I play Hoogenboo, the spirit of Winter. The scary pumpkins are to scare me and my cold weather away. That's how the festival started years and years ago. Nowadays we just all try to scare each other for fun! [src]
  Duggard the Decisive  

Hoogenboo is a holiday celebrated in Huttsgalor, seen in the series, Dragons: Rescue Riders. Hoogenboo is also called the Harvest Festival.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

In "Boo to You", the Rescue Riders are introduced to the Huttsgalorian holiday of Hoogenboo. A large portion of the holiday is scaring others, whether other villagers or ghosts and spirits from folklore. Marena tells a ghost story of the Phantom Fang, leaving Burple scared. Burple is convinced he has encountered the Phantom Fang, but no one believes him. However, the others start to believe when an invisible force starts destroying things in the village. Burple overcomes his fear, and through teamwork, the Rescue Riders reveal the ghost to be a camouflaging dragon.


The origin and significance is unclear. According to Chief Duggard, Hoogenboo is the spirit of winter. Pumpkins are decorated with scary faces to try and scare away the cold weather Hoogenboo brings.

According to Marena, Hoogenboo is about scaring away something more sinister - the ghost known as Phantom Fang. The Phantom Fang selects an unsuspecting village during harvest season, and destroys it. The Phantom Fang is invisible, but leaves green slime in its wake.

A villager juggling pumpkins
Villagers dancing


The people of Huttsgalor do a number of activities during Hoogenboo including:

  • Wearing masks
  • Playing scare tricks on others
  • Painting pumpkins
  • Displaying and eating harvested crops
  • Dancing


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