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      The Highest Point is a location on the Isle of Berk, mentioned in How to Train Your Dragon of the Book series.


The Highest Point, is as its name implies, the highest point on the Island of Berk. It's more of a very high hill, and one can see most of the island from its vantage point.

After the huge storm the night of Thor'sday Thursday, many things washed up onto the island and settled around the Highest Point, including Scallop shells, Dolphin bones, and the wreck of one of Stoick's old ships - the Pure Adventure.

The trail up to the Highest Point was littered with scallop shells and dolphins' bones thrown up by the gigantic storm. Along the way they even passed the wreck of one of Stoick's favorite ship, the Pure Adventure, lost at sea seven years before, and now perched crazily on a rock three quarters of the way up the biggest hill on Berk.
  — Book 1  


How to Train Your Dragon

The Highest Point serves as a vantage point for the rest of the island. It is here that Thuggory first sees the arrival of the Purple Death at Unlandable Cove.

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