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Leyla: "Besides, if you didn't fly up there when you did, you might've never have saved this Hideous Heatwing."
Burple: "That's quite rude, calling him names."
Leyla: "No, Burple. That's the type of dragon he is. See? Hideous Heatwing."[src]

The Hideous Heatwing is a small dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance



Hideous Heatwing eggs are ovoid like a standard chicken egg, without any special features such as spikes or other extraneous adornments. The color is a rosy tan with subtle striations of darker color, reminiscent of wind blown desert sandstone. The interior of the egg is a warm golden color.

Hatchling to Adult

Hideous Heatwing hatchlings are shades of orangey-red with a yellow-cream underbelly. There are jagged orange stripes running across the back, perpendicular to the spine. They have a pair horns that curve outwards from their forehead, as well as a pair on their jowls. Heatwings have a large nasal horn as well. They are quadrupedal with one pair of wings and a single row of spines on their backs.



IO - Heatey sending a fireball.jpg

Hideous Heatwings breathe a standard orange flame in streams or as fireballs. The temperature is hot enough to reignite the fires of another fire dragon, such as the Fire Fury. Heatwings are able to shoot fire within minutes of hatching, even to great distances, though aim and accuracy are lacking at this stage. They appear to have a high shot limit, even as hatchlings.

They can also use their firepower as a source of propulsion as shown by Heatey as it was strong enough to propel him, Sizzle and his siblings in a cart.

Cold Tolerance

Hideous Heatwing eggs and hatchlings appear to have a tremendous tolerance to cold temperatures. The egg is able to survive without damage to the fetus even being frozen in ice. The hatchlings seem to be able to withstand below freezing temperatures straight out of the shell.


Lava Poop

According to Grumblegard, after eating Crimson Pine Bark, Heatwings will have "Lava Poop".

Behavior and Personality

Hideous Heatwing hatchlings are very friendly and unafraid. Like most youngsters, they love to play, snuggle, and sleep.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Main article: Heatey

The Hideous Heatwing is introduced in "Iced Out" when Elbone discovers an egg frozen in ice. With the help of Aggro, he saves the egg, but the two get stranded on a piece of floating ice in a river. While Elbone and Aggro try to figure out how to save themselves, the egg hatches, revealing a baby Hideous Heatwing. With the help of the hatchling's firepower, the trio are saved by the Rescue Riders. The Heatwing hatchling is later named Heatey by Burple, and is cared for by the Riders at The Roost.


  • The egg of the Hideous Heatwing bears a strong similarity to that of a Monstrous Nightmare.
  • The baby Hideous Heatwing uses the same model as the baby Silver-tailed Ironclaws from "Bad Egg", with the only major difference being the color of the dragons.
    • Due to this, it is possible that an adult Hideous Heatwing looks similar to an adult Silver-tailed Ironclaw, but this remains unconfirmed. Most likely, some models and animations are re-used due to the budget constraints of a TV show.

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