As awesome as Hookfire, Fangmaster and Hook Blazefang are... and I named them all already, I can't look at them and not think of Hookfang. [src]
  — Snotlout naming the three dragons  

Hookfire, Fangmaster, and Hookblazefang are three Monstrous Nightmares that Snotlout named when the other Dragon Riders tried to find a replacement for Hookfang.



The Riders found Fangmaster for Snotlout, to help get his mind off the absent Hookfang. It turns out Snotlout would rather go dragonless than ride another Monstrous Nightmare.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Replacements for Hookfang

In "Total Nightmare", Hiccup thought that Snotlout needed a replacement dragon when Hookfang "ran away". When Hiccup brought in these three dragons, Snotlout named them after Hookfang and rejected them.

Physical Appearance

Hookfire, Fangmaster and Hookblazefang are typical looking Monstrous Nightmares that are native to Dragon's Edge, or at least the island. Hookfire and Hookblazefang have very similar coloration, both being light green mixed with yellow. Fangmaster is multi-colored, being pink, blue and yellowish-green.



  • Fangmaster's coloring's resembles those of Hookfang's mate, while both Hookfire and Hookblazefang resemble those of Firescrapes and Whip-Slash.



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