmaster can have extras because D'Angelo claims he has a sensitive esophagus, then D'Angelo arrives with care packages from his grandparents and shares them but Eugene steels them making Feathers and Wu and Wei take them off him and give to Jun and Alex. Although D'Angelo decides to keep the chocolate, they sent over for him for himself since he loves them so much, he refuses to share, later Tom arrives with news that after translating the book of dragons he finds out about Hiccup and starts a mission to find his supposed resting place.

In "Scent of a Dragon", while doing work in the lab, Olivia is having a hard time trying to keep the dragon secret and tries thinks about telling Carla and Hazel, until they cannot stop gossiping about Linda dating Murray in which Olivia doesn't tell them. Later when Olivia tries calling Tom telling him that keeping the dragon secret was bothering her badly, she becomes startled by the sensors alarm in which Philip comes by and explains that the sensors have been modified to tell the difference between a human or animal intruder, Olivia questions why they need this and Philip explains that they are far into the wilderness and figures a creature would come looking for food not to mention they do have kids to keep safe. After work, Olivia is cleaning up the lab area until Sledkin comes in acting friendly at first but informs here that she finds no matter what she always finds out everything that happens in the lab indicating she knows Olivia is keeping a big secret.

In "Sting It On!", while Philip has Eugene help him move some boxes the other riders meet up and discuss Sledkin's expedition into the Hidden World for more Dragonsite, but Tom plans to go down first to get Dragonsite and hand it to Olivia who can give it to Sledkin so that there's no need to go down there however Jun states that Olivia is missing and Tom deducts that she already went down to get the Dragonsite. So, while Tom, Alex and Eugene take the dragons to find Olivia, to prevent Sledkin from going into the Ice Realm, D'Angelo and Jun try to keep her and Philip busy at ICARIS by D'Angelo informing his father that he needs to take an online safety course before operating the winch and Jun tricking Sledkin into bragging about her theories about Atlantis and her book. Although despite their efforts, Philip and Sledkin head to the sinkhole. But after Sledkin gets stung by a Speed Stinger, they're forced to return to ICARIS and have her taken care off in the infirmary, when the others return D'Angelo informs Tom and Olivia that Sledkin will be fine and that a Speed Stinger Antivenom needs to be created and after he leaves Olivia apologizes to Tom for underestimating him but informs him that the secret should come out.

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Living with Dragons[]

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In "Sledkin Stakeout", Philip requires a large amount of boxes to be moved and stacked to the lower helipad so D'Angelo offers him and the riders to handle it so they along with their dragons begin moving and stacking the boxes however Eugene complains that they're not getting anything out of it, just then they see May and Sledkin talking where May places Sledkin on suspension for unauthorised and dangerous research which makes her mad especially after Tom gives her a smug look and the riders take pride knowing Sledkin is no longer a threat. After the riders find an injured Cavern Crasher, a blown up wall and some dragonsite shards in the Nature Realm they determine Sledkin was behind this and informed May and Olivia about this and confront her but Sledkin claims she hasn't left her dome ever since she was put on suspension and even confidently tells them the security footage would prove she's right then Linda arrives for some reason bringing a rug and plant into her dome, though the parents believe the kids without proof all they can do is keep an eye on her. In the Dragon's Lair the riders come up with ways to prove Sledkin is guilty so Alex hacks into the security system but all they find is just Linda dropping off food for her so they decide to spy on her. Tom and Jun stakeout her dome but all find out is that she's blasting showtunes loudly meanwhile the others follow Linda but all they find is her dumping rocks and gathering more odd things like a garden lattice, when they finally think they've found something all they see is Linda dropping off more plants at her doorstep but then Alex's Tablet alerts them that the sensors have gone off in the same area as the explosion meaning it wasn't Sledkin. Later the Riders find out that it was Sledkin and Linda behind the explosions just to mine out dragonsite and after sealing the kids in a cave-in explosion they return to Rakke Town and pretend that nothing happens and Sledkin then tries practising her lines to sound innocent. But when the kids escape and notify the adults Olivia, May and Philip go to confront Sledkin and are furious too, when they discover the hole in her floor they find out she used the lattice to climb out the plants were to hide rocks from the demolition and the rug to hide it up. Sledkin and Linda then run to a van and escape ICARIS and Tom vows to stop Sledkin if she come back again.

In "Poison Control", after Buzzsaw poisons Thunder they bring him and a rescued Hobgobbler to the ICARIS infirmary, when they get him on a gurney D'Angelo attaches some wires to Thunder's body to check his vitals on a heart rate monitor, after applying ointment to the wound it doesn't cure the poison so D'Angelo tries using the Speed Stinger Antivenom to cure Thunder but it doesn't work. Tom and D'Angelo then consult the Book of Dragons but find nothing and when they think about giving the book to Buzzsaw in exchange for an antidote but as they do the Hobgobbler they brought back escapes the infirmary and chases after Pete so when they catch him they find out he was poisoned too but is healthy, D'Angelo then examines the darts and the Hobgobbler to figure out what he's missing so when he consults the book he finds out about the flowers and plans to feed Thunder them to be cured so while Tom and Alex watch over Thunder the others go to find the flowers. Later Thunder gets worse and Tom gets more worried but D'Angelo returns with the flowers however after he feeds them to Thunder they don't work and he gets much worse as the heart monitor beeps like crazy, with no other choice Tom takes Feathers and goes to hand over the book to Buzzsaw for the antidote however it turns out to be a roose as Buzzsaw doesn't have it and is captured. In the infrimary D'Angelo feels sorry that he couldn't save Thunder but then finds out that the Hobgobbler doesn't eat the flowers but the slugs in them which he feeds to Thunder who then gets better again, so with that the team then heads to the Ice Realm to rescue Tom and Feathers.

In "In Too Deep", despite D'Angelo's concerns the riders head back to ICARIS to retrieve the Bathysphere in order to help free an Octofin Buzzsaw tied up and left at the bottom of the ocean to escape the Riders, so after almost getting caught by May they bring the Bathysphere to the Giant Realm to help the Octofin. After another dragon trapping scheme was foiled by the rider Buzzsaw decided to make an example by attacking ICARIS with Jack, when the riders return and plan to tell everyone about Buzzsaw they're too late as he already attacked ICARIS and threaten everyone to stay out of the Hidden World and after he leaves everyone demands to know from the riders why they didn't tell them about Buzzsaw.

Dealing with Buzzsaw's Threat[]

In "Hobs and Saw", due to Buzzsaw's attack on ICARIS and increase activity of harming dragons D'Angelo opens a Dragon Hospital in the Big Dome where he treats injured dragons and brings them back to the Hidden World once they can fend for themselves again, so while treating some dragons Philip comes by and informs D'Angelo that he needs him to help secure the station in case Buzzsaw comes back and doesn't approve of him being a Dragon Doctor. In the Dragon's Lair Jun and Tom do some training in preparation to raid Buzzsaw's camp to obtain the Book of Dragons back so when the others arrive Tom explains his plan to raid the camp but D'Angelo doesn't feel up to it as he needs to handle the Dragon Hospital and after what his father said to him. At night Philip receives an alert that something trips the sensors so him and D'Angelo take ATVs to check it out thinking it could be Buzzsaw however they find an injured Hobgobbler who Philip saves from choking in which the dragon becomes loyal to him, they bring back to the Dragon Hospital so D'Angelo can have a better look at it and determines that it can't go back to the Hidden World until it's healed so he leaves it in the Hospital. The next day Tom calls an early meeting in the Lair however he doesn't invite D'Angelo as he's too busy so he informs everyone else that they need to raid Buzzsaw's camp asap but the others don't feel comfortable doing a mission like that without D'Angelo or Plowhorn to help so Tom then tells them they'll have to do a stealth mission to get the book back instead, the Hobgobbler escaped and tracked Philip back to his dome and took a liking to him and though he didn't feel the same his family convinced him to keep the dragon however it caused problems such as when Philip checked on Pete to see how the sensors where going the Hobgobbler followed him and drooled fire saliva on his ATV so then Philip puts him outside and yells at him making the Hobgobbler leave and make a trail of fire drool throughout Rakke Town and back to the Hidden World. Later when the riders return from a failed mission of getting the book back and D'Angelo and Philip return to save the Hobgobbler who Philip now accepts Thunder and Feathers are taken to the Dragon Hospital to get better, and Philip tells them that everyone is going to need to be at their full strength if Buzzsaw attacks again.

In "Heart of Glass", when Pete is shopping in the General Store at the Big Dome the dragons apart from Thunder make their way inside and start eating the products and then notice Pete and steal his groceries, Pete chases them outside for his food back and Thunder helps but the dragons don't give up the food until the riders come by and stop them. They riders and then called away as the sensors in the Nature Realm go off thinking it's Buzzsaw. After dealing with the Glass Caster, Sledkin and the Desert Realm the riders head back to Rakke Town and after doing some research Tom and Jun then discover that the Dragon Realms are the origin of the Nine Realms of Norse mythology, and Thunder is then seen flying over ICARIS and Rakke Town.

In "In the Cards", at night near the station two Typhoomerangs escape the Hidden World and venture into the forest after seeing all the fake eels and begins chewing them but spitting them out after realizing they're fake which leaves a trail, later in the day Hobs notices this and informs Philip about the situation. In the lair Alex finished working on an algorithm to track Buzzsaw however no one pays attention due to Tom and Jun trying to figure out how the realms work, Eugene just being self-absorbed and D'Angelo arriving late due him being busy at the Dragon Hospital, this forms a rift in the team so Jun does a Terror Card reading to see what happens to them which predicts they'll break up although the others don't believe in them but still are arms with each other until D'Angelo receives an alert from his dad. Once they arrive Philip informs them off the eel line being destroyed and that a dragon escaped so he orders the riders to get it contained before something bad happens. Later at night ICARIS Philip, Pete and Hobs are unloading boxes from the chopper until they see the Typhoomerangs come by and as the dragons started descending into the town Philip orders an evacuation in which the whole station gets clear, once the riders return Philip orders them to stop the dragons while him and hobs get everyone to safety. The riders begin arguing again however dragons grow impatient of their bickering and decide to stop the Typhoomerangs themselves, so after breaking up their courtship ritual they lead them over the Fissure and allow them to do their mating dance safely without hurting anyone and once they're gone Philip cancels the evacuation. When the dragons return the riders then agree that they're no longer able to perform as a team so they disband and go their seperate ways.

In "Eugene's Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team", with the team broken up Eugene and Webmaster sit in the Dragon's Lair bored and lonely so to try and pass the boredom he and Webmaster play with Tom and Jun's sword and shield but when Eugene had either the sword or shield he gets knocked back by Webmaster, they then try playing hide and seek but Webmaster doesn't understand how to play, and even imitates the other Riders but ultimately he still feels alone. Eugene then decides to hang out with them individually, in the Dragon Hospital D'Angelo is busy wrangling two Vine Tails and when he finally calms them down Eugene bursts in allowing them to escape which annoys D'Angelo since he has to stop them from getting into the emergency rations, Eugene then tries hanging out with Alex who's in her room playing video games but she shuts her window on Eugene as he bothers her, he then tries going to Tom and Jun who are sitting on Tom's dome's roof while Thunder brings them a picnic basket for a date which Eugene doesn't even bother talking to them. After Eugene goes into the Hidden World alone and finds out there are Flame Throwers in the Ice Realm Eugene decides to form a new Dragon Rider team under his leadership so he asks Alex's parents, blackmails Pete, and gets Hobs and Nibbles to join so they meet up in the forest to practise training. It goes horribly wrong and making Alex yell at Eugene for almost getting her moms killed Eugene disbands the team so while he, Webmaster and Nibbles without him knowing leave for the Ice Realm everyone else heads back to ICARIS. Later when Eugene goes missing Alex looks for him around Rakke Town and asks D'Angelo if he knew where he was but he didn't so they have Plowhorn track to the Ice Realm. Later after uncovering Buzzsaw and Sledkin's new alliance and escape them the riders meet up back in Lair and ponder whether for the safety of the Realms and Dragons if they should reform the team.

In "404 Alex Not Found", while Alex is trying to enjoy some time to herself by playing online Chess with Wendy D'Angelo comes by and asks if she can help help fix one of the machines in the dragon hospital, Tom and Jun ask her if she can boost their Wi-Fi connection and Eugene asks her to help him find a secret filter on his phone. When Alex heads to the Dragon's Lair for some privacy everyone else arrives for different reasons but Tom then suggests since they're all here they should try and get the Book back from Buzzsaw, Tom asks Alex if he can use her tablet but she refuses and after Tom makes a comment about she rather spend with an AI than then Alex retaliates saying they all take her granted and after Tom and Jun says she's being dramatic so she storms off. Thunder doesn't want her to go but accidently knocks the tablet in the air so when he and Feathers try catching it they short circuit it causing it not turn on making Alex so frustrated she takes Feathers and storm off. After feeling sorry for what they did the Riders go around ICARIS asking if they could fix Alex's Tablet so they try asking Philip but instead gives D'Angelo a long talk about Internet safety, later they ask Alex's moms who are able to fix it no problem. When the tablet works again the group plans to give to Alex but her Tablet then informs them that her tracking app says she's in the Crystal Realm. Later after Alex tricks Buzzsaw into giving her the Book of Dragons and the team rescues her they all return to the lair where Alex hands the book back to Tom and in return he hands her back her tablet fully operational which makes Alex happy, however the team doesn't officially get back together but Alex does inform them of what Buzzsaw's after and shows them a picture of a monstrous snake dragon in a place called the Dark Realm.

Fending Off Jörmungandr and Closing the Station[]

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  • Wilma Sledkin (Lead Scientist) (Gone Rogue/Deceased)
  • May Wong (Director of Operations)
  • Olivia Kullersen (Lead Geologist/Explorer/Chief Scientist)
  • Philip Baker (Chief of Security)
  • Carla Gonzalez (Biologist/Cave Botanist)
  • Hazel Gonzalez (Biologist)
  • Angela Baker (Nurse/Teacher)
  • Linda (Scientist/Technical Operator/Wilma's henchwoman (Formerly)) (Gone Rogue)
  • Pete (Security Guard)
  • Murray (Night Watch Guard)
  • Tom Kullersen (Lead Dragon Handler/Explorer/Dragon Whisperer) (Unofficial)
  • Jun Wong (Dragon Handler/Explorer/Mythologist) (Unofficial)
  • D'Angelo Baker (Dragon Handler/Explorer/Dragon Veterinarian) (Unofficial)
  • Alexandra Gonzalez (Dragon Handler/Explorer/Technology Expert) (Unofficial)
  • Eugene Wong (Dragon Handler/Explorer/Strategist) (Unofficial)
  • Thunder (Aerial Mount/Lead Dragon/EMP/Power Supplier) (Unofficial)
  • Wu and Wei (Aerial Mount/Fire Starter and Extinguisher/Back Up Dragon) (Unofficial)
  • Plowhorn (Aerial Mount/Dragon Nurse/Tracker) (Unofficial)
  • Feathers (Aerial Mount/Stealth Operative) (Unofficial)
  • Webmaster (Aerial Mount/Emergency Resource Provider) (Unofficial)
  • Hobs (Lookout for Intruders and Stray Dragons) (Unofficial)


  • The employees that wear red uniforms, like Philip Baker, appear to be the security workers.
  • The employees that wear blue uniforms, like Linda and Angela Baker, appear to be the workers that handle technology and material and do nursing.
  • The employees that wear green uniforms, like Carla and Hazel Gonzalez, appear to be the biologists or other environmental workers.
  • Olivia, May, and Wilma are the only workers at the site that do not wear the company's overall uniforms.
  • Despite ICARIS having emergency precautions for all sorts of things like a missile attack and even emergency food rations, they did not have any winter gear on hand for weather like blizzards.
  • As of Season 6, the kids and their dragons play vital roles at the station despite having unpaid services.
  • As of the Season 8 Finale, ICARIS is now permanently closed.


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