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Homunculosa is a Fireworm that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Hrafnkel Ravenhood was six months into his experiments with the creation of the Homunculus when he was rudely interrupted.

He had placed the properly prepared seeds of the mandragora plant into a sealed gourd and left them to putrefy while his prayers to the Gods added spiritual fuel to the process. He was sure that he had done everything according to the manuscript, and that the animalcules were sure to emerge.

He would never find out.

The door to his hut was kicked down by Dragon Hunters, and the Alchemist was dragged out of the miasma of his living quarters into the bright light of a sun he hadn’t seen in weeks.

Viggo Grimborn told him of the hormonal jelly, Konungshlaup, and it’s properties to turn regular Fireworm larvae into Queens. Hrafnkel tried to argue that his work was important and couldn’t be abandoned at this time, but when he was given a choice between his work and his head, he chose the latter.

Hrafnkel was surprised to discover that Viggo’s labs were better stocked than his own. He had all the alchemical glassware and raw materials that he could want. His excitement to make use of this quality gear overshadowed his reservations about being kidnapped. Hrafnkel launched into a new version of his Homunculus experiment immediately.

He took a Fireworm egg and carefully cracked the shell, pouring the contents into a gourd-shaped glass vessel called a cucurbit. He injected fresh Mandrake juice and a huge dose of Drottning into the vessel, and sealed it with beeswax etched with sacred symbols. He placed it in a warm dark place for the full term of a Fireworm germination. At the end of this time, the Alchemist was surprised to see the beeswax beginning to melt on its own. Moments later Homunculosa emerged and took her first fiery breath.

Receiving Konungshlaup in vitro mixed with the poisonous and hallucinogenic compounds in the mandrake juice took their toll on the fragile mind of the developing Humunculosa. She was born quite mad and nearly uncontrollable. The lab was left in flames as she escaped into the night.

Viggo was not pleased.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Homunculosa is light blue, with hexagonal patterns of black stripes. She has two black stripes going from her eyes to her tail, one of each side of her body. She has a pale underbelly and pale horns, and a purple tongue. Her eyes are glowing bright red.

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