Well that would be the Signal Fire to call all his Singetail buddies. You should have plenty of them to study in a matter of moments [src]

Hotbelly Singetails are a group of Singetails appearing in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Hotbelly Singetails are incredibly territorial animals. Although they are often found alone, a friend is never far away. With a few blasts of singeing fire, any Hotbelly Singetail can call a bevvy of allies to its aide to drive off any foreign invaders in their territory with all the ferocity of a Smashsticks-on-ice match on boot night. This ensures that only a homogenous population of Hotbelly Singetails will remain in any land they colonize.

It is no wonder why Hotbelly Singetails act in such a despotic manner; they are the prime food source for Skrill, who hunt them mercilessly. Any other Dragon species found in their territory increases the chances that Skrill will find their way in. A single Skrill could decimate a population of Hotbelly Singetails in no time. The existential dread a Singetail population must live with in contemplating a Skrill invasion must be the reason they are so fearful of outsiders.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Hotbelly Singetails are bright red with darker spots on their bodies and a pale yellow underbelly.

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