House Ingerman, also known as Ingerman Family (Dawn of the Dragon Racers) or simply the Ingermans, are a family of vikings belonging to the Hooligan tribe.


Following the end of First Berserker War, Fishlegs and Meatlug attempted to build a boat to carry on their family tradition of participating in the Regatta. However, Meatlug inadvertently sunk their boat and decided to join in on the first official Dragon Race. According to Fishlegs, allergies do not run in the Ingerman family.

In "Loyal Order of Ingerman", it is revealed that the Ingerman ancestors were Dragon Hunters that nearly wiped out the Dramillions, and that it was founded by Ingar Ingerman.

Family Crest

Fishlegs: "I'll have you know that this is the official Ingerman family crest."
Tuffnut: "Wow, two circles and a line. How creative."[src]
  — Fishlegs and Tuffnut describing his family crest  

The main colors of the family crest were green and orange.

Notable Members

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