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Honey Bees are insects mentioned in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series. Their main product - honey - is also prominently featured in the Books.


Honey Bees are any species belonging to the Genus Apis. They are commonly known for their production of honey and their communal hive living. Melittology, also called Apicology, is the scientific study of bees.

Though the honey bee is currently widespread across the globe (with the exception of the Arctic climates), most modern honey bees originated in South and Southeast Asia. Honey bees have yellow and black-striped bodies, two pair of clear to translucent wings, and have a defensive stinger at the end of their abdomens. Bees will use this stinger in defense of themselves and their colonies, though it may cost them their lives. A venom sac is attached to the stinger on the interior of the abdomen, and stinging something will often result in the sac and stinger pulling from their bodies, fatally injuring the bee.

Honey bees have a complex and well-studied social structure. Each colony contains one queen bee, who lays eggs and who is waited upon by the other bees. The hive life centers around the raising and survival of offspring. Each hive typically has several drones - individuals whose primary purpose is mating with the queen. The majority of the hive, however, and the individuals we are most familiar with, are the workers. The worker tend to all the work related to their hive: defense, food collection, hive temperature, egg and larva care, and so on. Occasionally a female worker can produce eggs as well.


In both the Book series and in real life, honey bees create the honey that can be eaten by humans and other creatures. In their efforts to produce honey, bees are also the major pollinators for flowering plants. Decline on bee populations would not only effect honey supply, but have devastating effects for the environment and even crop agriculture.


How to Speak Dragonese

Though bees are not specifically mentioned in Book 3, their honey is. The Roman, Fat Consul, is seen eating live Nanodragons dipped in honey. Ziggerastica, the King of the Nanodragons, has a weakness for honey and is caught in it and is later saved by Hiccup.

Fishlegs later compares Ziggerastica to a bumblebee.

The entire Roman army is going to be shivering in its shoes when it sets eyes on a dragon the size of a bumblebee.
  — Fishlegs  

How to Break a Dragon's Heart

Fishlegs and Hiccup steal honey to make mead for Tantrum's hand in marriage.

Hiccup and his Windwalker encounter a Giant Bee-Eater Dragon and are almost inadvertently swallowed by it, while it is sucking in bees and insects.

The Incomplete Book of Dragons

This informational companion book details the Giant Bee-Eater Dragon - a large dragon which eats bees and other insects.


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