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The Hypnomunk is a small Bog Dragon seen in The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

Physical Appearance

Hypnomunks are very small dragons, not much larger than a rabbit. They have a flat face and very large eyes. They also are four-legged, with one pair of wings. There are antenna-shaped protrusions from their head, as well as large ear pinna (flaps).


The large eyes of the Hypnomunk can see X-rays, as well as hypnotize prey.


Hypnomunks are gregarious dragons, forming groups called "Spells". In their Spells, they can take down prey by vocalizing rhythmically to disrupt other small dragons' radar or echolocation abilities.

They did not take sides during the Dragon Rebellion.


The Incomplete Book of Dragons

The Hypnomunk is described in this reference book, and appears in the Dragon information table at the back.


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