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Hyenas are an odd carnivorous animal mentioned in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4 episode, "Saving Shattermaster".


Hyenas are not seen in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, but are mentioned once. Specifically their "gizzards" are mentioned. This is a bit of a misnomer, as a "gizzard" actually refers to a digestive organ of birds (and a few other kinds of creatures), and hyenas do not have them.

There are only four living species of Hyenas, all grouped under the Family Hyaenidae. They are dog-like creatures, but are actually more closely related to cats than dogs. Hyenas have a sloping back, large rounded ears, somewhat long legs, and are usually have dark spots or stripes on a light background. They are pack animals. Some Hyena species are hunters, while others are scavengers, The Aardwolf specializes in eating insects.

All four hyena species are endemic to Africa, while the Striped Hyena also occurs in the Middle East. There are no hyenas in Scandinavia. However, historical Viking trading routes may have touched upon hyena territory.


In both the Franchise and real life, Hyenas are hunted as food. In the Franchise, hyena "gizzards" are served at a feast by the Defenders of the Wing. In reality, Hyenas are killed for their body parts not only to eat, but also for use in magic and medicine traditions to ward off evil and promote fertility and sexuality.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

In the episode "Saving Shattermaster", Snotlout must go through difficult trials to become the King of the Defenders of the Wing. There is a feast in his honor at the end of his first day of trials. One item on the table is a small ball of meat that Snotlout finds tasty. He finds out it is Hyena "gizzard". The Twins also enjoy it.

Snotlout: And bring me some more of this yummy meat. I'm not sure what it is, but it is juicy and delicious, and I love it so much."
Defender Soldier: "More hyena gizzards for our hero."
Snotlout: "Did he just say "hyena gizzards"?"
Tuffnut: "'Tis a delicacy that comes along but once in a lifetime. Savor it, young Snotlout. Savor it.
  — "Saving Shattermaster"  



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