Feature Articles!

Know of a Article that you would like to be featured on the Home page? Well, Now you can Nominate them! You can nominate an article in one of three categories, character, dragon, and other. For a new poll to be created for each category, a category must have at least two articles nominated. For an article to be featured it must be of top quality, that way those visiting see articles that are of the best quality on this wiki. For a nomination to be in one of the polls, it first has to be seconded by another user.

Article Nomination

It is quite simple to nominate a article to be featured, all you have to do is follow the following steps;

  1. Visit the Nominations Page.

  2. Once there go to the section designated for nominations and add the article you want to nominate.

  3. When nominating an article, include the nominated page as a subheading on top of the previous nominee as Nominated Page: (Page Name). Write why you think the article you are nominating deserves to be nominated under Reason(s) for nomination for the same article you have nominated.

  4. Other users can either support or oppose the nomination of that article, and add their opinions under the respective Support and Oppose sections. Additional notes on the chosen article can be included at the section Additional Comments

  5. The current status of the nomination should be labelled as Status: Pending..., until an admin decides to confirm the article nomination.

  6. Please remember to sign off with your signature by typing in four tides, ~~~~, so as to let others know who commented and the time the comment was posted.

To nominate a page to be a Featured Article, visit the Nominations Page.

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