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Summer: "First, she was at the fire pit, then Boiling Springs Valley."
Leyla: "Not just more dangerous places, hotter places."
Summer: "So what's hotter than Boiling Springs Valley?"
Winger: "Nothing."
Summer: "Nothing on this island. But what if she went to the hottest and most dangerous place near here?"

"Hot, Hot, Hot" is the seventh episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


Aggro is embarrassed about big changes she's going through. And when she gets stuck in a volcano, the Rescue Riders seek help from... Magnus?

Major Events

  • Aggro molts for the first time.


HHH - Burple and the Slinkwing headed at each other.jpg

Burple dreams of flying alongside Winger, while rescuing Aggro and Cutter from a pack of wolves. Burple then notices Summer and Leyla attacked by Slinkwings, so he flies to their aid. He hits one of the Slinkwings with the boulder and knocks the other two with his body. Burple then sees Dak about to fall off a tree, so he rushes to his aid and spews a bunch of pillows for Dak to fall on soft ground. Just as his friends were congratulating him, Burple woke up to Winger's calls.

HHH - Aggro not knowing what to say.jpg

Going outside The Roost, the Rescue Riders find Aggro sleeping next to the fire, much to their surprise. Leyla wakes her up and Aggro tells them that she slept outside all night, awkwardly saying that she wanted fresh air. She then quickly changes the subject and asks her friend what will they eat for breakfast. Cutter flies above the Roost and scans the village of Huttsgalor, noticing Magnus Finke with a new invention and a gathering crowd. The Rescue Riders decide to check it out and fly to the village.

HHH - Mechano dragon version 2.jpg

Just as the Rescue Riders arrive, Magnus reveals his latest invention: an improved Mechano-Dragon. The people of Huttsgalor are unimpressed by this and the Rescue Riders become annoyed. Magnus asks if anyone needs to be rescued, so that he can show the capabilities of his invention. However, no one is in danger at the moment, despite Magnus asking the whereabouts of Elbone, Duggard the Decisive, Finngard Borgomon, and Haggis. The sheep sneaks up on Magnus, scaring him and causing him to fall in a well. Winger catches him, proving to the people that the Rescue Riders are better at saving others. Infuriated, Magnus leaves with Axel.

HHH - Hey, where's Aggro.jpg

Later, at night, Burple rolls around the Roost, unable to sleep. He decides to grab a midnight snack, and asks the other dragons if they want something to eat, too. He discovers that Aggro is missing, and wakes everyone up. The Rescue Riders look around the Roost, but have no luck in finding her. Cutter notices a shadow in the sky, but it turns out to be Axel with the Mechano-Dragon. He claims to want to take a moonlight flight, and asks the Riders if they are going on a rescue mission. They tell him no, and fly in the clouds quickly, leaving Axel alone.

HHH - Can't a dragon take a little.jpg

Returning to their search, the Rescue Riders notice a red glow, which they believe is Aggro, so they follow it. The Fire Fury is standing near a geyser inside Boiling Springs Valley, enjoying its heat, when her friends find her. Leyla asks her why she went to such a dangerous place in the middle of the night, but Aggro avoids the question and flies back to the Roost. The Rescue Riders become suspicious of her, and decide to spy on her in order to find out what she's not telling them.

HHH - Aggro about to look back.jpg

The following day, Dak, Leyla, Winger, and Summer follow Aggro closely around the Roost. The Fire Fury gets suspicious, but when she looks behind her, the others pretend to be doing other things. Outside, Burple starts to follow Aggro too, and when she looks behind, she notices him behind a tree and tells him that she can still see him. Later, Aggro finally catches Dak following her and asks him why they are acting weird. She realizes that she can't do anything without someone around, and decides to go to sleep. Burple promises to watch her during the night, but he accidentally falls asleep and Aggro sneaks out again.

HHH - Again asking are you okay.jpg

The Rescue Riders set out to find Aggro yet again, and Summer realizes that she went to hotter and hotter places. She assumes that Aggro went to Volcano Island and the Riders fly there to check out. They find Aggro inside the volcano and ask her why she went there. She admits that she is molting, and needs heat to speed up the process. She attempts to get out, but realizes that she can't move her wings due to the intense heat. Cutter and Winger both try to fly down to her, but the heat of the volcano prevents them from doing so.

HHH - I'm definitely extra cool.jpg

Leyla suddenly has an idea and tells everyone to follow her. They go to the Roost and take two barrels, which they fill with ice from the northers side of Huttsgalor. They then return to the volcano and prepare Burple for going after Aggro. The Rockspitter fills his stomachs with snow and swoops into the volcano. Unfortunately, before he can reach Aggro, the ice barrels break, leaving Burple vulnerable to the heat. He quickly returns to the surface apologizing for not reaching Aggro. Leyla notices that the belt made out of Belzium did't melt and has a new idea.

HHH - Just one moment.jpg

The Rescue Riders return to Huttsgalor and ask Magnus to use his Mechano-Dragon to save Aggro, since the machine is made out of Belzium. Magnus refuses, not wanting to save a dragon. Axel offers to help, but Magnus doesn't allow him too. Dak then says loudly that it is better for Magnus not to help them, tricking the man into believing that if would save a Rescue Rider, the team would look bad in front of the village. Magnus falls for the trick and agrees to help the Rescue Riders, telling Axel to hurry up.

HHH - The Rescue claws having grabbed Aggro.jpg

Back to Volcano Island, Leyla explains to Axel how to help Aggro, and the boy takes flight inside the volcano. He goes down just deep enough to use the retractable claws and catch Aggro, and then begins to fly to the surface. However, the machine begins to break down and the Rescue Riders ask Magnus what is happening. He explains that only the exterior of the Mechano-Dragon is made out of Belzium, which meant the other parts were vulnerable to heat. Winger helps Axel reach the surface safely, but the claws carrying Aggro break and she falls deeper into the volcano. Magnus blames the Rescue Riders for destroying his machine, and leaves the island with Axel.

HHH - The iron having pulled the iron ore unto Burple.jpg

The Rescue Riders try to figure out another way to save Aggro, and Leyla notices the scrap pieces of Belzium. She gets the idea of transforming them into dragon armor, so that they can create a "real life Belzium dragon". Burple offers to test it out, as he got the closest to Aggro during their first attempt. Leyla arranges the pieces of Belzium and tells Burple to step in the middle. She then tosses him three iron ores, which he swallows, making the metal pieces stick to his body. The others are unsure if it would work, yet Burple is ready to try.

HHH - Slowly getting to the top of the volcano.jpg

The Rockspitter dives into the volcano and dodges blasts of lava, managing to catch Aggro. Burple starts to fly up, but is slowed by the extra weight of Aggro and the armor. Just as the two were about to reach the surface, volcanic dust begins to rise, engulfing them. The Rescue Riders get scared, unable to see their friends through the smoke. However, Aggro tells them to look up, and they see her glowing and flying again. She drops Burple on the ground and apologizes to her friends for not telling them about the molting.

HHH - Aggro ready to shoot a fireball.jpg

The Rescue Riders accept her excuse and tell her that all dragons molt, not just Fire Furies. Leyla states that after molting, Fire Furies grow bigger and stronger, so Aggro sends a blast into the sky and gets excited when she sees that it is more powerful. Burple is happy for his new armor, too, and refuses to take it off. However, Cutter reminds him that he won't be able to eat due to the iron in his stomachs, so Burple spits the ores, causing the Belzium to fall. The Rescue Riders then return to Huttsgalor, just as Magnus and Axel use the remainins of the Mechano-Dragon as a boat in order to go home.





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