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The How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Virtual Tour is an immersive experience following the release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, as a novel way to get fans excited about purchasing merchandise from Walmart[2].


Ruffnut and Tuffnut, played by live actors, greet the attendees and take them to an area with the Virtual Reality equipment. They tell the attendee that they are sneaking them in to the Hidden World to look around. Once the attendees are situated in the VR chair, they are greeted by Astrid and Hiccup and shown around the Hidden World, while the attendee rides Hookfang. The attendee is able to see various dragons such as Fireworms and Night Lights. The attendee is then taken by a Deathgripper, but saved by Hookfang. After returning to the previous spot in the Hidden World, the attendee's VR experience is complete, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut escort them into an area where they can purchase HTTYD merchandise.




Dragon Species

Tour dates

  • Burbank, California (1301 N Victory Place) - February 15-16
  • Pico Rivera, California (8500 Washington Boulevard) - February 17-19
  • Anaheim, California (440 Euclid Street) - February 22-23
  • San Bernardino, California (4001 Hallmark Parkway) - February 24-26
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (5200 S Fort Apache Road) - March 1-2
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada (6464 N Decatur Boulevard) - March 3-5
  • Glendale, Arizona (5010 N 95th Avenue) - March 8-9
  • Gilbert, Arizona (2501 S Market Street) - March 10-12
  • San Antonio, Texas (8923 W Military Drive) - March 15-16
  • New Braunfels, Texas (1209 S Interstate 35) - March 17-19
  • Grand Prairie, Texas (2225 I-20) - March 22-23
  • Allen, Texas (730 W Exchange Parkway) - March 24-26
  • Sugar Land, Texas (345 Highway 6) - March 29-30
  • Katy, Texas (1313 N Fry Road) - March 31-April 2
  • Rogers, Arkansas (4208 S Pleasant Crossing Boulevard) - April 5-6
  • Bentonville, Arkansas (406 S Walton Boulevard) - April 7-9


  • The virtual tor experience was nominated for an Innovations Award at the 2020 PGA Awards.



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