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Hildegard? Doesn't look like a Hildegard to me. Magnus it is! [src]
  — Gobber naming the baby  

Hildegard is the baby daughter of two unnamed Viking parents appearing in Dragons: Riders of Berk.



While Gobber tries to find a new occupation from his old one of making weapons to kill dragons in "Viking for Hire", he tries to take on some of Chief Stoick's duties. This entails naming of babies.

Hildegard, a female child, is up to be named and is not pleasant to look at. Gobber wishes to name her Magnus instead of Hildegard because of her looks, and she actually causes Meatlug to vomit lava upon the first glimpse of her. Gobber offers a mace as a 'teething toy'.

Physical Appearance

Though Hildegard is never actually seen by the viewer, her appearance is claimed by Tuffnut to look like sticks bundled up in bacon.




  • In the episode Gem of a Different Color, Hildegard is stated to be the baby daughter of Mrs. Larson and a sister of Gustav Larson. This is incorrect, however, as Hildegard's mother has been shown to be a completely different person from Mrs. Larson.

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