Astrid: "But Hiccup, look at that thing. It's..."
Hiccup: "I know. Gigantic, scary, angry."
Tuffnut: "Bloodthirsty!"[src]
  — Astrid, Hiccup, and Tuffnut describing Hookfang's Nemesis  

Hookfang's Nemesis is a Titan Wing male Monstrous Nightmare who first appeared in "Total Nightmare".

Official Description

Unaffectionately dubbed "Giant Jerk Dragon" by Snotlout, this aggressive Nightmare was tormenting Girl Hookfang before Hookfang intervened.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Fighting Hookfang

For an undisclosed reason, Hookfang's Nemesis harasses a younger, smaller female Nightmare who had a nest of eggs in a cave on Dragon's Edge. Another younger male broad wing Nightmare, Hookfang, began protecting her from his attacks. Despite this, Hookfang's Nemesis continued on harrying the pair.

Once Hookfang's human entered into the picture, Hookfang's Nemesis was teased and angered by the smaller dragon and human. They agitated him enough that he chased after them into a crack in the island's cliff face, and somehow ended up trapped in a domed human structure. There, the smaller Nightmare flew about and attacked him so quickly, that Hookfang's Nemesis tired and finally admitted defeat, exhausted. He was then released to go on his way.

Physical Appearance

Due to his Titan Wing stage, he is much larger than an average Monstrous Nightmare. His hide is mottled with rich blood red and a deep dark purple. His horns and claws are black, while his eyes are pale yellow.


He is shown to be very aggressive, fierce, stubborn compared to Hookfang and not a quitter until he gets defeated by his enemies.


Strength and Combat:  He appears to be extremely strong as he is able to throw average Monstrous Nightmares with his head, with no signs of struggle, or by tail whipping them out of the air, where Toothless was seen to struggle a little when fighting a Monstrous Nightmare like Hookfang.

Endurable and Stamina: He shows great endurance by taking multiple attacks from his enemies; two plasma blasts from Toothless, shots from Barf and Belch, several Monstrous Nightmare attacks and crashing into objects. From the chasing, taking the attacks, and crashing into objects he has proven his stamina is great enough to continue to fly away fast enough to get away from Hookfang.  Hookfang's Nemesis had likely fought Hookfang just before Snotlout have arrived to say goodbye forever to him as he was shown to be out of breath and lying on the ground.

Speed: He is shown to be able to fly fast enough to catch up to Hookfang who had increased speed due to his few years of training.

Fire: It seems that his fire is more powerful than those of average Nightmares and has an enhanced fire range.


Size Limitations: As a large dragon, this Monstrous Nightmare maneuvers around slower compared to other dragons like Hookfang. He is unable to make sharp turns or stop himself quickly. Also, he has difficulty flying through thick and dense forests and gets entangled in the branches and trees. Additionally, his large size hindered him while he was under the dome, making it hard for him to move and fight back against a smaller Hookfang. These weaknesses enabled Hookfang to defeat him, but this dragon was still a formidable opponent.



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