Hogmany is an annual holiday which is celebrated on the Isle of Berk. Hogmany is similar to modern day New Year's Eve.


Calling Hill Elves

During Hogmany, a traditional ritual intended to call in hill elves is practiced.

Troll Rituals

During Hogmany, a traditional ritual intended to drive trolls into the sea is practiced.

Preparing Gifts

During Hogmany, Vikings prepare gifts that they then leave on their neighbors' doorsteps.

Mistletoe Hanging

During Hogmany, Mistletoe is hung around the village.

Huldrefolk Dance

During Hogmany, dancers perform the traditional dance of the Huldrefolk.

Sunrise Watching

Hogmany marks the point where the sun rises above the horizon for the first time since the Winter Solstice, meaning that Vikings and dragons spend part of the holiday watching the sun rise for the first time in two weeks.

Fire Lighting

During Hogmany, Vikings twist wire and paper into small balls, which are then lit on fire by dragons, setting the sky ablaze with light leading down towards the sea.

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