House Jorgenson, also known as Clan Jorgenson or simply the Jorgensons, are a family of Vikings belonging to the Hooligan tribe.


According to Snotlout, no Jorgenson has ever lost or even come close to losing the Thaw Festival Games.("Thawfest") Three years after the end of First Berserker War, there was going to be a wedding between a Jorgenson and a Hofferson. Spitelout also asked Snotlout to bring the family's Ceremonial Axe to the wedding. However, the wedding was called off when a brawl broke out during the rehearsal dinner on the Island of Friga ("Snotlout Gets the Axe").

Also mentioned by Snotlout is a coming of age event that happens at nine months for the Jorgensons. It is said that they have to kill a bear in order to become official members of the family ("A Gruff Separation").

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