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Hannahr, everyone has something they're afraid of. Burple was terrified of the Phantom Fang during Hoogenboo, but he still saved the town. Summer, eels. I was even afraid I'd never find my megablast. My point is, we all looked fear in the eye and said "You're not gonna beat me, not today!" and you can too, because the Rescue Riders have your back!

"High Anxiety" is the eighth episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


When a Mama Ironclaw dragon gets caught high on a mountain with a broken wing, Hannahr the blacksmith has to confront her fear of heights to help out.

Major Events

  • Mama Ironclaw and her hatchlings make their second appearance.


HA - Burple failing at whistling.jpg

Dak wakes up in the morning and uses the zip-line to exit the Roost. He starts his morning routine, with Burple following him around and trying to copy him. After Burple fails to grab a cooked fish with his claws, Leyla asks him what he is trying to do. He explains that he wants to experience a day as a human, just like Dak and Leyla. Dak then decides to go into town and get supplies, with the others ready to leave too. Burple refuses to fly and walks on the bridge instead, which breaks under his feet.

HA - Dak giving Hannahr the mallet.jpg

The Rescue Riders go to Hannahr, who tells them that the bridge needs to be reinforced with metal. She starts working on metal plates, which captivates Dak and makes him want to become a blacksmith. He helps Hannahr with the job and then boasts among his friends. After Hannahr finishes the bridge, she asks the Riders to test it. Burple walks again on the bridge, this time holding up to the dragon's weight. Leyla offers Hannahr a ride to the village, but she awkwardly refuses, due to her fear of heights. She and Burple walk down, while the Riders fly to the town.

HA - Don't move a muscle.jpg

Back in Huttsgalor, Hannahr invites Dak to stop by her shop if he wants to learn more about blacksmithing. Meanwhile, Burple is exhausted from walking and asks Winger if he can ride him. Just then, four Silver-tailed Ironclaw hatchlings appear in town and start running around, creating havoc. The Rescue Riders recognize them as the offspring of Mama Ironclaw and are surprised to see them far away from their nest. They attempt to catch them before destroying more things, but to no avail. Summer then yells at them and the babies gather around her. The Riders grab them and fly towards the mountains.

HA - The rest of us will.jpg

In the air, Winger asks Summer how she managed to calm down the babies, to which she says that tried to imitate their mother. Cutter then uses his sharp eyesight to find out that Mama Ironclaw isn't in her nest. Leyla tells Burple and Aggro to stay in the nest and look after the babies, while the others take flight in search of Mama Ironclaw. Aggro realizes that the babies are hungry after one of them chews her tail, so Burple offers to go and search for food as a human. He has difficulties getting out of the nest, but isn't willing to give up.

HA - The wing splint finished.jpg

Meanwhile, the rest of the Rescue Riders find Mama Ironclaw with her right wing stuck under a pile of boulders. They help move the rocks, but when she tries to fly, she feels pain in the wing and can't take off. After analysing it, Leyla concludes that it isn't broken, and that they can use a split to help her fly. She asks Cutter to cut into a nearby log, after which she and Dak tie it up with some ropes. Mama Ironclaw tries to fly, but the wood quickly breaks and she falls. Leyla doesn't find any solution in the Dragon Diary, so Dak decides to ask Hannahr.

HA - I'm sorry.jpg

They fly to her Blacksmith Shop, where they ask Hannahr to fix Mama Ironclaw's wing, since it has metal scales. She agrees, but when she is told that the dragon is on the top of a mountain, she awkwardly says that she can't. She admits her fear of heights, which is why she can't fly to the mountain. Dak offers to do it instead of her, so Leyla asks Hannahr to teach her brother what to do. Summer doesn't like the idea of Dak doing the task, but Leyla assures her that they have no other option.

HA - Actually feels great.jpg

They quickly return to Mama Ironclaw with the materials and tools they need. Dak tells the mother that he will help her instead of Hannahr, much to her surprise. She is unsure of it, but lets him work anyway. Dak works clumsily in making three Belzium splinters. Mama Ironclaw tests them, but they break too, and she falls down the mountain. She slides fast towards the edge of a cliff, but the Rescue Riders catch her just in time. Leyla tells Cutter to go after Burple and Aggro, while she and the rest of the Riders keep the Ironclaw balanced.

HA - The others coming with the babies.jpg

Inside the Ironclaw nest, Aggro desperately tries to keep the hatchlings out of trouble. Just then, Burple arrives with a mouthful of fish for them. Aggro tells him that humans don't behave like that, but he tells her he had no other option. Suddenly, Cutter arrives and tells them that Mama Ironclaw is in danger, and they all fly to help. They bring the babies too, which help the mother balance on the stone cliff. However, it begins to break due to the heavy weight, so Winger suggests going to Hannahr again.

HA - Dak and Hannahr by a barrel.jpg

Dak and Winger fly back to town and ask Hannahr to help once more. She apologizes to them, as she wants to help Mama Ironclaw, but is too scared to fly. Winger gives her a big speech, reminding how everyone was afraid of something in the past including himself, and that she must learn to face her fears. However, Dak reminds him that Hannahr can't understand him. The boy tries to repeat the speech, but only makes Hannahr even more afraid. The blacksmith then gets an idea and crawls inside a barrel, so that she won't be able to see anything while flying. Winger grabs her and returns to the mountain.

HA - We need to heat up.jpg

Meanwhile, Leyla tries to figure out a way to have Mama Ironclaw balanced with less weight, so that the cliff won't break. She asks Burple to spit out a few rocks, which he immediately does. However, Mama Ironclaw begins to slip, so two of her babies rush to catch her. Just then, Dak and Winger arrive with Hannahr, who starts working on new splinters. She uses the help of Aggro and Summer to heat up and cool down the metal. She bends three pieces of Belzium in order to fit on the injured wing.

HA - Hannahr trying to get to the metal.jpg

After Hannahr is done, she gets close to the edge of the cliff so that she can put the splinters on the wing, and gets scared when she looks down the mountain. She starts to attach the splinters with Dak's help, but when the cliff shakes, she falls off, only to be caught by Winger. When she gets to the last splinter, the cliff breaks completely and Mama Ironclaw falls with Dak, Hannahr an Burple still attached to her. The blacksmith manages to put the last splinter in place and Mama Ironclaw takes flight. She returns to her nest, with the Rescue Riders following.

HA - If someone wants to.jpg

There, she thanks the Rescue Riders and Hannahr for their help. She then yells at her babies to calm down, proving Summer's earlier point. Dak then asks Hannahr if she braved her fear of heights, but she denies it, saying that she doesn't want to deal with the same experience again. She jumps into the barrel she came in and asks the Rescue Riders to get her home. Mama Ironclaw remarks that Hannahr is a bit crazy and the Rescue Riders take off to Huttsgalor. On the way, Aggro asks Burple if he is done being a human, and he claims that he got to ride a dragon and that there was nothing better than it.





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