The How to Train Your Dragon Wiki has a list of official affiliates, as confirmed by site administrators.

Our Affiliates

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How to Affiliate with Us

The How to Train Your Dragon Wiki welcomes requests for Wikia affiliations, especially those built on animated films and DreamWorks franchises.


To request for an affiliation, contact an active administrator--Annabeth and Percy, HiccstridFan92 or The Woolly Howl, via his/her talk page.

Provide the following:

  1. The name and link of your site
  2. Your site's wordmark/logo (preferably 260 x 65 px)
  3. The link to the where you will be linking back to our site

Within a day, you should receive a notification, via your talk page on this wiki, about the results of your application. If successful, your wordmark and link will be uploaded onto our main page, as well as this page, and we will provide you with our wordmark. If unsuccessful, we will specify why your application has been rejected.


While we welcome all Wikias that are interested in collaborating, do note that we have certain requirements:

  1. Due to the target audience of this site, we will not be accepting any Wiki affiliations with content above PG-13.
  2. The Wiki needs to have at least one active admin, to ensure a smooth agreement between admins on both sites.
  3. Affiliations are supposedly provides mutual benefits to both Wikis, so do ensure that you link back to our site on yours.

We look forward to affiliating with your site!

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