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This is Huttsgalor. A little village on the edge of the Viking empire. Not much has ever happened here, until we showed up. [src]

Huttsgalor is a village in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Huttsgalor is an island with a small village and a central mountain. There is an extensive cave system underneath the mountain. The terrain is steep, rolling and rocky, with ample vegetation including grassed pastures and forested areas with both deciduous and evergreen trees.

Prominent Features

The Roost

The Roost is an old lighthouse structure that has become the home base of the Rescue Riders.

Mount Huttsgalor

Mount Huttsgalor is the large central mountain that makes up a significant bulk of the island. It is passable from one side to the other on foot, but difficult and slow.

Maze Caves

The Maze Caves are a huge network of underground caverns within the island and concentrated under Mount Huttsgalor. They are dangerous and prone to flooding at high tide, and rarely entered.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

Huttsgalor is introduced in the season opener, "The Nest". The village on Huttsgalor was recently damaged during a severe storm. The Rescue Riders assist with the clean-up process.


  • The name 'Huttsgalor' seem to be a play on 'huts' and 'galore', meaning there are many huts.

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