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Founded on February 24, 2009. We currently have 6,233 articles, 110,114 files, 1,130,722 dragons trained, and 37 dragon trainers.

It's getting Real!
Season 8 Out Now!

It's getting Real!

Live-action film coming in 2025!

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Season 8 Out Now!

Final season of Dragons: The Nine Realms now streaming!

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It's getting Real!
Season 8 Out Now!


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Human Character

Hannahr Featured
Hannahr is the blacksmith of the Huttsgalorian Tribe. She is a close friend to the Rescue Riders, often helping them build tools for their adventures. She is a kind person and highly empathic, willing to face her fear of heights to help those in need.
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Dragon Character

Glowmer Featured
Glowmer is a male Fireworm who accidentally found his way out of the Hidden World. He is adored by Hazel and Carla Gonzalez, who initially mistook him for a lizard. The small dragon is very friendly, accepting pets and scratches from anyone.
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Throatgoggler Featured
The Throatgoggler is a large and dangerous dragon living in the Gorge of the Thunderbolt of Thor. It is capable of extending its very long neck and wrapping it around its victims, suffocating them similar to a constrictor snake.
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David Tennant Featured
David Tennant is a talented Scottish actor and the voice of Spitelout Jorgenson. Additionally, he voiced Ivar the Witless and narrated all the audiobooks for the book series. He was acknowledged by Cressida Cowell in the last book.
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Fishlegs: "We know. The village has had meetings about it."[src]
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