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Hoark the Haggard is a Viking living on the Isle of Berk. He appears in all three films, the Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, and the mobile app Dreamworks Press: Dragons.


First Dragon War

Gronckles. Nadders. Zipplebacks. Oh, and Hoark saw a Monstrous Nightmare.
  — Starkard in How to Train Your Dragon  

During a Dragon Raid in the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon, Hoark is one of the Vikings who yells at Hiccup to get back inside. Starkard later mentions Hoark when he reported to Chief Stoick what dragon species they were seeing during the raid.

Hoark later was seen congratulating Stoick for Hiccup's success in Dragon Fighting, along with Ack, Starkard and Phlegma the Fierce.

Putting Out Fires

In the beginning of Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, Hoark yells "Fire"! as Gobber's house catches on fire.


In the mobile app, Dreamworks Press: Dragons, Hoark the Haggard (voice actor: Kieron Elliot) narrates the story of a stranded Viking teen with no memory (the reader), who arrives on Berk with a Changewing egg.

Second Dragon War

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, just prior to the Second Dragon War, Hoark is seen standing near Mrs. Ack at the blacksmith stall. He overhears Hiccup telling Stoick that Drago Bludvist is enslaving all dragons.

Later, just as Drago's Bewilderbeast reaches Berk, Hoark's Gronckle falls under the influence of the Bewilderbeast's ultrasonic control and damages the furniture in Hoark's house before leaving.

Search for the Hidden World

Ack appears again briefly, settling in on New Berk, and giving voice to his doubts about Hiccup's plans to find the Hidden World, saying he wants to stay on the new island, and not move away.

He appears yet again, cheering Hiccup for deciding to permanently settle on New Berk, and drinking mead together with Ack, Phlegma and Spitelout.

Physical Appearance

Hoark is an adult Viking with a long beard that appears to be tied in intricate knot work at the bottom. The School of Dragons website indicates he is an older adult, which might explain the 'Haggard' portion of his name[1].


Hoark the Haggard is considered to be one of the higher ranked Vikings in the Isle of Berk. He is primarily known as the main trainer of the younger Vikings and directs them throughout most of their Dragon Training.
Hoark can be described as a sluggish and less heroic appearing Viking. He seems less intimidating in comparison to the rest of the higher ranked leaders due to the intonation of his voice. However, Hoark’s skills and knowledge, when it comes to battling dragons, establishes him as a fearsome and reliable character. Like the rest of the elderly Vikings, Hoark is still highly respected by the village chief, Stoick, which is why he plays such an integral role in training the younger Vikings.
  School of Dragons Website[1]  

According to the School of Dragons website, Hoark is a teacher to young Hooligan Vikings. He is reliable and fierce in battle against Dragons.


  • For the UK release of the The Hidden World Hoark the Haggard is voiced by Roman Kemp.[2]
  • Despite various parts of the franchise identifying differently designed Vikings as 'Hoark', his only confirmed appearances are:
    • In the first movie, asking what Hiccup is doing out.
    • In the second movie, rubbing his Gronkcle's belly.
    • In the third movie, punching someone in the face, doubting Hiccup's plans, then cheering the new Chief.
      • These are the instances where he is either called by name, or identified by the official movie script.



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