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This is the page for the in-universe book. You may be looking for the 2010 movie or the first book of the series.

How to Train Your Dragon is a book within a book. It is the only book the Hairy Hooligan Tribe ever read (until A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons) and is used as an instruction manual for dragon training. It is written by Professor Yobbish. A copy was stolen from the Meathead Public Library by Gobber the Belch (which he takes great pride in).


It is a hard-back book with a very fancy cover that is unusually thick and has golden clasps and very fancy lettering. It is humorously made like a book in modern times, with an "About the Author" section, a library card, a summary on the back, barcode, and reviews. Despite the book's inviting gilding, it only has three words in the entire text section. "YELL AT IT!" This is the only advice it gives, majorly disappointing Hiccup when he reads it.

Second Edition

How to Train Your Dragon: Second Edition is the (fictional) sequel to Professor Yobbish's How to Train Your Dragon. He wrote it possibly because of Stoick the Vast's complaint letter sent after the events of the first novel, though it is not clarified. The only difference between the two books is the addition of the word "loudly" in the first (and only) chapter.

Physical copies

Berk's Copy

The copy Gobber stole was placed in the hearth of Hooligan Hall. It is defaced with scribbles (possibly those of Hooligans or previous library patrons) on the endpapers and on Yobbish's portrait. Ironically, it met its demise at the claws of Toothless, Hiccup's hunting dragon, causing him to go to the Meathead Public Library to replace it.

Second Copy

This book was retrieved by Hiccup from the Meathead Public Library.


  • In the scribbles on Berk's copy, there is an allusion to Beowulf from the Germanic poem of the same name.
  • On the back cover, the book price is one smallish chicken or twenty oysters.
  • The book is published by "Big Axe Books, LTD"
  • On the cover of How To Train Your Dragon, it is labeled an 10th-anniversary edition.


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