House Hofferson, also known as Clan Hofferson or simply the Hoffersons, are a family of vikings belonging to the Hooligan tribe of Isle of Berk. In School of Dragons they were said to be strategists.


According to Astrid, "Jorgensons have always irritated Hoffersons." ("Snotlout Gets the Axe") During Aurvandil's Fire, Fearless Finn Hofferson attempted to take on the Flightmare that came to Berk every 10 years. However, Finn "froze" when he attempted to attack the Flightmare. He had been paralyzed by the Flightmare's mist attack. He was presumably killed by the Flightmare. After that incident he was known as "Frozen" Finn Hofferson. His young niece, Astrid, vowed to restore her family honor by defeating this Flightmare. Following this event, people joked that when the Flightmare approaches, the Hoffersons would freeze.("Fright of Passage")

Ten years later, Astrid became the first of her house to ride a dragon.("How to Train Your Dragon") She then fought the Flightmare and discovered what it actually did to her uncle. Working with Hiccup, Fishlegs, and their dragons, they were able to drive the Flightmare away from Berk. Their fellow Vikings believed Hiccup when he told them what had really to Finn and that he truly was fearless.("Fright of Passage")

Three years later, there was going to be wedding between a Hofferson and a Jorgenson on the Island of Friga. However, a riot broke out at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding was called off.("Snotlout Gets the Axe")

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  • The colors of House Hofferson are possibly, blue and orange as seen during the Dragon Racing at the beginning of the 2nd film painted on Astrid's and Stormmfly faces.(How to Train Your Dragon 2)
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