This is the transcript page for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, complete with full dialogues and actions.


(Scene opens at night, on a Dragon Trapper ship. Many dragons are locked in cages, while Ivar, a Dragon Trapper, patrols the area. One dragon roars in frustration, and Ivar taps on the cage.)

Ivar the Witless: Quiet!

(Hiccup comes out of the fog wearing his dragon armor and lights up his Inferno.)

Ivar: What are you?

Hiccup: Shh!

(Toothless climbs down a cage behind Ivar, with the spines on his back glowing blue. The Trapper then attacks Hiccup, who accidentally knocks a lamp, causing the floor to burst into flames. Hiccup and Toothless come out of the fire unharmed, thanks to the fireproof dragon scales.)


Hiccup: Shhh! Shh, shh, shh! No, no! I'm not a demon! I'm not a demon!

(Hiccup takes off his mask.)

Hiccup: See? Just a guy! Just a guy, here to rescue these dragons, so...

Ivar: But you walked through fire!

Hiccup: Dragon Scales! Dragons shed a lot.

Ivar: Ooh! I know a demon when I see one! No human legs are that skinny!

(Snotlout lands on a light up Hookfang behind the Trapper.)

Snotlout: Big action entrance! Get a load of me! Aah!

(Snotlout's butt catches on fire and the boy runs away.)


Hiccup: That's really just a nitwit who forgot to fireproof his butt.

Snotlout: Hot! Hot, hot, hot! Guys! No! Not yet!

(Barf and Belch create a little explosion, which knocks down Snotlout, as the twins get off their dragon.)

Tuffnut: Behold, your worst nightmare...

Ruffnut: Behold--

Tuffnut: ...along with his sister who insisted on coming.

Ruffnut: That's my intro?

Hiccup: Guys! Too soon. You always come in too soon!

(Fishlegs lands on his back in front of Hiccup, slipping on the floor.)

Fishlegs: Sorry, still getting the hang of my wings.

Hiccup: Fishlegs, again with the baby? This is a raid.

Fishlegs: I couldn't find a sitter.

(Ivar gets scared of the Dragon Riders in armor and runs away.)


(Astrid jumps from a cage and pushes the Trapper against it, knocking him unconscious.)

Hiccup: Astrid! I had him right where I wanted him.

Astrid: And now he's right where I wanted him. Let's get to work.

Hiccup: Okay, we screwed that up. But, at least nobody else knows we're here.

(However, on the opposite side of the ship, several trappers are running towards the dragon riders.)

(Hiccup then goes to unlock a cage and free a Scuttleclaw.)

Hiccup: Easy, girl. It's okay. Shh! We're gonna get you out of here.

(On another part of the ship, Fishlegs opens a big cage.)

Fishlegs: Ooh! A Crimson Goregutter! Ooooh, hoo, hoo!

(Fishmeat gets excited too, and the Crimson Goregutter looks at the baby, bewildered. Meanwhile, Ruffnut looks at a Hobgobbler in a cage.)

Ruffnut: Ha. Ha. Look at this weirdo. I bet it's super dumb.

(Ruffnut tries to open the cage.)

Ruffnut: Why can't I get this cage open?

Astrid: It slides.

(Astrid opens the cage.)

Ruffnut: Obviously.

(The other Dragon Trapper discovers the Dragon Riders freeing their dragons.)

Dragon Trapper: Attack!

Hiccup: Get the rescued out of here!

Dragon Trapper: Get the Night Fury!

(The Dragon Riders and Trappers begin to fight. One Trapper falls in front of Tuffnut.)

Tuffnut: No running on the deck! It's slippery, You can fall.

Snotlout: Step aside! Let me handle the tough guy stuff!

(Snotlout is about to lose the fight, but Hookfang spits fire at the Trapper, saving his rider.)

Snotlout: Yee-ha! That's two for me!

(Fishlegs fights the Trappers with the help of the rescued Goregutter.)

Fishlegs: Look out!

(Astrid and Hiccup fight together, until they are aided by Toothless.)

Hiccup: Thank you. Now, go get the rest, bud!

Astrid: I thought this was supposed to be a stealth mission.

Hiccup: Yeah, they always start that way.

Astrid: Look out!

(A Trapper prepares to strike Astrid, but Stormfly grabs him and throws him into the ocean.)

Astrid: Thanks, Stormfly!

(Meanwhile, Valka and Cloudjumper watch the scene from above. The Stormcutter shows concern about the mission.)

Valka: Oh, stop worrying. They'll get it.

(The fighting continues and gets worse.)

Snotlout: RAWW!

(Snotlout runs and jumps off of a cage throwing his hammer at the same time but the cape of his dragon armor gets caught on the cage, leaving him hanging.)

Valka: Eventually.

Hiccup: Move out! We got them all!

Tuffnut: I'm gonna headlock every last one of you. I might even leglock you!

Snotlout: Amateurs! I was just getting started.

Astrid: Clear out, guys! Go! Go!

(All the riders except Hiccup gets on their dragons and fly away from the ship. Meanwhile, Toothless is inspecting an empty cage.)

Hiccup: Toothless! Time to go!

(Toothless runs towards his rider, while in the cage, a camouflaged dragon opens its eyes. Hiccup is surrounded by many Trappers.)

Hiccup: Oh! Hey, guys!

(Toothless comes in a hurry, knocks the Trappers, grabs his rider and flies away.)

Hiccup: Ha! Ha! You always have my back, bud!

(The Riders return with the rescued dragons to Berk, which is now a large dragon-Viking utopia.)

Hiccup: This is Berk. Your new home away from home. A stunning, one-styled, all-expense-paid dream destination. So settle in and let your worries melt away! The service here soars, the cuisine's fiery, and the locals are as colorful as you get.

(Hiccup gives a tour of Berk to the new rescued Crimson Goregutter.)

Hiccup: Any run of the mill paradise boasts beaches and sunshine...

(Vikings are seen hopping on dragons to get across to their homes.)

Hiccup: ...Well, not us. We've got something no one else can touch. We, my friend, have dragons. Lots - and lots - of dragons!

(The rescued Crimson Goregutter sits on a pole sticking out of a statue. The pole is turning around the statue. Then, Vikings and dragons quickly run out of the way of the Crimson Goregutter, which finally lands on the Isle of Berk.)

Hiccup: Gang, meet our latest Berkians.

(The Crimson Goregutter roars and two Berkians meet the new rescued dragons.)

Viking man: Welcome to paradise, mate!

Viking woman: Oh, aren't you a beauty?

(Snotlout comes, pushing everyone out of his way.)

Snotlout: Ah, you're welcome, you're welcome. I took on, like, a hundred trappers- a, a thousand trappers!

Ruffnut: All with burning undies.

Tuffnut: My thick, full beard almost caught on fire.

Ruffnut: Ugh. Just, just stop.

Snotlout: So, uh, Hiccup's mom, any notes on my bone-crushing assault, or was it pretty much perfect?

Valka: Oh, it was... indescribable. And please, call me Valka. It has been a year.

(Snotlout nods to himself and smiles.) 

Snotlout: First name basis.

Hiccup: I think the real hero today was Toothless, isn't that right, bud? What would we do without you, oh, King of Dragons? What would we do?

Astrid: Well, we could train a lot harder, for one. That was pretty sloppy.

Valka: Astrid, uh, does have a point. Perhaps you all rely a little bit too much on your dragons and not enough on one another.

Snotlout: See? That's exactly what I was saying. Just, listen up, guys! Yeah, your mom's super impressed with me. I'm like the son she always wanted.

(Fishmeat jumps out of Fishlegs' pocket and goes to play with the Crimson Goregutter.)

Fishlegs: Fishmeat! You found a new friend!

(The Crimson Goregutter starts jumping around, knocking things)

Viking man: Mind your heads!

(Eventually, the Goregutter hits a building, which knocks out others in a row, all collapsing into the ocean.)

Gobber: Ugh! What good is having the King of Dragons around if he can't keep the order?

Hiccup: Hey, bud, do you wanna do something here, or...?

(Toothless roars at the Goregutter, which in turn bows respectfully to his Alpha.)

Gobber: And where do you suppose we put these ones?

Hiccup: Eh, we'll make room.

Gobber: Aah! You brought back a Hobgobbler. They're a bad omen. We're cursed.

(Hiccup laughs.)

Valka: Nonsense. What harm could he do?

(Valka picks up the Hobgobbler and examines him)

Valka: No injuries. They're all a little shaken, but otherwise healthy. Now, who's hungry?

(Scene cuts later in the day, inside the Great Hall, where lots of dragons and Vikings are eating. The dragons are flying all over the place.)

Gobber: Point is, you can't keep bringing dragons back here.

(Gothi, while sitting on her staff being flown by her flock of Terrible Terrors, flies by and lightly shocks Gobber.)

Gobber: Aah!

Snotlout: Come on, boy!

Gobber: You're just asking for trouble.

(Hiccup stops walking and makes Gobber stop as a Berkian chases a Scuttleclaw carrying a fish of his possession, passing Hiccup, and Gobber. They continue walking after they have passed.)

Viking man: No, you don't, you little thief!

Gobber: Those Trappers are getting closer by the day.

(Gobber lifts a Zippleback's tail up so they can walk under it.)

Hiccup: We can handle them. We have the Alpha. Ain't that right, bud? Would you look at how happy they are?

(Valka and Spitelout are having an arm wrestle. Valka wins the arm wrestle, making Spitelout angry and Valka laugh.)

Snotlout: She's awesome.

Hiccup: Gobber, relax. We did it. The world's first dragon-Viking utopia. We made the dream a reality.

Gobber: Your dream, maybe. Mine's less crowded and more...

(The Hobgobbler is floating inside of a cauldron.)

Gobber: Aah! Sanitary.

Hiccup: Gobber, you're not fooling anybody. I know you love them.

(The Hobgobbler is still floating in the cauldron but Toothless scares it, which makes it swim out of the cauldron.)

Gobber: You're supposed to be the generation that leads us into the future.

(Tuffnut is trying to get his plate back from Barf's mouth. But after he takes it back, Tuffnut accidentally makes the food fly over to Snotlout, making Snotlout think Tuffnut wants a food fight.)

Snotlout: Ha-ha! Food fight!

(Snotlout throws the food back at Tuffnut, causing the two of them to have a food fight. Then Ruffnut, who is sitting on the table with a mug of mead, joins in after Tuffnut throws food at her.)

Ruffnut: Mmm, gorg-e-ousss. Watch the hair!

(Fishlegs is holding a little spoon with food in it and moving it closer to Fishmeat.)

Fishlegs: Good Fishmeat.

(Fishmeat then eats the food with the spoon in his mouth. Food hits Gobber in the face.)

Gobber: Ugh! Thor help us. Time to stop worrying about problems out there...

Astrid: Gobber...

Gobber: ...and start sorting out the ones right here.

(Gobber has Hiccup in a headlock on his right and Astrid held in his left arm. Hiccup is having trouble breathing and talking.)

Hiccup: Okay, okay. I-I'll think about it.

Gobber: Hang up those saddles and get married.

(The food fight suddenly stops and everyone looks at Gobber.)

Tuffnut: The "m" word.

Ruffnut: Gross. Unless it's me.

(Ruffnut throws food again.)

Gobber: Start ruling like a proper royal couple. (To Astrid.) Marry him, please. You're the only one with any sense around here. With you wearing the pants, there's still hope.

(Hiccup has been put into a headlock again by Gobber.)

Astrid: Wow! Gobber... Not awkward at all.

(Astrid leaves the table and Gobber follows behind. Hiccup finally gets out of the headlock.)

Gobber: Astrid, don't be like that. (Gobber goes after her.)

Tuffnut: Whoa. That is a definitive no. Look, if you need a beard to cry on--

(Tuffnut pulls Hiccup towards him so Hiccup's face is now in Tuffnut's beard.)

Tuffnut: --just lean on my shoulder and you can cry into my full, thick beard.

Hiccup: Oh, thank you, Tuffnut. Thank you. So much.

(Eret walks towards Hiccup and Tuffnut. Firstly, shocked at what he's seeing but then gets Hiccup's attention by clearing his throat.)

Hiccup: Eret, son of Eret!

(Hiccup forces himself off of Tuffnut's beard so he can speak to Eret.)

Hiccup: What's the report?

Eret, Son of Eret: Two more trapper barges spotted in the strait.

Hiccup: So we go after them.

(Hiccup turns around and looks at Gobber who doesn't look surprised with Hiccup's response.)

Hiccup: What?

Gobber: One day, you're gonna pick a fight you can't win.

(Scene cuts to a bay full of ships and an armored island. Grimmel's airship is flying towards island and lands on it.)

Dragon Trapper: Archers!

(He steps off of his airship and walks to the dragon fighting arena where dragons are controlled using cages and chains. Grimmel and his Deathgrippers walk in amongst the cages and to the Warlords.)

Dragon Trapper: Deathgrippers.

Ivar: The Dragon Riders attacked us here...

(Ivar places a wooden boat on a map.)

Ivar: ...Off the eastern strait.

(Ragnar the Rock starts playing with another wooden boat and makes it "crash" into Ivar's boat.)

Ragnar the Rock: Nnneeaoowww, BOOM.

Chaghatai Khan: Ragnar!

Ragnar: Um, sorry.

Grimmel the Grisly: My dear warlords. How go your plans to go conquer the world?

(Grimmel pulls his hood down.)

Ragnar: Ha-ha-ha! Grimmel, my old friend. Thank you for coming.

(One of Grimmel's Deathgrippers attacks and pins Ragnar down because he is getting too close to Grimmel.)

Ragnar: Oh-ah!

Grimmel: A year since Drago's defeat, and no further along with your dragon army, I see.

Griselda the Grevious: You can thank the young chief of Berk for that.

Grimmel: Stoick's boy?

(Ragnar is still pinned down by the Deathgripper and speaks while the Deathgripper is dribbling on him.)

Ragnar: Yup! He and his peace-loving Dragon Riders continue to raid our ships and steal our dragons.

Grimmel: Mmm. That does sound like a nuisance. But I'm in the business of killing dragons, not retrieving them.

(Grimmel walks away from the Warlords. However, Ragnar jumps up and tries to reason with Grimmel.)

Ragnar: Huh? But, Grimmel...

Grimmel: That idiot boy has done all of the work for you, gathering the dragons in one place. Why bother me?

Chaghatai: Because the flock is protected by a Night Fury.

(Grimmel stops in shock.)

Grimmel: Not possible.

Chaghatai: Hah, well, it seems one slipped through your fingers.

Ragnar: Look, Berk's dragons will follow their Alpha, so we'll pay you to capture him and bring the flock to us. We even have your favorite bait.

(The shot shows a Light Fury locked in a cage.)

Chaghatai: The only dragon they left us from last night's raid.

Grimmel: A female? Hmm.

(The Light Fury looks very frightened with a muzzle on its face.)

Ragnar: So, do we have a deal, old friend?

(A Rumblehorn gets agitated and breaks free from its chains. It charges towards the Warlords who run out of the way.)

Chaghatai: Watch out!

(Grimmel swings around and shoots a projectile from his bow which hits the Rumblehorn. The Rumblehorn collapses and skids on the dirt towards Grimmel.)

Grimmel: When all is said and done, this young chief will bring me the Night Fury.

(Grimmel walks away, after taking his foot out from under the Rumblehorn's head.)

Grimmel: They don't have a leader, just a boy.

(The scene changes to a flashback of Hiccup held by his dad, Stoick, talking on top of a cliff.)

Stoick: Hiccup. This is Berk, son. It's our home. It was the home of your grandparents, and their grandparents before them. And it's my job as chief to protect us, Hiccup. And one day, when you're all grown up, that job will be passed on to you.

Hiccup: Okay.

Stoick: And it's very important, son, because out there, beyond the sunset, lies the home of the dragons.

Hiccup: Wow!

Stoick: Aye! Legends tell of ships that sailed too close to it, only to drop off the edge of the world. Never to be seen again.

(Hiccup gasps.)

Stoick: But those sailors who turned back, told tales of a great waterfall and dragons guarding the entrance to a hidden world.

Hiccup: Whoa.

Stoick: Not just a nest, Hiccup, but a land from which all dragons come.

Hiccup: Even...Night Furies?

Stoick: (Laugh) Especially Night Furies.

Hiccup: Those are scary.

Stoick: Don't you worry. One day, I'll find the Hidden World and seal it that people and dragons will fight no more.

(The scene changes from the flashback's Berk to the current Berk. Hiccup is on the same cliff as the flashback and Toothless pushes Hiccup lightly to get his attention.)

Hiccup: What?

(Toothless looks at Hiccup then looks at his leg and then back at Hiccup again.)

Hiccup: Oh, all right. You do know it's not a chew toy, don't you? Is this what you want? Oh, do you want this leg? Do you want my leg? Go get it.

(Hiccup throws his metal prosthetic leg and Toothless fetches it. Hiccup sits down and works on his map. Then, Hiccup's leg drops from the sky onto his map. Toothless then solo glides above Hiccup.)

Hiccup: Getting pretty good at gliding on your own, bud.

(Toothless lands next to Hiccup and tries to persuade Hiccup to throw his leg again by shoving his leg onto Hiccup's map. Hiccup moves his finger along to the left of the map and taps the empty spot. Astrid and Stormfly appear.)

Astrid: Oh! So this is where you come to get away from Gobber.

(They land next to Hiccup.)

Hiccup: I have no idea what you're talking about.

(Toothless gives Hiccup's sloppy prosthetic leg to Astrid.)

Astrid: Ugh!

(Astrid throws the leg away in disgust. Toothless and Stormfly fetch the leg together. Astrid walks to Hiccup and wipes her hands on Hiccup.)

Astrid: Well, he's right, you know.

Hiccup: R-Really? You think you and I should...

Astrid: Oh, gods, no. We're nowhere near ready for that!

Hiccup: No, that's... that's crazy.

Astrid: I mean he's right about all of this.

(Hiccup sighs and Astrid sits down next to him.)

Hiccup: It does seem like the whole world knows about us now.

Astrid: Yep. And the more dragons we bring back here, the bigger of a target we become.

(Hiccup's prosthetic leg falls on Astrid's lap.)

Astrid: Ugh.

(Astrid throws it away again.)

Astrid: I just wish there was some way to make them leave us alone.

Hiccup: There might be. Dad used to talk about an old mariners' myth. Of a secret land at the edge of the world, where dragons lived totally out of reach.

Astrid: Well, sailors are known for tall tales.

Hiccup: True. But what if it's real? It could be the answer to all of our problems.

Astrid: How? By moving the dragons there?

Hiccup: Uh-uh. All of us.

Astrid: Seriously? And abandon our home of seven generations? The home your father left you to protect.

Hiccup: Uh...

Astrid: Yeah, I think we need a real solution, Hiccup.

(Meanwhile, Toothless is chewing Hiccup's prosthetic leg and not letting Stormfly have a go.)

Hiccup: Well, we could just take Gobber's advice and tie the knot. That should fix everything. But, hey, if you're having doubts about yours truly, I'm pretty sure Snotlout's available.

Astrid: He only has eyes for your mom.

(Hiccup gasps.)

Hiccup: Oh! Playing dirty now, huh?

Astrid: You asked for it. Looks like there might be a wedding after all.

Hiccup: Oh, how dare you! (grabs Astrid and tickles her) That is a low blow. No, no, you are not getting away.

(Astrid then twists Hiccup's arm painfully, who in turn winces in pain.)

Hiccup: Owww! Okay, okay! You win, you win! You always win!

Astrid: You knew what you were getting into.

Hiccup: Uh-huh. Right.

(Toothless runs to the edge of the cliff and then glides down to the forest.)

Hiccup: Uh, bud? Wha-? Yeah, sure, don't bother to wait for us.

(Hiccup sighs.)

(In the forest, Toothless is wandering around searching for something. He uses his smell to sense where it is. He walks further and further into the forest until he spots a female Light Fury laying down in a part of the forest. The dragon turns around and spots Toothless, growling at him. Toothless gets scared but then walks closer to the dragon. They stare at each other until a snap is heard and the dragon shoots a plasma blast at a tree. Hiccup and Astrid arrive at the forest.)

Hiccup: Oh, my gods!

(The dragon growls at Hiccup and Astrid.)

Astrid: Uh, Hiccup!

(The dragon shoots a plasma blast at them, but Astrid manages to push Hiccup out of the way of the blast and they get thrown far but still survive the blast. The dragon is about to shoot another plasma blast but Toothless stops her.)

Hiccup: Yeah. You know, we're friends! No need to kill us.

(However, the Light Fury gets scared and flies away from them. Toothless tries to follow her by climbing the trees. But then the dragon fires a plasma blast and flies through it, turning invisible, also making Toothless sad.)

Hiccup: Wow!

Astrid: Another Night Fury.

Hiccup: No, not quite. It's more like a...Bright...Fury.

Astrid: A Light Fury!

Hiccup: Yeah, yours is better, probably.

(Scene changes back at Berk with all the dragon riders.)

Snotlout: What do you mean, gone?

Hiccup: Vanished! Into thin air.

Fishlegs: What do you think?

(Fishlegs shows Hiccup a drawing of what he thinks the Light Fury looks like.)

Hiccup: Uh-uh. Stubbier ears, no dorsal plates.

(Hiccup hands the drawing back to Fishlegs.)

Fishlegs: Okay, got it.

Eret: Haha. What a night.

(Toothless appears and pushes Hiccup. Lots of saliva is sticking out of his mouth.)

Hiccup: What-what's gotten into you? What is all this...slobbering and panting?

Astrid: Isn't it obvious? He's in love!

Hiccup: Trust me, relationships are nothing but pain and misery.

(He directed it to Toothless, but Astrid hears it and punches Hiccup.)

Astrid: Ugh.

Hiccup: What did I just say? Am-am I not enough?

(Toothless walks away and spots two Deadly Nadders who are performing a mating dance. He gets excited and runs closer.)

Tuffnut: I think that's a no.

(Toothless watches the Deadly Nadders.)

(Fishlegs shows Hiccup another sketch of the Light Fury.)

Fishlegs: Something like this?

Hiccup: You know what? Just trace your Toothless card and make her white.

(Hiccup hands the drawing back to Fishlegs.)

Fishlegs: You could have led with that...

Astrid: Can you believe it? Toothless has a girlfriend!

Hiccup: I never took you for a romantic. Like, ever!

Astrid: But it's so sweet. I mean, look!

(Toothless flirts with his own shadow on a wall in the same way the two Deadly Nadders were. He strokes his face on the wall and pushes his head towards it.)

Tuffnut: Oh, okay. That's just sad...and weird.

Ruffnut: Yeah, you better do something.

Snotlout: Seriously? I'd rather shovel poop all day than watch that.

Hiccup: Alright. Let's head back to the woods and see if we can find her.

(As Toothless hears that, he quickly looks at Hiccup and shows his excitement by running around.)

Tuffnut: Ah. Good idea!

(Tuffnut walks with Hiccup with his arm over Hiccup's shoulder.)

Tuffnut: A little privacy.

Hiccup: Uhhh...

Tuffnut: Shh. It's boy talk!

Hiccup: What?

(They walk off to the forest together with Toothless. Astrid shrugs her shoulders.)

Tuffnut: Come on. Let's go work this out.

(Scene cuts to Hiccup, Tuffnut and Toothless in the forest.)

Tuffnut: So. Wanna get married?

Hiccup: Uhh... No, actually.

Tuffnut: Good news. I've been to two weddings. I crashed both. But none as high profile as this one. Lots of pressure. Judgment. Not just by me.

Hiccup: Look. We talked about it. We're not getting married.

(Tuffnut stops walking and makes Hiccup stop too.)

Tuffnut: Hold feet! I've seen it before. Don't worry, little Hiccy. I'm here.

(Tuffnut walks off.)

Hiccup: Wait, Hiccy?

(Hiccup nods his head sideways and walks with Tuffnut again.)

Tuffnut: Now, I've seen the way Astrid looks at you. Everyone has that doubt. That not-so-subtle disappointment. That longing for something more than you. You need to focus on being worthy. I mean, she's a warrior queen for Thor's sake! And you are...neither. But with me as your best man, your spirit guide if you will, you'll learn to embrace your inner Viking. Show these naysayers, of which there are many, that you are more than just a malnourished runt with bad hair, strange teeth and a twig for a neck.

Hiccup: You're-you're really bad at pep talks.

Tuffnut: Stop letting these insecurities get the best of you.

(They stop walking as they arrive at the same place as where Toothless found the Light Fury. Toothless is seen to be walking around something.)

Tuffnut: Everyone's watching. I mean everyone. You need to man up. Do as I do. It will be hard, have my word.

(Hiccup sees something metallic on the ground.)

Tuffnut: And until I break that word, I won't give up!

(Hiccup runs towards the metallic thing.)

Tuffnut: Hey! Hey! What, am I wasting my time here?

(Hiccup then picks the metallic thing up. It looks like a projectile dart.)

Tuffnut: You see some shiny thing in the woods- Oh, what is that?

(Toothless is still searching for the Light Fury. However, he finds nothing and becomes sad. He starts walking back towards Hiccup.)

Hiccup: Toothless!

(Toothless jumps back, frightened.)

Hiccup: Don't move a muscle.

(Hiccup takes Tuffnut's stick which Tuffnut has been carrying for the whole walk.)

Tuffnut: Hey!

(Hiccup throws the stick at a spot in the clearing, causing a dangerous trap to be triggered and Hiccup to fall backwards onto the ground. Toothless gets angry and Hiccup gets shocked.)

(The scene changes at the Blacksmith Shop with all the dragon riders. Hiccup places the dart onto a barrel.)

Hiccup: Someone's here.

Gobber: Huh?

(Tuffnut takes the dart.)

Hiccup: He managed to slip past our scouts and lay a trap in the woods.

Tuffnut: It ruined boy talk!

(Tuffnut throws the dart and it manages to hit a wooden box which Eret is carrying.)

Eret: Ohohh!

Gobber: Let me at 'em!

Hiccup: Slow down, Gobber. Let's get a search team on the ground. Scouts in the air. Toothless and I will fly the coastline.

(Eret is inspecting the dart for himself.)

Eret: Yeah. I wouldn't advise taking Toothless anywhere, Chief. I know this handy work. Grimmel the Grisly. Famous back where I'm from. The smartest dragon hunter I ever met. Well, next to me of course.

Hiccup: Well, he can't be that smart. He left his trap unmanned.

(Eret hands the dart to Astrid and she inspects it too.)

Eret: Haha. Nothing's accidental when it comes to old Grimmel. He lives for the hunt, to get inside the mind of his prey, to control its every choice. It's all a game to him.

Astrid: Well, he doesn't know who he's playing with.

Hiccup: Yeah. We've dealt with his kind before.

Eret: Don't underestimate him, Hiccup. Mark my words, he'll be back.

Hiccup: Then we'll be waiting for him.

(Scene cuts, inside the Haddock house at night with Hiccup alone.)

(Hiccup is searching for clues about the Hidden World in his Dad's journal and his map.)

Hiccup: Alright. Alright, come on give me a clue here. Give me a clue, Dad.

(While Hiccup looks through the notes, footsteps are heard from above the house and dust falls from the ceiling. Hiccup packs his map and the book away. He looks around his house and suddenly a floorboard creak is heard followed by a silhouette of Grimmel. Grimmel pours tea into a mug.)

Grimmel: OhI hope you don't mind if I help myself. This is, uh... quite good.

(Hiccup lights up Inferno.)

Grimmel: That is impressive. But let me finish my drink.

(Grimmel shoots a dart from his bow which hits the sleeping Toothless under bed covers.)

Hiccup: Toothless!

(Hiccup runs towards Toothless. Grimmel finishes his drink and looks proud of himself. He then loads another dart into his bow.)

Hiccup: What did you do to him?

Grimmel: Eh, nothing that he won't sleep off. (Sits on Stoick's chair) Ahh. Haha. May I? Chief Hiccup, hmm? Do I say Chief Hic-cup (makes hiccuping sound) or do I just call you Hiccup? What do you prefer?

(Hiccup slowly walks closer, with a stern look on his face.)

Grimmel: You have no idea who I am, do you? Uh- ha ha. Well, your father knew of me. Now, that was a chief. One of the greatest dragon hunters to have ever lived! What would he think of you? Huh-hah.

(Grimmel laughs)

Grimmel: He did it right, you know. Making it his mission to destroy the beasts so that you could grow up in a better world.

Hiccup: He changed his mind.

Grimmel: And look where that got him.

(Hiccup looks upset after that comment.)

Grimmel: So, let's get to the point. I am the Night Fury killer. I've hunted every last one but yours. You are going to give me that dragon. Or I will-

Hiccup: I will never give him up!

(Grimmel stands up and pushes Hiccup's Inferno out of his way, laughing. He starts walking towards Toothless.)

Grimmel: You wish dragons to live free among us, like equals? A toxic notion, my boy. History has shown that we are the superior species. What if word of your misguided ideas were to spread? It would be the undoing of civilization as we... know it. Hmm.

(Grimmel notices straw sticking out of Toothless' tail, so he kicks it slightly. This causes Fishlegs to wake up as he was hiding under the covers wearing a Toothless disguise.)

Fishlegs: Did we get him?

(Fishlegs faints and falls back to sleep. Hiccup uses his Inferno to throw Grimmel's bow away.)

Hiccup: Now!

(The Dragon Riders reveal themselves from their covers.)

Gobber: Sorry to barge in!

Hiccup: You think you can come into my home? Sit in my father's chair? And threaten my dragon? This is Berk. And we have defended our way of life from far worse than you.

Grimmel: Oh. Haha. A fighting spirit, I love it! Only, I'm afraid you're mistaken. You've never seen anything like me!

(Grimmel whistles, calling his Deathgrippers to attack the riders. One of Grimmel's Deathgrippers attacks from the roof, which causes Astrid, who was hiding on a wooden beam, to jump down to the floor of the house.)

Astrid: Ah!

Hiccup: Astrid, look out!

(The Deathgripper gets ready to strike with its tail but misses Astrid who is sitting on the floor. Astrid runs to the others. Grimmel whistles again, making another Deathgripper attack the riders.)

Valka: Look out! Son, get clear!

(Astrid runs, just missing the Deathgripper's acid.)

Astrid: Ugh!

Gobber: Run!

(Gobber runs out of the house, carrying Fishlegs)

Valka: Ah!

(Valka and Hiccup are still in the house. Valka uses her shield to block the Deathgripper's acid)

Grimmel: Have my dragon ready when I return, or I will destroy everything you love!

(Valka and Hiccup escape Hiccup's burning house but then see a view of all of Berk in flames.)

Viking 1: Inside!

Viking 2: It's the middle of the night!

Viking 3: What are we doing here?

(Scene cuts to all of the Berkians inside the great hall at night, just after the attack.)

Hiccup: Alright! Alright, everybody! Settle down, please!

(Everyone keeps shouting and talking)

Hiccup: Fishlegs, have you ever seen that species of dragon before?

(Fishlegs, still dizzy after being shot by Grimmel's dart, nods in agreement but then faints and falls off his chair.)

Spitelout: Let me at 'em!

Viking: I'll give him a piece of my mind. And by mind, I mean fist!

(The Viking punches another Viking in the face.)

Hiccup: Did you miss the part where we almost died? Have you seen my house? This is a new kind of enemy and I underestimated him. Now, that's on me. But I will not do that again.

Snotlout: We're Vikings! We don't run from a fight. At least I don't.

(Snotlout points at Eret.)

Snotlout: You might.

Eret: I agree with Hiccup. We haven't seen the last of Grimmel. He's a predator, single-minded and patient. He won't stop until he gets what he wants.

Valka: I'm with Eret.

(Snotlout looks at Valka amazed and then angrily at Eret.)

Valka: We have to take this threat seriously.

Hiccup: Grimmel is just a sign of the times. Our enemies are getting smarter, more determined. We're not just overcrowded. We are exposed, and vulnerable. Short of full-blown war and risking everyone we love, I don't... I don't see a way of staying here any longer.

(Everyone starts talking. However, Astrid throws her axe on the table to get everyone's attention.)

Astrid: Hey! Hear him out!

(Astrid sits back down and nods at Hiccup.)

Hiccup: If we want to live in peace with our dragons, we need a better plan.

Gobber: So, what are you saying, Chief?

Hiccup: I'm saying we have to disappear. Off the map. Take the dragons to a place where no one will find them.

Male Viking: And where might that be?

Astrid: He's talking about a quest for the Hidden World.

Female Viking: The hidden what?

Ruffnut: Out to lunch.

Tuffnut: (laughs) Yeah.

Hiccup: My father was obsessed with it when I was a boy. He made notes and maps in search of the ancestral home of all dragons, tucked away somewhere beyond the edge of the world. It may be the solution we need. We're dragon people. It's where we belong.

(The Berkians don't sound like they can believe what Hiccup is saying.)

Hiccup: Look, I know this is our home. My father left me to protect it.

(Some of the Berkians look like they are starting to believe)

Hiccup: But Berk is more than this place. We are Berk! The people! The dragons! I say Berk is wherever we go.

(The twins are sitting on a bench and look bored until Tuffnut jumps up.)

Tuffnut: I'm with him! Who else?

(Scene changes in the sky with all the Berkians and their dragons on the adventure to The Hidden World.)

(On a ship, being carried by a dragon, a sheep is wearing a dragon outfit. It bleats proudly until he spots a dragon which makes it duck back in the ship.)

Fishlegs: Excuse me. Coming through. Just skipping through here. Fishmeat, eat your rocks. Eat your rocks.

(Fishlegs flies through with Fishmeat crying and excited.)

(Fishlegs gives Fishmeat a rock to eat. Fishmeat eats it vigorously)

Snotlout: Gah! People who fly with babies are the worst!

(Snotlout ducks as Fishmeat's lava blast hits Snotlout's seat.)

Gobber: I feel like I'm always asking you this question but- woah!

(Gobber suddenly loses control of his dragon, Grump.)

Gobber: Wake up, Grump! Wake up!

(Hiccup uses his spyglass to look at the horizon.)

Gobber: Is there an actual plan or--

Hiccup: Just keep flying until we reach the end of the world.

Gobber: Ah, seems sensible.

(The scene changes at Berk. All of the dragon trappers, warlords and Grimmel are on the empty island.)

Chaghatai: So? Where are they!?

Grimmel: Gone. Obviously.

Griselda: The Night Fury escaped you? Again!

Grimmel: I encouraged it. They've abandoned their only defensible position.

(Scene changes back with the Berkians.)

Grimmel: Running scared with what little they can carry.

Snotlout: Ugh. It just keeps going.

Tuffnut: That's because the world is actually round.

(Hiccup rolls his eyes, shakes his head and then keeps looking through his spyglass.)

Tuffnut: The Sun is round. Moon is round.

(Astrid chuckles, shakes her head and looks at Valka.)

(Toothless senses something.)

Tuffnut: Stars are round. Even though they're small and stupid.

(Ruffnut laughs.)

Tuffnut: Right? Stars.

(Scene changes back at Berk again.)

Grimmel: Don't fret. They won't get far. The Night Fury is distracted. I introduced him to your female.

(Scene changes back with the Berkians again. Toothless is sensing something again.)

Grimmel: Furies mate for life, you see.

Hiccup: What're you picking up on, bud?

(The Light Fury is seen to have been following the Berkians.)

Astrid: (gasps) The Light Fury!

Valka: She's following us!

Viking: Cool!

(The Light Fury shoots a plasma blast and turns invisible.)

Gobber: Would you look at that!

Tuffnut: Where did she go? Is she made of sky?

(Toothless flies to where the Light Fury turned invisible.)

Hiccup: Woah! Hold up, Toothless!

(Toothless, very excited, looks in all directions searching for the Light Fury. Hiccup looks behind and spots the Light Fury.)

Hiccup: Well, look who it is!

(However, the Light Fury looks angry and as if she is going to grab him.)

Hiccup: Uh...

(The Light Fury grabs Hiccup)

Hiccup: Aah! Hey. It's really nice to finally-

(The Light Fury throws Hiccup away and he falls down in the sky.)

Hiccup: Waaaaaah!

(The Light Fury looks at Toothless like she has done something really good. Toothless looks awkward and flies down to save his rider. The Light Fury looks stunned. Toothless saves Hiccup and flies back with the others.)

Hiccup: Not a word.

(Toothless looks at the sky, trying to see if the Light Fury is there again but she isn't, which makes him sad.)

(Scene changes back on Berk.)

Ragnar: Yeah yeah yeah. Yes. But where did they go?

Grimmel: (sighs) Do I have to explain this? Night Furies can't survive in the cold so they haven't gone north.

(Grimmel crosses off the north of the map.)

Grimmel: They're trying to put distance between themselves and enemies to the east and south...

(Grimmel crosses off the east and south on the map.)

Grimmel: ...And Night Furies cannot fly long distances without rest.

(While Grimmel was saying this, Hiccup discovers there is an island ahead of them on their search.)

Grimmel: Their flight path must include stops.

Fishlegs: Potty break!

(They fly to the island for a break.)

Grimmel: Therefore, they've gone... They can only have gone... Does anyone want to take a guess?

(Scene is back on Berk.)

Grimmel: Anyone? W-w-w-w-w?

Ragnar: Ah! East!

(Ragnar places a wooden boat on to east of the map)

Grimmel: West! Hmm? Simple, you see? Oh-ho, isn't this fun? Yes? No.

Griselda: Ugh.

(Griselda pushes Ragnar out of the way and walks off.)

Grimmel: Yes. Yes.

(Chaghatai also walks off in disappointment.)

Grimmel: Where's your love of the hunt? I thought you were conquerors! You'll have your prize, in time! Just allow me a few more days to enjoy this. I have dearly missed it.

(Scene cuts at the new island with the Dragon Riders.)

Hiccup: Alright! Looks like we're camping here for tonight.

Gobber: Well, thank Thor for that!

Tuffnut: Yes! My own place! I plan to build a hut. Only for the bearded! Ruffnut, you gotta stay out! Chin whiskers don't count!

(Snotlout is using his hands as a frame for his house.)

Snotlout: I see a tower of manliness in the shape of me. It's gonna be taller than Eret with bigger muscles.

(Eret ends up being in Snotlout's frame.)

Eret: Wha-what?

Snotlout: Get out of my house!

(Snotlout charges towards Eret.)

Eret: Hey! Is there a problem here?

Snotlout: Yeah, there's a problem...

(Snotlout steps onto a wooden box)

Snotlout: ...Ever since you showed up, you've been trying to upstage me. You're just so...

(Snotlout climbs up onto a barrel.)

Snotlout: Jealous! Delusional!

Eret: Ah, delusion's a good word for it.

Snotlout: Listen, Son of Eret! When Hiccup blows it as chief, I'm next in line. Number two...

(Snotlout puts up three of his fingers up.)

Snotlout: ...'cause I'm clearly Valka's favorite.

(Eret walks away, confused at what Snotlout is saying.)

Snotlout: So--better start--showing me respect!

(Snotlout points at Eret and wobbles on the barrel.)

Eret: Strange little man.

Gobber: Ah, don't mind him. It's not your fault you have the body of a Norse God. I, myself, have the same problem.

(Gobber stretches his back but his back painfully cracks)

Gobber: Aaah!

(Gobber picks up a tool and places it into the ground.)

Gobber: Blacksmith stall goes right here.

(Gobber discovers that several Hobgobblers have followed them.)

Gobber: Gaaah! One, two, three, four, five... where's...?!

(After Gobber has counted them, he walks back, scared, away from them.)

Hiccup: Oh, okay. Hold on, gang. I-I said make camp...

(Gobber walks toward the crowd, frantic. He accidentally bumps into Spitelout.)

Gobber: Do you see them?

Hiccup: ...not, build a new village.

Snotlout: Who died and made you chief?

(The crowd of Berkians are stunned by what Snotlout says.)

Snotlout: What?

(Gothi flies past Snotlout and smacks him with her staff.)

Snotlout: Oww!

Hiccup: Granted this place is very nice, but it's not the Hidden World.

Male Viking #1: We don't even know if this "hidden world" exists!

Male Viking #2: Yeah. This place is real!

(The Viking points at the ground. Valka approaches Hiccup to help him out.)

Valka: There's nothing more stubborn than a mob of tired, hungry Vikings.

Hiccup: (sighs) Well, I guess this could work as a base in the meantime. It's defensible. Hidden. Alright! You can stay!

Gobber: Say hello to New Berk!

(The crowd cheers.)

Gobber: Let's get building, lads!

Hiccup: Until Toothless and I find the Hidden World.

(The crowd feels discouraged and walks off to start building.)

Tuffnut: Now, about that voice. Can we lose the whole honking goose... thing? It's hard to imagine wedded bliss with that going off every minute. (chuckles)

Valka: If you're going to continue west, I should head back to make sure we weren't followed.

Snotlout: Great idea. I'll go with you. For protection.

Valka: No! You're far too important here.

Snotlout: Yeah...

Hiccup: Just, be careful.

(Valka looks like she is going to speak but then looks at Hiccup.)

Hiccup: What?

Valka: This plan... to hide us from the rest of the world, though--though I wish it were possible, I fear it can't last, Hiccup. And you know I tried to do the same for years. But greedy humans always find a way. I just... I only ask that you think about it.

(Valka pats Hiccup's left shoulder and walks off.)

Hiccup: Do you still think I'm crazy or...

Astrid: Let's just say, this whole idea is

Hiccup: Well, thanks for supporting me last night. It meant a lot.

(Astrid walks towards Hiccup with a book.)

Astrid: Don't thank me yet. I just hope you're right about this.

(Astrid hands Hiccup the book, which is actually the book with his father's notes inside.)

(Scene cuts at night in Hiccup's hut on New Berk.)

(Hiccup is sleeping with the book on his face. Toothless wakes up sensing something is close, causing Hiccup to fall and wake up.)

Hiccup: Toothless, no, it's too early.

(Toothless leaves Hiccup's hut and notices leaves moving, causing the curious Toothless to check them. He smells them and happily discovers that the Light Fury is very close. The Light Fury then appears, which makes Toothless really excited. The Light Fury growls and disappears again. Toothless follows her and they stare at each other before he bangs his head into something. Toothless loses sight of her but then spots her on the opposite side of a hut. The Light Fury runs off and so does Toothless. Hiccup leaves his hut, yawning.)

(The Light Fury flies very quickly while Toothless catches up, running. However, Toothless stops running just before a hill. The Light Fury lands beyond the hill watching Toothless perched on the hill. Toothless takes one step off the hill and falls down it crazily. Hiccup arrives but watches from where Toothless was perched on the hill. The Light Fury flirts at Toothless. Toothless discovers Hiccup is on the hill and watches him make flying gestures. Toothless flaps his wings, but the Light Fury only responds by licking herself. Toothless watches Hiccup do another dance but steps on a stick, causing it to snap and the Light Fury to look at the hill. She doesn't see Hiccup but feels suspicious. Toothless starts flapping his wings very quickly, but goes out of control and then causes the Light Fury to block herself from the sand. She then sneezes and Toothless gets frustrated at himself. He looks at Hiccup who is putting his thumb up and does a chicken dance. Toothless performs what Hiccup showed him but the Light Fury just watches. Then Toothless performs various strange dances, causing the Light Fury to get agitated and Hiccup to facepalm. When Toothless gets too close to the Light Fury, she hits him in the face. She then flies to a branch, hangs down from it and covers her face with her wings. Hiccup looks worried as Toothless walks to the start of the branch. Toothless points towards the end of the branch with his wing and then walks to the end of the branch. Toothless looks at Hiccup showing him a hand gesture suggesting the branch will snap. However, Toothless bounces up and down on the branch, causing the Light Fury to get more agitated. Toothless finally snaps the branch and falls off of it. The Light Fury, still hanging from the branch, covers her face with her wings again.)

(Hiccup waves his arms, trying to get Toothless' attention. Toothless looks at Hiccup and feels disappointed, but then spots part of the branch and starts drawing something with it in his mouth. This causes the Light Fury to feel curious, so she drops onto the ground and starts watching him draw. Toothless finishes drawing the Light Fury's face.)

Hiccup: Oh, now you can draw!

(The Light Fury steps onto Toothless' drawing and makes Toothless angry. The Light Fury growls, but then Toothless drops the branch from his mouth in awe and the Light Fury looks surprised. The Light Fury walks around the drawing to Toothless, and they stare at each other. Hiccup looks happy. Then the Light Fury walks away and takes off, inviting Toothless to follow her. She flies around Toothless while he runs across the rocks, unable to fly on his own. The Light Fury hovers and notices Hiccup is on the hill, which makes her angry and flies off. Toothless tries to fly off with her but he just falls into the lake. Toothless looks at his tail and splashes it into the water angrily. Hiccup looks upset and thoughtful.)

(Scene cuts in the morning on New Berk with Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless.)

(Hiccup is seen to be working on a prosthetic tail fin. Astrid looks at what Hiccup is doing and then looks at a diagram of a tail fin on a board.)

Astrid: Oh. Someone hasn't slept.

Hiccup Yeah. Well, that Light Fury won't let me within a mile of her.

(As Hiccup says this, Toothless scratches himself, causing his scales to shed and fall onto the ground. Astrid picks them up and walks to Hiccup.)

Hiccup: And neither of us will be getting any sleep or finding the Hidden World until Toothless takes over.

(Toothless pushes Hiccup out of the way to look through a magnifying glass.)

Hiccup: Hey! What do you think of that? Yeah.

(Hiccup pushes Toothless away and picks up a bowl.)

Astrid: You tried this once before. He didn't want it.

(Astrid drops Toothless' black scales into the bowl.)

Hiccup: Well, until now he didn't have a reason to. Right, bud?

(Toothless spits into the bowl and Hiccup mashes the scales.)

Astrid: Hm...

Hiccup: What?

Astrid: No. Nothing. I'm--I'm impressed. I mean, look at you. Embracing change. I am proud of you.

(Hiccup starts painting the prosthetic tail fin with the now liquid from the bowl.)

Hiccup: Well, he's my best bud. I want him to be happy. And besides it's just until he brings her back.

(Hiccup kisses Astrid's head and picks up the new prosthetic tail fin. However, Astrid looks worried by what Hiccup said and shakes her head.)

Hiccup: Alright, fire when ready!

Gobber: Oh!

(Gobber is behind the tail fin as Toothless shoots a plasma blast at it, making Gobber's clothes singed and setting his mustache on fire.)

Gobber: Well, I guess you know the tail is fireproof.

(Gobber puts out the flame on his mustache, looks at Hiccup angrily and then walks off. Hiccup looks at Gobber sheepishly.)

Hiccup: Okay, Toothless.

(Toothless runs around crazily, excited for Hiccup to put the tail on.)

Hiccup: Okay. Okay. Okay. Yes, I know. Shh, I know. Shhh.

(Toothless stops running around and allows Hiccup to attach the new tail.)

Hiccup: Okay, I know.

(Hiccup tries to attach the new tail, but Toothless moves his tail too much.)

Hiccup: Please, this is not helping.

Eret: Well, well, well. Someone's excited.

Hiccup: Uh, he's fresh off his first date. Now he's love-crazed.

(Hiccup manages to attach the tail but still tries to adjust some stuff.)

Gobber: Only we're the ones going crazy. The sooner he brings back that Light Fury, the better.

Hiccup: Yeah, but to do that, he'll need to fly without me. So, time to give this new and improved baby a shot.

(Hiccup finishes and Toothless tries expanding the tail, making him happy.)

Hiccup: Atta boy! Looking sharp, Toothless. So, what do you think, bud? Bring her home (impersonates Stoick) by sundown at the latest.

(Toothless pushes his head into Hiccup, licks his face, and then gives him a hug.)

Hiccup: Save it for your girlfriend! Go on, get out of here!

(Hiccup urges Toothless to leave with a light push. Toothless starts running off but stops as he doesn't think it's right. He turns around and looks at Hiccup.)

Hiccup: It's okay.

(Toothless replies excited and then flies off. As he is flying he looks at his new tail fin and then looks at Hiccup who is smiling. Everyone around Hiccup stops working and looks at him in shock. Hiccup takes a heavy sigh and then everyone starts working again.)

(Scene changes in the sky with Valka and Cloudjumper. It is foggy.)

(Valka discovers they have been followed by Grimmel, the Warlords and their Dragon Trappers. Valka spots Grimmel's Airship and then one of Grimmel's Deathgrippers attacks Valka, followed by another one.)

Valka: Watch out!

(Cloudjumper grabs the incoming Deathgripper and throws it at the other Deathgripper.)

Valka: Go, Cloudjumper!

(Grimmel stops his Deathgrippers from attacking Valka by whistling. They stop and Valka and Cloudjumper escape just in time.)

(Scene cuts in the sky with Toothless searching for the Light Fury.)

(As Toothless searches, he thinks he can see the Light Fury but instead, it is just his own shadow on a cloud. He hears a sound and flies towards it until he finally finds the Light Fury, making him very happy and stare at her for a while. Toothless shows the Light Fury his new tail by closing and expanding it. This makes the Light Fury happy. They fly into a vortex and the Light Fury shoots a plasma blast, flies through it which makes her invisible. She then invites Toothless to do the same. Toothless tries two times but fails. Toothless feels sad and looks at the Light Fury who encourages him. Determined, he closes his eyes and extends his glowing blue back spines Suddenly, electricity and lightning appear out of Toothless' body. He roars, attract lightning from the thunderstorm and turns invisible. When he turns visible again, he feels tired and falls down in the sky. The Light Fury catches him and then Toothless flies on his own again. Next, they fly with each other, romantically. They fly up together in the shape of a love heart. Toothless licks the Light Fury's face and then they fly back down again. The Northern lights are seen and they touch each other's wings. Toothless looks very happy for himself. They arrive at a huge waterfall and then the Light Fury pulls Toothless down into the hole of the waterfall.)

(Scene cuts at night with all the Berkians having a party on New Berk.)

Vikings: For the Chief.

Vikings: To the Chief.

(A group of Berkians put their mugs up in the air and then drink from their mugs. Some Berkians are throwing Hiccup up in the air in celebration.)

Hiccup: Yeah, okay, guys! Now I'm just getting sick! Okay. Ha. Ha. Ha.

(Hiccup looks like he is going to be sick on Gobber.)

Gobber: Don't say I thought you were a little off your raw for this but it isn't half bad.

Hiccup: This is supposed to be a temporary solution.

Eret: It's unanimous.

(Eret picks up a chicken drumstick.)

Eret: Everyone agrees we've definitely traded up.

(Eret barges Hiccup with his arm.)

Eret: Well done, Chief. 

(Hiccup fake laughs while Eret leaves and eats the chicken drumstick.)

Hiccup: What if the tail broke? What if Grimmel found him? What if... he needs me?

Gobber: Would you relax? He's probably having the time of his life.

Hiccup: How would I know? She never comes around. And when she does, she's always rushing off. I'm saying how-how do we know if she's right for us.

Gobber: Us?

Hiccup: You know what I mean. She's so wild and skittish. I'm just gonna say it, I don't trust her.

(Gobber laughs.)

Gobber: Can't tame them all, Hiccup. One day, you'll have to snip those apron strings and let Toothless stretch his wings. Reminds me of a talk I had with Stoick about you. Gaaah!

(The Hobgobblers appear out of nowhere again and there seems to be more and more each time.)

Gobber: Where do they keep coming from?!

(Gobber hides behind a hut.)

Hiccup: Who?

(Gobber points at the Hobgobblers.)

Gobber: Those bloody Hobgobblers.

(Hiccup looks towards where Gobber points but the Hobgobblers have disappeared.)

Gobber: I swear, they're popping up faster than rabbits.

(Gobber comes out of his hiding place and whispers at Hiccup.)

Gobber: I think they want to eat me. Evidence would suggest that I'm tasty.

Tuffnut: Hiccy! A moment? Listen, I've been watching you walk. Lose the limp. No one's gonna marry that. (chuckles)

Hiccup: I have a prosthetic leg!

Gobber: So have I!

Tuffnut: And I have parasitic twin, but you don't see me limping around about it! Come on.

(Tuffnut tries to make Hiccup keep his chin up.)

Tuffnut: Chin up, Hiccy!

(Tuffnut pats Hiccup's chest but Hiccup doesn't approve of it so he pushes Tuffnut's hand away.)

Tuffnut: Pop out that chest!

(Hiccup walks away and then Tuffnut slaps Hiccup's butt.)

Tuffnut: Move that butt to the left a little bit!

(Gobber, who was staying out of it and stayed back, hears a noise and then turns around. He discovers that even more Hobgobblers have appeared.)

Gobber: Wooooo!

(Gobber runs away as fast as he can.)

(Valka and Cloudjumper arrive back at New Berk.)

Hiccup: Mom! Are you hurt? What happened out there?

Valka: I don't know how, but Grimmel is tracking us.

Gobber: Gaaah! This is all because of the Hobgobblers!

Valka: He has a hundred ships, maybe more. With enough cages for all our dragons.

(Hiccup sighs and thinks of something to do.)

Hiccup: If Grimmel is leading them here, we have to take him out of the mix.

Tuffnut: Uh... and how would we do that?

Hiccup: By going there to capture him.

Gobber: Capture him?

(Tuffnut jumps with his arms up in the air.)

Tuffnut: I'm with him! Who else?!

(Scene cuts at night in Grimmel's temporary base with his Deathgrippers.)

(One of his Deathgrippers has put its stinger into the top of a glass and is releasing its own venom into it. The Deathgripper takes its stinger out of the glass. Grimmel pours the venom from the glass into a tube and then places the tube into one of his darts. The riders, which are wearing their dragon flight suits, are flying to Grimmel's temporary base. Hiccup, who has been riding on Stormfly, jumps off, flies to the base and lands on it. Grimmel is still working on something before his Deathgrippers sense that the riders are close. He clicks his fingers, making his Deathgrippers defend him and his base. The riders appear from behind rocks.)

Snotlout: Okay. Split up, we'll be harder to catch.

Eret: I was thinking we should split up... just because.

Valka: I like your instincts.

(The Riders walk-off individually and split up.)

Snotlout: What is this?!

(The Riders walk stealthily inside of Grimmel's tower. Astrid throws a stone to the opposite side of the building, misleading a Deathgripper. Tuffnut is very visible until Ruffnut pulls him down barely before a Deathgripper spots him. Hiccup runs upstairs and arrives in Grimmel's room with his Inferno lit. Hiccup doesn't see him inside Grimmel's room anywhere. Unexpectedly, a net falls down and covers the base. Hiccup runs out of the room and Fishmeat starts screaming.)

Fishlegs: Shh. Shh. Quiet!

(Hiccup is out of Grimmel's room and finds Grimmel on the other side of the net.)

Grimmel: Where's your dragon when you need him? Hmm, Chief? Must have forgotten all about you. (laughs) First rule of the hunt: Separate the prey from its pack. You've just removed yourselves from the equation.

Hiccup: Why are you doing this?

Grimmel: Really? I didn't think you cared. Well, unlike you, when I was a boy and I came up on a Night Fury, I killed it where it slept! That simple act of courage made me a hero in my village. So, I decided to kill every last one, bringing real peace to the people of this world. Until you came along preaching that dragons are something other than thieves and murderers. Psssh. That nonsense dies now. Starting with you.

Hiccup: But you have dragons of your own.

(Grimmel laughs at Hiccup's comment.)

Grimmel: These? They're dragon killers. Drugged into obedience with their own venom. Not even your precious Alpha could control them. They serve me.

(Grimmel pushes a drug into the Deathgripper next to him.)

Grimmel And only me. Allow me to demonstrate.

(Grimmel whistles.)

Hiccup: Take cover!

(A Deathgripper shoots its acid at the stairs which Hiccup is standing on but Hiccup goes up to them just in time.)

Astrid: Split up!

(They split up, running. Astrid gets targeted by a Deathgripper and tries to climb up the net. She just manages to get on top of a section of the net before the Deathgripper jumps on top too. Hiccup jumps and flies onto the chains from the now destroyed stairs. He tries to climb up them but has to swing to a wall before he gets killed from falling. The Deathgripper shoots its acid burst at Hiccup but he just manages to dodge it and get on top. Valka is being attacked by the Deathgrippers and dodges their acid bursts by using her staff. She is right at the top of the building and swings her staff around to call for help.)

Valka: Up here!

(Astrid is climbing up a wall and dodges a Deathgripper's attacks. She swings on a Deathgripper's tail, kicks it in its face and climbs up the wall again. Cloudjumper arrives at the top of the building and tries to pull the net off of it)

Valka: Hurry!

(All the Riders except Hiccup are on the top of the building and get rescued by their dragons.)

Snotlout: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Valka: Hiccup!

(However, Hiccup is still quite far from the top and doesn't look like he will make it as he realizes there is a big drop. He walks back a few steps, runs and then takes a leap just before a Deathgripper kills him. But then he gets saved by his mother.)

Valka: Gotcha! Go, Cloudjumper!

(They escape but the Deathgrippers are still trapped in the burning building because of the net. Suddenly, the Crimson Goregutter appears.)

Fishlegs: Yeah! Our hero!

(The Crimson Goregutter rams into the building and destroys it into pieces with the Deathgrippers falling down with it, too. Grimmel escapes his crumbling tower and watches the Riders fly away in anger. Fishmeat is screaming again and Ruffnut suddenly comes out of the building as well.)

Ruffnut: Ugh. He takes that stupid baby everywhere.

(Grimmel looks at Ruffnut in shock and realizes it is a Dragon Rider.)

(Scene cuts, back on New Berk with the Dragon Riders.)

(The Dragon Riders arrive back at New Berk.)

Gobber: Thor Almighty. Guess we won't be needing this then, huh?

(Gobber points at a wooden structure)

Hiccup: I led us right into his trap.

Tuffnut: Yeah, nice work, Chief. Right, Ruff?

(However, they realize that Ruffnut is not standing next to Tuffnut.)

Hiccup: Wait...

Tuffnut: Uh...

(Tuffnut's eyes widen at the sudden realization.)

Hiccup: Where is Ruffnut?

Fishlegs: We--we left her behind!

Astrid: How could you not notice she was missing? You ride a two-headed dragon.

Tuffnut: Oh, yeah. I feel like how Ruffnut is everyday... Dumb.

Gobber: Odin be spanked! This just gets better and better.

Tuffnut: I try to avoid looking at her because she gives me acid reflux.

Hiccup: O-Okay guys! Just keep your helmets on! Toothless and I will fly--

Viking: Toothless has the Light Fury now! He's probably not even coming back.

Hiccup: What?

Astrid: You gave him his freedom, Hiccup. What were you expecting?

Hiccup: I never thought he'd stay away for good! I-I... Ah... Look, I'll figure it out. I just need more time.

(Hiccup walks away on his own.)

Valka: He thinks he has to lead alone. Well, because his father had to.

(Hiccup, still walking away, drops his helmet onto the ground.)

Valka: He doesn't realize the strength you have together. Do you still believe in him?

Astrid: Of course. I wish he did, but he thinks he's nothing without Toothless.

Valka: Then help him realize the truth.

(Hiccup looks stressed and struggles to think. Astrid suddenly appears in front of him on Stormfly.)

Astrid: Get on!

Hiccup: What?

Astrid: We're going to find him.

(Astrid offers him a ride by holding out her hand.)

Hiccup: Really?

(Hiccup grabs her hand. The Riders hear a sound and turn around to see Hiccup and Astrid flying on Stormfly.)

Hiccup: Everybody, stay put! We will get Ruffnut back! Don't worry!

Tuffnut: Pffft. Worry? If they're stuck with Ruffnut, I'm more worried about them. (chuckles)

(Scene cuts, with Ruffnut, Grimmel, and the Warlords in another base.)

(Ruffnut has been captured and is standing in a prison cell, relaxed.)

Ruffnut: Why the long face? (laughs) I mean, mine's long, but yours is really long. All face and no brain. Like you got stretched at birth. Do you have a twin, too? Tuffnut took up all the room in Mom's belly. Otherwise, I'd have a rounder head and more brains, that's science.

(Grimmel starts getting annoyed at her but keeps working on what he's doing. Ruffnut sits down.)

Ruffnut: My braids are like little Zipplebacks, see.

(Ruffnut starts playing with her braids.)

Ruffnut: Rawr-rawr. Yeaaah. Even the mold spots look like eyes. So cute. They even have little horns and everything just like Barf and Belch. Except me and Barf can't stand Belch so they're really just Barfs. It's warm in here.

(Ruffnut stands up and walks to the cage door.)

Ruffnut: I know what you're thinking. You've never had a prisoner this hot.

(Ruffnut sits down again. Grimmel looks more annoyed.)

Ruffnut: All the boys love me. Except Eret, who totally lost his chance. That ship has sailed, boys, sorry. And Hiccup is practically married to that round head, Astrid. But Snotlout and Fishlegs, they're basically in my hand.

(Grimmel's pencil snaps and he becomes even more annoyed. Ruffnut is now swinging upside down.)

Ruffnut: Just can't choose, you know. Snotlout's a beefcake but almost too pretty, you know. Sometimes I think he's more in love with himself than me. There's only room for one beauty in this relationship. (laughs and walks to cage bars between her and a Scuttleclaw's cage) Fishlegs would keep me alive longer if I had to eat one of them. Stranded on some glacier somewhere. But he never shuts up about dragons. Do you hate it when people never stop talking?

Grimmel: Yyyeeessss, I dooo.

(Ruffnut swings again.)

Ruffnut: Bleh, bleh, bleh. It's sooo boring.

Griselda: Can't we just feed her to your dragons?

Ruffnut: What do you have to eat around here? I'm allergic to fish, you should know that. That's all they have in that stupid new island.

(Grimmel looks alert when Ruffnut says this.)

Ruffnut: Do you have any clams? They're like little mouths with slimy food inside that's already chewed like the way Mom used to do it.

Grimmel: Enough!

(Grimmel shoves everything out of his way.)

Ruffnut: Until I turned twelve and she was like... "CHEW YOUR OWN FOOD!" And I was like, "NO I DON'T LIKE IT!"

(Grimmel opens Ruffnut's cage door.)

Grimmel: Most annoying creature ever to cross my path!

Ruffnut: Awww...

(Ruffnut strokes her hair and starts poking Grimmel's face with her Zippleback braids.)

Ruffnut: Oops. You let the dragons out. Gonna get ya. Gonna get ya. No, this one's gonna get ya.

(Grimmel stops Ruffnut by blocking his face with his hand. Chaghatai then opens the Scuttleclaw's cage and Grimmel throws Ruffnut's helmet at her.)

Grimmel: Take him and go, please! I beg you! The Deathgrippers will have to forego dinner.

Ruffnut: Ewww. You feed your dragons... dragons?

Grimmel: Go!

Ruffnut: Where's your bathroom? I gotta... (makes click sound)

(Grimmel turns and looks at Ruffnut, angrily.)

Ruffnut: Okay! Gods! No wonder you have grey hair.

(Ruffnut puts her helmet on and sits on the Scuttleclaw's back.)

Ruffnut: Stress is not good for you. Ha ha ha! So long, losers!

(Ruffnut has flown off and Grimmel looks devious.)

(Scene cuts, in the sky and above the ocean with Hiccup and Astrid riding Stormfly. They are still searching for Toothless.)

Hiccup: Where--where is she heading?

Astrid: She's tracking something, aren't you, girl?

(Stormfly flies closer to the ocean.)

Hiccup: There's nothing but miles and miles of--

(Suddenly, they notice water spray above the ocean and keep heading towards it. When they get closer, they find out it is a huge waterfall.)

Hiccup: A great waterfall--

Astrid: At the end of the world.

(They look at each other, stunned, and then Stormfly flies into the waterfall.)

Astrid: Stormfly!

(They enter the hidden world after flying through the waterfall. Stormfly scents' an entrance to the mushroom forest of the hidden world. They fly over bright blue water and then enter a section of the hidden world where there are tall pillars with bioluminescence. Stormfly starts to glow. Hiccup laughs.)

Astrid: Wow!

Hiccup: Look! (points at the edge of the cliff)

(They continue flying. When they fly past some dragon eggs, the eggs glow and the baby dragons become visible. They then fly with hundreds of thousands of fireworms and try to touch some. Then, they arrive at the center point of the Hidden World, which is the throne room for the king of dragons. Astrid gasps. Astrid spots a dragon which is very close so she tries to hide and land somewhere. They land and start walking.)

Hiccup: It really does exist.

(Lots of dragons are flying above them so they try and lay low. They stop walking and lay down at the edge of a cliff, watching the dragons fly inside the hidden world. On a high part of the hidden world, Toothless is with the Light Fury.)

Hiccup: Toothless.

Astrid: Shhh. You'll spook them.

(Toothless and the Light Fury fly down from where they were and fly around with a group of dragons flying behind them. A few dragons watch and roar on the ground. Toothless and the Light Fury land on a gigantic crystal, looking over a large part of the Hidden World. All the dragons that are standing on the ground roar for Toothless. Toothless roars very loudly.)

Astrid: Now that's a king.

(After roaring, Toothless turns around and looks at the Light Fury, happily. The Light Fury walks to Toothless and then they both start flirting. Next, they sit side by side and watch the crowd of dragons bow for their king and queen. Hiccup looks upset as he realizes the truth for the future. Astrid looks at Hiccup and tries to comfort him.)

Hiccup: We should go.

(Suddenly, they find out a Rumblehorn is behind them.)

Hiccup and Astrid: (At the same time) Oh, no.

(They stand up and walk backwards away from the dragon just before stepping off. Hiccup tries to tame the dragon by holding out his hand but the dragon roars, causing all of the dragons to be aware of danger especially Toothless.)

Astrid: Stormfly!

(Hiccup and Astrid jump off of the cliff and slide down the cliff face. Toothless flies towards them and stops the other dragons from coming with him. The Light Fury looks worried and confused. As Hiccup and Astrid slide down, they dodge the dragons trying to attack them. They fall to the bottom of the cliff on their hands but stand up quickly.)

Astrid: Go! Go!

(They run away from the Rumblehorn which is still chasing them. Toothless pushes the dragons out of the way, trying to save Hiccup and Astrid. Toothless just manages to grab them.)

Hiccup: I-I'm sorry bud. I-I-I just--

(Toothless stops more dragons from attacking them and then they all escape safely. The scene fades out on Hiccup's face who looks depressed.)

(The scene fades into a flashback of Hiccup who notices his father, Stoick, is crying in front of the fireplace. Stoick realizes Hiccup is in the room.)

Stoick: Son! (wipes his tears away) You should be asleep.

Hiccup: I was thirsty.

Stoick: Yeah, come here.

(Hiccup climbs downstairs and runs to his dad. Stoick lifts Hiccup onto his lap and allows him to use tongs for the fire.)

Hiccup: Dad? Are you gonna get us a new mom?

(Stoick hugs Hiccup and kisses his head.)

Stoick: I don't want another. Your mom was the only woman for me. She was the love of my life. But with love comes loss, son. It's part of the deal. Sometimes it hurts, but in the end, it's all worth it. There's no greater gift than love.

(The flashback fades out on Stoick's heartfelt face.)

(Scene fades in, back with Hiccup, Toothless and Astrid all looking upset. They land back on New Berk with Toothless still unhappy. Hiccup looks at Toothless and then at the building being built on New Berk. Hiccup turns to Astrid who gives him a sympathetic look. Hiccup sighs and walks in front of Toothless.)

Hiccup: It's okay, bud. You belong there, with her. We don't.

(Toothless agrees but doesn't seem happy about it)

Hiccup: And that's alright.

(Hiccup touches Toothless' face.)

Hiccup: We'll find a way to man--

(Unexpectedly, Toothless turns around quickly. He senses something and finds out the Light Fury has followed them. Toothless gets very excited.)

Hiccup: Hey! (Toothless licks his face and he laughs) She followed us back!

(Toothless runs to the Light Fury and she jumps playfully on him.)

Hiccup: We might not have to say goodbye after all.

(Toothless licks the Light Fury before running back to Hiccup; however, the Light Fury stays where she is. Toothless makes a gentle sound, tries to convince her to follow him. The Light Fury looks at where Hiccup and Astrid are and slowly starts to follow Toothless)

Hiccup: That's it.

(Ruffnut appears on the Scuttleclaw.)

Ruffnut: Woohoo! Yeah!

(Hiccup and Astrid turn around.)

Astrid: Ruffnut?

(She gets off the dragon and throws her helmet away.)

Ruffnut: Miss me?

Astrid: How did you escape?

Ruffnut: I annoyed them till they let me go.

Hiccup: Wai-wait... Grimmel LET you go?

Ruffnut: So dumb. They couldn't handle me. See, everyone thinks Tuffnut's more annoying but--

Astrid: But hold on.

Hiccup: Ruffnut! Focus. Were you followed?

Ruffnut: I never look back, Hiccup.

Hiccup: (gasps) Toothless!

(He runs to Toothless. Meanwhile, Toothless and the Light Fury are still slowly walking.)

Hiccup: Toothless!

(The Light Fury senses danger and quickly flies off the island and tell Toothless to follow her. Nonetheless, the Light Fury gets hits by a dart and starts falling. Toothless runs to save her but she falls to the ground and slides to the edge of the cliff.)

Hiccup: Toothless! Come back!

(However, Toothless continues to run towards the Light Fury but then Grimmel appears and points his bow at Toothless. Toothless gets ready to fire a plasma blast but Grimmel shoots first, knocking him unconscious.)

Hiccup: No!

(Grimmel chains Toothless and the Light Fury up just before Hiccup could get to him. Grimmel flies away on his Airship. Astrid and Ruffnut catch up to Hiccup.)

Grimmel: Now our little game must come to an end.

(Berk's dragons fly towards Grimmel's airship to protect their Alpha.)

Grimmel: Call them off, Alpha! (mounts onto his harpoon and aims it at the Light Fury) No reason for her to die, too!

(Toothless notices the dragons are flying to him so he roars at them to prevent them from flying too close to him. They stop flying. The rest of the riders arrive at the scene.)

Snotlout: What are they doing? They could totally take him!

Hiccup: Not with her life on the line.

(Toothless roars at Grimmel's Deathgrippers tries to make them fly away too but they threaten Toothless instead.)

Grimmel: Save your breath! The only Alpha they respond to is me!

(Toothless gives up and looks at Hiccup.)

Grimmel: Awww, don't feel too badly. You tried your best! But, you are nothing without your dragon.

(Grimmel whistles, causing his Deathgrippers to fly to the other dragons and prevent them from flying past them. Grimmel flies away and Toothless urges the other dragons to follow him anyway. They follow and Hiccup runs to the edge of the cliff.)

Hiccup: Toothless!

(Hiccup stops running and watches as the dragons fly away. He then starts pacing around.)

Tuffnut: Oh, that is just... ugh, great! Now what?

Snotlout: I think it's time (Snotlout pushes Eret's arm) for number two to become number one.

Valka: Go (Puts a hand on Astrid's shoulder) He'll listen to you.

(Astrid nods and starts walking up to Hiccup.)

Hiccup: (Keeps pacing around and sees Astrid) Don't say it.

Astrid: (Holds up both her hands) I wasn't going to.

Hiccup: I shouldn't have dragged you out there. He wouldn't have flown me back. She wouldn't have followed.

Astrid: Yep.

Hiccup: Aah! I feel like the same screw up I was before I met Toothless.

Astrid: I can see that.

Hiccup: (Stops walking and looks at Astrid) Are you just gonna stand there and agree with everything?

Astrid: Well, you're right. You're back to where you started. But I was the first to believe in you. And I have watched you doubt whether you're worthy ever since. But you know what... I am the person I am today because of you. I never told you that, but it's true. You are the bravest, most stubborn, most determined... knucklehead I know. Toothless didn't give you that, Hiccup. He just made it--

Hiccup: Easier.

Astrid: And now it's gonna be a lot harder. So... what are you gonna do about it?

Hiccup: (shrugs) Probably something stupid.

Astrid: That's the Hiccup I know.

(Hiccup kisses Astrid on the cheek and walks towards the riders.)

Hiccup: Suit up, gang! We're gonna get them back.

Fishlegs: What?

Ruffnut: He's lost his mind.

Tuffnut: Now that's (hugs Hiccup) marriage material. At last, faithful pupil, you are ready.

(Hiccup and Tuffnut nod at each other.)

Fishlegs: Umm. How are we gonna get our dragons back... without dragons?

Hiccup: Trust me.

(The dragons arrive at the Dragon Trapper ships. Cloudjumper lands on a ship.)

Dragon Trapper: Move! (Pokes Cloudjumper with a staff but Cloudjumper roars at the trapper)

(Toothless roars at Cloudjumper to stop him from getting angry.)

Grimmel: Umm. That's right, Alpha. No surprises.

(Toothless reluctantly growls at Cloudjumper, telling him to go into the cage. He goes into the cage and knocks two trappers over. Lots of dragons are also locked inside cages.)

Ruffnut: So... jump off the cliff... in these. (Expands her dragon flight suit.) That's the best you've got?

Hiccup: No. You guys are the best I've got.

Ruffnut: Aww. (Strokes her hair.) I'm with him, who else?

Tuffnut: Ruffnut... that was my line.

Hiccup: Let's go!

(Hiccup and Astrid run to the edge of the cliff.)

Astrid: Try to keep up!

(They both jump off of the cliff and expand their dragon flight suits, flying to the Dragon Trapper ships.)

Astrid: Woohoo!

Tuffnut: Woo!

Ruffnut: Woohoo!

Snotlout: Yeah!

Fishlegs: Woah!

Tuffnut: I'm doing it!

(The rest of the gang jump off of the cliff and fly to the Dragon Trapper ships.)

(Grimmel starts to lower Toothless down while the Warlords are preparing to collect him. Toothless growls at Ragnar when he's about to touch him)

Grimmel: Aww. (laughs) You didn't think I'd actually hand you the night fury, did you? He's mine to kill.

Griselda: That snake!

Grimmel: I intend to finish what I started. Best of luck controlling them without an Alpha.

Hiccup: Hold on, Toothless!

(Grimmel turns around and sees the riders gliding towards them with their flight suits.)

Tuffnut: Waa-ah--wah

(Tuffnut grabs Ruffnut's foot then she kicks him out)

Ruffnut: Let's go!

Snotlout: Aagh! I could have used some practice!

Fishlegs: Oh, I should have skipped breakfast!

(Grimmel turns around with his harpoon at the ready, only to be knocked off his seat by Hiccup. Grimmel grabs onto a wooden part of the harpoon while the other Dragon Riders fly past him. Hiccup, spinning around, expands his flight suit, flies past some ships, then grabs onto some rope to swing himself around.)

Hiccup: Toothless!

(Toothless, hearing Hiccup, roars at Cloudjumper, who then bursts from his cage and breathes fire at the Dragon Trappers. Grump and Skullcrusher also get freed and all three dragons start flying back to the island. Toothless roars at Cloudjumper, who understands, then goes to the island with Grump and Skullcrusher. At the same time, Hiccup, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Astrid and Fishlegs land on a boat ready to fight. Fishmeat snarls.)

Hiccup: Perfect timing!

(Astrid gets a weapon out from a wooden box of weapons and Hiccup lights up Inferno. All the Dragon Trappers start running towards them.)

Hiccup: Game faces!

(The riders look at Snotlout who is hanging from a wooden dragon by its teeth thanks to his cape.)

Snotlout: Yeah, what are you waiting for? Get in there! 

(Hiccup sighs and the Dragon Riders head into battle.)

Fishlegs: Yeah!

(The gang knocks off a few hunters. Meanwhile, Toothless rips off his muzzle and roars at Grimmel, who mounts onto his harpoon and aims it at Toothless. However, once he sees Toothless charging a plasma blast, he leaps out of the way as Toothless’ blast destroys one of the airship arms, sending it spiraling. Grimmel clings to the falling airship and WHISTLES a command to his Deathgrippers, but Toothless shoots another blast and the Deathgrippers start struggling to keep the airship aloft.)

(Below, Astrid battles a soldier on a gangway. He parries her blow and corners her, raising his sword for the kill, when...)

Hiccup: Heads up!

(...Hiccup cuts a nearby rigging line, releasing a sail boom that sweeps through and sends the soldier flying off of the gangway.)

Astrid: Thanks. Look out!

(Astrid throws a hammer towards Hiccup, who dodges as it whizzes past him and takes out a soldier who was about to attack Hiccup.)

Hiccup: Thanks.

(Astrid grabs a canister from Hiccup’s belt, bites off the wax seal and tosses it to the deck below. Then, Hiccup throws his Dragon Blade into the gas cloud. Soldiers panic and flee as a fireball erupts, framing the couple with an explosion behind them.)

(Astrid whistles to call Stormfly and points to the sky, then to Hiccup. Stormfly swoops in and plucks Hiccup, carrying him towards the airship, that is engulfed in flames and dropping steadily. A freed Deathgripper bumps into Stormfly, knocking Hiccup out of her grasp and throwing him through the air until he grabs onto the airship.)

Hiccup: I'm coming, Toothless!

(Grimmel shimmies down the chain to the Light Fury.)

Grimmel: You still think he cares about you?!

(He puts a vial of venom into the Light Fury’s collar, subduing her into obedience.)

Grimmel: Let's just see who he follows!

(He releases the latch, springing the Light Fury from her restraint. She flies off, groggy and obedient, carrying Grimmel on her back. Toothless watches, raging and struggling against his ties.)

(Hiccup launches himself into the air until he grasps Toothless' chain and climbs down through the ties until he's next to Toothless' head.)

Hiccup: I'm sorry, bud! For everything!

(He takes off Toothless' collar.)

(Just as the flaming airship crashes into the sea, Hiccup pulls the release latch, freeing Toothless. Suddenly, Hiccup and Toothless come out of the water flying and tear off in pursuit of Grimmel and the Light Fury.)

Hiccup: Now let's go get her!

(The remaining Deathgrippers head after them.)

(A soldier yells a battle cry and charges the Gang. Tuffnut clocks him from behind, then hurls his war hammer to Snotlout, who takes out another soldier, then...)

Snotlout: Number two, coming through!

(...tosses his hammer back to Tuffnut, who effortlessly uses it to knock out yet another.)

Tuffnut:Surprise! Sorry about that!

Snotlout: Come on!

(Snotlout rolls over the tussle and grabs the hammer,bringing itdown heavily to smash the lock off of a cage,freeing the Gorecutter within.)

Snotlout: Yeah! One more freed, four to go! Try to keep up!

(The Goregutter roars and takes to the air, passing Fishlegs engaged in combat on an upper deck.)

Fishlegs: I got your backs! (He pushes his adversary off of the deck then ,seeing his friends about to be attacked by a horde of soldiers below, grabs a line and hook, and swings down to their rescue, knocking over soldiers like a wrecking ball. He lands and eyes the damage, impressed.) Yeah! It's almost like we're a team!

(The line and heavy hook swing back, knocking Fishlegs to the deck and sending Fishmeat tumbling from his pouch. Ivar raises his sword to the baby.

Ivar: Oh. You brought a baby to a battle?

Fishlegs: Uh-uh. I wouldn't do that if I were you.

(They look up to the Goregutter, roaring with rage as he flies in to protect Fishmeat. He crashes through the masts,bringing a storm of wreckage down upon the fleeing soldiers.)

Ivar: Look out!

(Fishlegs beams, placing Fishmeat back into his pouch.)

Fishlegs: God, I love that dragon.

(The Warlords look on in shock, then turn to find themselves confronted by Eret, Gobber, and Valka, who have now arrived on the irrespective dragons. They brandish their weapons in invitation.)

Gobber: Sorry, we're late for the party.

(The Warlords pulled out thier swords.)

Chaghatai: You're right on time.

(Grimmel steers the Light Fury past billowing clouds, with Hiccup and Toothless in pursuit. He looks back and grins.)

Grimmel: That's it. That's it.

(He passes a bank of storm clouds, spotting the rocky spires of New Berk in the distance. He veers off toward them. Toothless fires at Grimmel, but he rolls the Light Fury, forcing her to take the impact of the blast against her wing. She yelps in pain.)

Hiccup: How are we going to get him off her back without hurting her?

(Tuffnut surprises a soldier, dropping to the deck in front of him.)

Tuffnut: Fear the facial hair!

(The soldier swipes impulsively ,slicing through Tuffnut's "beard." It drops away from his chin in two halves. He gasps, causing him scream in rage and chase the terrified soldier across the deck. Where Gobber and Ragnar are trading blows.)

Gobber Oh, I have missed this!

Ragnar: Me too!

(Ragnar knocks Gobber to the deck,then pauses to notice Hobgobbler staring eerily from the railing.)

Gobber: See that there?

Ragnar: Aw, cute.

Gobber: That's a bad omen. You're cursed.

(Suddenly, the Hobgobbler shrieks, signaling a horde of Hobgobblers to pour over the railing and chew apart the deck like hungry piranha. Ragnar screams and flees for his life as Gobber laughs.)

Gobber: Yes! Good on ye! (He notices a Hobgobbler chewing on his peg-leg.) Eh, I guess you’re not so bad after all.

(Astrid silently appears behind the Helsman and deftly knocks him out. She then spins the ship's wheel and sinks her axe into the deck, bracing the wheel into a sharpturn. The decks leans heavily to port as the flag ship collides with the battle ship to her left, beginning achain reaction.)

Trapper: Abandon ship!

(Dragon cages slide across the pitched deck, colliding and furthering the chaos. Griselda and Chaghatai become trapped in one of them. Freed dragons take to the air. The Rescue Team has succeeded. The battle is won.)

Astrid: Yeah!

(Grimmel leads the chase through the tall, craggy rocks of New Berk. Toothless and Hiccup zigzag behind, closing in. Suddenly, the four remaining Deathgrippers appear from behind a rocky spire, bombarding Hiccup and Toothless.)

Hiccup: Uh, we've got problems.

(One of them tries to hit Hiccup with his claw, but Toothless rolls and hits the Deathgripper with his wings. Then he blasts a passing rocky arch, burying another Deathgripper in an explosion of boulders.)

(They keep chasing Grimmel, but the Deathgrippers keep bumping into Toothless, trying to make him fall. Meanwhile, on the ground below, the Berkians watch the pursuit with rapt intensity.)

Viking: Take him down, Hiccup!

(The crowd cheers for their chief. One of the Deathgrippers clamps onto Toothless and tries to stab him with his stinger.)

Hiccup: We need a better plan!

(The second Deathgripper holds Toothless by his right side.)

Hiccup: And quick!

(The third Deathgripper grabs Toothless' left side, making him unable to move. Toothless comes up with an idea. He splits his dorsal plates apart and static begins to crackle between them.)

Hiccup: Uh, what... what are you doing?

(Amazed, Hiccup sees patches of Toothless' scaly skin begin to turn mirror-like, including the Toothless scales on his own dragon armor. It suddenly dawns upon him what Toothless is attempting.)

Hiccup: Okay... okay.

(Toothless focuses and roars, commanding lightning to arc from the stormy sky and strike them as they drop from the sky. In a flash, they disappear and the Deathgrippers are electrocuted. The Berkians gasp in awe as they watch the lightning blast illuminate the sky, followed by a complete disappearance of Hiccup and Toothless.)

(Grimmel looks back, baffled to see his lifeless Deathgrippers dropping from the sky. He looks around frantically. Suddenly, Hiccup and Toothless re-materialize in front of him at close range and Toothless roars. Hiccup leaps toward Grimmel, throwing open the wings of his armor.)

Hiccup: AAGGH!

(Grimmel shoots a dart from his crossbow. Hiccup twists in the air, avoiding it, but the dart hits Toothless, making him yelp in pain and knocking him unconscious. Hiccup crashes into Grimmel, knocking him off of the Light Fury's back.)

Grimmel: AAGGH! You'll kill both of us! Fighting over a dragon? That's your plan?!

(Hiccup watches in terror as Toothless falls from the sky. With Grimmel clinging to him, Hiccup makes a desperate choice.)

Hiccup: This is.

(Hiccup takes off the Light Fury's drug collar and drops it. She shakes off the grogginess, regaining full awareness and turns to Hiccup.)

Hiccup: Save him.

(He lets go, plummeting with Grimmel. Distressed, the Light Fury watches him, but then shrieks to let Hiccup she understood and races off to rescue her mate. As Hiccup falls, Grimmel clings to him in vain. But Hiccup is only focused on Toothless, watching as the Light Fury rescues him from his fall and hauls him safely to a cliff-top.)

(Hiccup smiles, relieved. Then Grimmel grabs him and begins tearing apart his leather wings. Hiccup tries to kick him away, but Grimmel clings to his prosthetic leg. Then Hiccup hears a sound growing closer. He looks up to see the Light Fury racing towards him. He thinks fast and detaches his prosthetic leg, freeing himself from Grimmel.)

Grimmel: AAH! NOOOOOO!

(Grimmel crashes into the sea with an explosive splash as the Light Fury swoops in and grabs Hiccup at the last second. Hiccup looks up, stunned. The Light Fury looks under her belly to meet his eyes and coos.)

Hiccup: See? I knew you'd come around.

(The Light Fury carries Hiccup to the cliffs and drops him close to Toothless and lands on the grass. The rest of the riders, the Berkians and their dragons arrive, whooping and cheering. Hiccup stands up and hops, one-legged, towards Toothless, then falls to his knees and caresses his nose with his finger.)

Hiccup: Hey, good morning, bud.

(Toothless starts to regain consciousness after being sedated by Grimmel.)

Hiccup: Here you go.

(Hiccup sits down to pat Toothless' head.)

Hiccup: Boy, you are full of surprises.

(The Light Fury walks over to Hiccup and Toothless, Hiccup putting his hand on the Light Fury.)

Hiccup: He's all yours.

(Standing himself up, Hiccup hops back to Astrid, who supports him. The Light Fury helps Toothless stand up while all the dragons and Vikings look on. Gobber and Eret both chuckle at each other, while Snotlout is not looking impressed.)

Valka: You know, Eret may be blessed with brawn but, just between us, you have the brains.

Snotlout: Number one.

(Hiccup and Astrid, both smiling, nod at each other and press their heads together. Toothless, after walking past the Light Fury, looks at Hiccup, who smiles at him. Toothless looks towards the horizon and back to Hiccup again. Hiccup also looks at the horizon and back to Toothless. He then hops to Toothless and holds his face.)

Hiccup: You're right, bud. It's time. I was so busy fighting for a world that I wanted, I didn't think about what you needed.

(Hiccup looks at the Light Fury.)

Hiccup: You've looked after us for long enough. Time to look after yourselves.

(Astrid looks at Stormfly and takes her saddle off.)

Astrid: Oh, Stormfly, my good girl.

(Gobber takes his saddle off of Grump.)

Gobber: All right, Grumpy. Off you go.

(Eret takes his saddle off of Skullcrusher.)

Eret: So long, you big ugly beast. I'll miss you.

(All the other dragon riders take off their saddles.)

Valka: Oh, Cloudjumper. Oh.

(Tuffnut nudges Ruffnut, who looks at him sadly. After watching this, Hiccup looks back at Toothless again.)

Hiccup: Go on, bud. Lead them to the Hidden World. You'll be safe there. Safer than you could ever be with me. It's okay (Places his head on Toothless' head.) I love you too. And I want you to be free. Our world doesn't deserve you... yet.

(Toothless hugs Hiccup.)

Hiccup: Go, Toothless. Go.

(Hiccup places his hand on Toothless' snout and then moves his hand away from Toothless. Hiccup nods and then Toothless roars, followed by all the dragons on the island. The Light Fury flies off the island to the Hidden World first, followed by the other dragons except Toothless. Toothless turns his head to Hiccup who nods and then he flies off the island with the other dragons. The Riders walk to Hiccup as he smiles at the dragons.)

(The scene cuts to three months later, where the villagers attend Hiccup and Astrid's wedding as they finally get married. Hiccup and Astrid join hands and smile at each other. Gobber holds a bouquet of flowers and wipes away a tear on his face. Gothi covers Hiccup and Astrid's joined hands with a ceremonial cloth and taps the cloth with her staff. Hiccup and Astrid kiss each other.)

Spitelout: To the chief and chieftess!

(The villagers all cheer.)

Villagers: Yeah!

(Gobber throws the bouquet of flowers and Eret catches them. He looks surprised but then smiles. Snotlout wipes away a tear and starts crying.)

Tuffnut: Come, cry into my full thick beard.

(Snotlout buries his face in Tuffnut's braided beard and continues crying.)

Fishlegs: (crying) Oh, it's so beautiful!

Ruffnut: Gross.

Fishlegs: Oh... (He hugs Ruffnut and continues crying.)

Ruffnut: Okay, you win. I like sensitive guys. (She hugs Fishlegs back.)

Villager #1: Oh-ho-ho!

Villager #2: Yeah!

Hoark: Finally, right?

(Later, the newlyweds stand on a cliff face and look out toward the horizon, soon joined by Gobber, Valka, and the other Dragon Riders. Hiccup and Astrid put an arm around each other and lean their heads, wearing thoughtful expressions.)

(Epilogue scene cuts to nine years later. A young boy with blond hair, revealed to be Hiccup and Astrid's son, is held by a now-bearded Hiccup sailing a boat. Meanwhile, Astrid and their daughter, a young red-haired girl, raise one of the sails as the boat journeys across the sea.)

Hiccup (v.o.): There were dragons when I was a boy. Oh, there were great grim sky dragons that nested on the cliff tops like gigantic scary birds. Little brown scuddely dragons that hunted down the mice and rats and well-organized packs. Preposterously huge sea dragons that were 20 times as big as the big blue whale. Some say they crawled back into the sea leaving not a bone or a fang to remember them. Others say they were nothing but folk tales to begin with. I'm okay with that.

(Hiccup suddenly notices something through a thick fog and then discovers Toothless and the Light Fury sitting on a small island with three baby dragons of their own. Toothless, now wild, notices the strange-looking bearded man on the boat. He flies over and lands on the bow of the boat and gives Hiccup a wary look.)

Hiccup: Hey. Hey there, bud. Remember me?

(Toothless continues to eye Hiccup suspiciously and slowly advances toward him. The two children cringe in fear and hide their faces while Astrid comforts them.)

Astrid: It's okay.

(Hiccup holds out his hand while turning his head away. Toothless sniffs Hiccup's hand and immediately recognizes his old friend. He then embraces Hiccup while tackling him to the deck of the boat.)

Hiccup: Oh! Ah! Oh-ho-ho. Hey, I'm glad to see you, too, bud.

(Toothless jumps around Hiccup excitedly. Astrid shows a relieved look on her face.)

Astrid: Ah! He's not gonna eat your father.

(Toothless starts licking Hiccup's bearded face.)

Hiccup: How's the tail holding up? Could probably use some oil and little fine-tuning.

Astrid: Look, it's okay. They're friends.

(The two children look up and watch. Toothless nuzzles Hiccup's face and licks him again.)

Hiccup: Ah! Come on!

(Toothless turns his gaze to Hiccup and Astrid's children.)

Hiccup: Here.

Astrid: Go on. It's alright.

(Astrid gently nudges the two children and they nervously approach Toothless.)

Hiccup: Come. He won't hurt you. Hold your hands out. Like this. That's it.

(Hiccup helps them each hold out a hand. The two children cover their faces in fear.)

Hiccup: Let him come to you.

(Toothless gently presses his snout against the two children's hands. They both gasp and look amazed. Later, Hiccup and his son fly on Toothless. Hiccup throws his son at one point and then catches him. The Light Fury flies beside them with her three baby dragons. One baby dragon does an invisibility maneuver and reappears. Astrid and her daughter fly on Stormfly and whoosh past Toothless. Hiccup gives Toothless a gentle pat, and Toothless catches up to Stormfly.)

Hiccup (v.o.): Legend says that when the ground quakes or lava spews from the earth, it's the dragons letting us know they're still here, waiting for us to figure out how to get along.

(Hiccup's son dismounts and rides on Stormfly, while Astrid's daughter dismounts and rides on Toothless.)

Hiccup (v.o.): Yes, the world believes the dragons are gone, if they ever existed at all. But we Berkians... we know otherwise. And we'll guard the secret until the time comes when dragons can return in peace.

(All the dragons fly off into the cloud-filled sky.)

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