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The Hummingbird is a bird mentioned once in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.


Hummingbirds are really small birds of the family Trochilidae. They are commonly known for their ability to beat their wings very fast ranging from 12 to 80 beats per second. Because of this, they have the highest metabolism of all animals, except insects. Their heart beats at a rate of approximately 1,260 beats per minute and they breathe 250 times in the same amount of time.

During sleep or periods without enough food, hummingbirds enter a hibernation-like state called torpor in order to prevent energy reserves from falling to a critical level. In this state, their body temperature falls from 40° to 18° C, and their heart slows down to 50-180 beats per minute. During night torpor, hummingbirds lose about 10% of their body mass.


There is no current function for the hummingbird in the franchise, nor in the real life.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

The hummingbird is mentioned in this game in the Gronckle's description.

This Boulder Class Dragon is not built for speed, but it can fly like a hummingbird. A giant, stubborn hummingbird that shoots lava rocks!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


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