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Legend says that when the ground quakes or lava spews from the earth, it's the dragons letting us know they're still here. Waiting for us to figure out how to get along. Yes, the world believes the dragons are gone, if they ever existed at all. But we Berkians, we know otherwise. And we'll guard this secret until the time comes when dragons can return in peace.
  Hiccup's closing narration  

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is an animated movie produced by DreamWorks Animation and the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon 2, as well as the third and final installment in the film franchise. It was released in the U.S. on February 22, 2019.


From DreamWorks Animation comes a surprising tale about growing up, finding the courage to face the unknown... and how nothing can ever train you to let go. What began as an unlikely friendship between an adolescent Viking and a fearsome Night Fury dragon has become an epic trilogy spanning their lives. When the sudden appearance of a female Light Fury coincides with the darkest threat their village has ever faced, Hiccup and Toothless must journey to a hidden world thought only to exist in myth. In this last chapter, Hiccup and Toothless will finally discover their true destinies, and dragon and rider will fight together to protect everything they've grown to treasure. [src]
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Development and Production

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One year after the events of the previous film, Hiccup continues to rescue dragons with his fellow Dragon Riders and friends. Even though he has fulfilled his dream of creating a utopia where humans and dragons live together, Hiccup still tries to save dragons and bring them to Berk while dreaming of finding the mythical 'Hidden World', a safe haven for dragons his late father Stoick told him about. Unfortunately, his efforts have also resulted in the island becoming severely overpopulated with dragons. Meanwhile, a white female Night Fury-like dragon, held captive by the Warlords, is given to the famed dragon hunter Grimmel the Grisly as bait for him to capture Toothless for the Warlords' use as an Alpha.

Toothless when he sees the Light fury

Toothless discovers the female Fury (dubbed a "Light Fury" by Astrid) in the woods around Berk, the two quickly becoming enchanted with each other; yet, the Light Fury senses Hiccup's presence (him having followed Toothless) and flees. Hiccup and Tuffnut later discover Grimmel's dragon traps in the woods. Grimmel visits Hiccup that night, but the latter has prepared an ambush to capture him; Grimmel manages to escape, burning Hiccup's house and many others in the process. Hiccup rallies Berk's citizens and dragons to leave Berk on a quest to find the Hidden World.

We have to find.jpg

Mid-journey, the Berkians discover an island which they initially plan to rest on; soon, though, they decide to settle there, even if only temporarily. Seeing Toothless' inability to fly solo hindering his growing relationship with the Light Fury, Hiccup builds him an automatic tail. Upon receiving the tail, Toothless flies off, meeting the Light Fury on his own and flying with her to an unknown land. Valka, on a scouting patrol, notices Grimmel's approaching army, quickly reporting back to warn Hiccup. Hiccup and the Dragon Riders head to capture Grimmel; yet, they fall into his trap, barely escaping. Ruffnut, however, is captured but irritates Grimmel until he lets her go. Unknown to Ruffnut, she has accidentally revealed the Berkians' new location and Grimmel secretly follows her.

Toothless and the Light Fury in the Hidden World

Hiccup and Astrid search for Toothless, finding the Hidden World and seeing Toothless and the Light Fury leading the dragons there as Alphas and mates. However, the two are soon discovered, Toothless being forced to leave and take Hiccup and Astrid back to the Berkians. Hiccup realizes his people wouldn't be safe living with dragons in the Hidden World, and moreover, have no business intruding upon the dragons' home. Suddenly, Grimmel, having followed Ruffnut, appears and captures Toothless and the Light Fury.

Hiccup and the Gang going to free the dragons

With Astrid's encouragement, Hiccup sets out with the Dragon Riders to stop Grimmel and his army and save Toothless, the Light Fury, and all the captured dragons. Gliding in on wingsuits, the group catch Grimmel's army off-guard, igniting a massive battle. Hiccup frees Toothless, while Grimmel drugs the Light Fury into obeying him. Hiccup and Toothless give chase; after a heated aerial duel, Grimmel tranquilizes Toothless midair. Hiccup, realizing he cannot save Toothless by himself, frees the Light Fury instead and asks her to save Toothless. Hiccup and Grimmel plummet to the sea with Hiccup fully accepting that this may be his end. The Light Fury, however, unexpectedly returns to save Hiccup, while allowing Grimmel to fall to his death.

Toothless Leaving Hiccup

The battle being over, back on the island, Hiccup fully realizes that the dragons will likely never be safe in the human world and that the Hidden World is where they truly belong. With great sadness, Hiccup and Toothless bid farewell to each other as all of the Berkians set their dragons free. Toothless and the Light Fury then lead the dragons to the Hidden World. Months later, Hiccup and Astrid get married as the Berkians settle permanently onto their new island. Afterwards, Hiccup, Astrid, Valka, Gobber, Eret, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs stand at the edge of the cliff looking off towards the Hidden World wishing their dragons were there.

Years later Hiccup, Astrid and their two children, Zephyr and Nuffink, sail across the sea to visit Toothless, the Light Fury, their three offspring and Stormfly at the edge of the Hidden World; Hiccup vows that until mankind can coexist peacefully with dragons, the dragons will stay hidden while the Berkians guard their secret.


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Dragon Species






  • Rotoscopers had posted two April Fools articles on the third film:
    • On April 1, 2016, Rotoscopers posted an article saying that the 3rd movie was originally going to have a PG-13 Rating; however, this was an April Fools prank, as stated behind the "Original Source" link at the bottom of the article.
    • On April 1, 2017, Rotoscopers posted an article saying that the 3rd movie was being split into two movies; the second of which was due out in 2020; however, this was an April Fools prank, as stated behind the "Original Source" link at the bottom of the article. It fooled millions; however, and even IMDb launched a page for "How to Train Your Dragon 3, Part 2" until informed fans had it taken down.
  • On April 17, 2018, the title How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was confirmed.
  • The film's theatrical showing is preceded by two original DreamWorks Animation shorts, Bilby and Bird Karma.
  • Due to the recent sale to NBC Universal, DreamWorks Animation took a year and a half hiatus through 2018 to reorganize.
    • The company's first film once they were back in commission was How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.[2]
  • Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera are the lead voice actors in the film.[3]
  • The line at the beginning of the trailer and Hiccup's closing narration, "There were dragons when I was a boy." is a reference to how the How to Train Your Dragon books started and ended.
  • On January 2, 2019, it was confirmed that Justin Rupple is replacing T.J. Miller as the voice actor of Tuffnut Thorston.[4]
  • The film was first released on January 3, 2019 in Australia and New Zealand, mid-January in the Netherlands, February 1, 2019 in the U.K. and February 22, 2019 in the U.S.
  • At the end of the film, as they are going their separate ways, Hiccup touches Toothless' snout in the exact same way he did at their first meeting.
  • According to Dean DeBlois, giving a subtitle to the film is an idea from Universal's marketing; however, he himself sees the film as a "3".[5]
  • According to Dean DeBlois, about ten years had passed between the goodbye scene and the epilogue.[6]
  • During Hiccup and Astrid's wedding, a image of Toothless can be seen and it is the same image from the poster of the first How to Train Your Dragon film.
  • This is the only film where Hiccup doesn't say the first line "This is Berk".
    • This is also the only film where the line "we have Dragons" isn't spoken at the end.


  • When Barf and Belch make their first appearance, their "fires" are switched: Belch emits the gas while Barf ignites it with sparks.
  • As the Dragon Riders fly around Berk, some of the dragons in the background are frozen.
  • In the Great Hall while everyone is eating, Toothless is wearing his saddle, but when he growls at a Hobgobbler soaking in a cauldron of soup, the saddle and all its attachments are suddenly gone.
  • In Hiccup's house when Astrid joins the ambush on Grimmel, she pushes aside a curtain to reveal herself. A moment later when the Deathgrippers attack, we see Astrid looking behind herself, and then in a wider camera shot she jumps to the floor, in which the curtain is gone.
  • Right after Toothless returns Hiccup to New Berk after escaping the Hidden World, Hiccup looks up at some buildings under construction on a hilltop. At the end of the same scene, right after Grimmel abducts Toothless and the Light Fury, the same buildings are seen again in the background, but finished.
  • In the very first glimpse of the wedding, Astrid's Mother has brown hair, but her hair is blonde in all closer shots.

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