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Stoick: "Out there, beyond the sunset, lies the home of dragons. Legends tell of ships that sailed too close to it, only to drop off the edge of the world, never to be seen again. But those sailors who turned back told tales of a great waterfall and dragons guarding the entrance to a hidden world."
Hiccup: "Whoa."
Stoick: "Not just a nest, Hiccup, but a land from which all dragons come."[src]
  — Stoick telling Hiccup about the Hidden World  

The Hidden World is the major and titular location that is featured in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. It is the ancestral home of all dragons.

Official Description

The Hidden World is an old sea-faring legend about a land at the edge of the world, where many sailors have lost their ships — never to be seen again. Those who have returned reported sightings of a great waterfall and dragons guarding the entrance to a hidden world beneath the sea. A land from which all dragons hail. [src]
  Dean DeBlois  
This island still holds too many secrets.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


We wanted something that transcended the idea of a cave. Part of that was delving into bioluminescence and was of channeling light into this subterranean space with the use of crystals that could carry light from magma. We wanted it to be an exotic world that still feels like it belongs here on earth. But it's still a place for dragons and not for humans. [src]
  — Dean DeBlois  


The caldera entrance to the Hidden World in the sea of the Barbaric Archipelago.

The Hidden World is located within a massive volcanic caldera that serves as a gateway to an endless maze of chambers and volcanic tubes, which in turn work their way around the world.[1] This subterranean world contains bioluminescent fungi, coral and bright, scintillating crystals that adorn the huge cavernous spaces and antechambers.[1] Water seeps through cracks in the earth's crust to form waterfalls, and collects in pools on coral shelves. Water that makes it to the caldera's floor is heated by magma and transformed to steam, giving it a tropical environment.

The newly formed Kullersen Fissure in North America.

In the 21st century, a new entrance to the Hidden World was created when the passing of a massive commit through Earth’s atmosphere caused an enormous geologic rift known as the Kullersen Fissure on the North American continent. The Fissure contains multiple, and often interlocking, cave systems, some of which lead to the Hidden World, specifically it’s “Crystal Realm” section.

Notable Places

The Caldera

The Caldera is a giant collapsed volcano in the middle of the ocean, which serves as the entrance to the Hidden World. The only way to enter the Caldera is by flying in on a dragon.
  The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World  

Mushroom Forest

After a dragon has entered the Hidden World through the Caldera they get access to a network of caves deep in the crust of the earth. After a dragon flies through this network they reach the Mushroom Forest, where the Hidden World's bioluminescence is revealed. The Mushroom Forest mainly gives home to many stalactites and stalagmites that are completely overgrown with various sorts of mushrooms.
  The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World  

King Island

At the center point of the Hidden World lies King Island, which serves as the throne room for the king of dragons. The throne for the Alpha is a gigantic crystal on the island, looking over a large part of the Hidden World.
  The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World  

Hidden World Annex

In the darkest depths lies the unknown and it is up to Vikings to explore it! Very few Vikings have been valiant enough to venture into its depths, but those few who have get to witness the light and bioluminescent found within. As dragons seem to take a shine to these underground caves and brightly glow throughout them. [src]
  School of Dragons  

Hidden World Caverns

After the discovery of Hobgobblers, Vikings have been fascinated in learning more of these incredible dragons that has led many to visit their beautiful home. Hobgobblers appear to be small, fierce, powerful dragons but they are rather mischievous in their own way, perfectly resembling the area in which they live; full of mystery and hidden surprises!

Vikings can expect these inner caves of the Hidden World to be composed of massive crystal-like structures and have numerous corals running along the open tunnels and like the Annex, a unique touch of gleaming lights can be seen all around. Vikings venturing inside will be left amazed as they watch their dragon light up inside the tunnels. It is indeed as astonishing as it sounds and perhaps that is the reason why these dragons seem to have kept the caverns hidden away from Vikings for quite a while. The caves are full of hidden mazes and tunnels that are sure to test the clever mind of a Viking, and once inside the area reveals beauty unlike anything we've seen before!
  School of Dragons  

Crystal Realm

DC-282-Hidden World.png

The Crystal Realm is a section of the Hidden World, located underground on the North American continent. When the Kullersen Fissure was opened in the 21st century, it created a direct passage to the Crystal Realm that can easily be accessed by exploring the various caves within the Fissure.

As its name suggests, this realm is essentially just one giant crystal formation and contains a system of caves and crevices that link it together. Some of these crevices have been shown to contain large amounts of water as well, including underground lakes that are teaming with aquatic organisms such as fish and bioluminescent algae. Due to their large size and food sources, the Crystal Realm's underground lakes provide stable habitats for Tidal Class dragons such as Mist Twisters and Flood Fangs.

The Underworld


The Underworld is a dark and dreary section of the Hidden World, possessing a mostly barren landscape, with few sources of water aside from isolated watering holes. While the ground is mostly sand, the Underworld possesses a large number of rock formations that act as large hills and mountains where many dragons, especially Spiderwings, have made their homes. In addition, the area above the Underworld contains large amounts of gaseous vapor, giving it the appearance of a misty sky. These vapors can also be ignited by sources of intense heat, namely a dragon’s fire. Some dragons, such as the Razorwhip, have used this to their advantage when in battle, utilizing the vapors to create fiery tornadoes against their enemies.

Silver Realm

Silver Realm.png

Much like how the Crystal Realm is mostly composed of crystal, the Silver Realm is a section of the Hidden World whose structures are primarily composed of silver. This realm has been shown to be exceptionally difficult to navigate through, since its large silver structures have created multiple narrow paths with multiple dead-ends; essentially making the entire realm a giant maze. In addition, the large amounts of silver also act as natural lightning rods, drawing and absorbing electrical currents towards them, which can put dragons with electrical abilities, such as Skrills and Night Lights at a disadvantage in battle.

Fire Realm

The Fire Realm.png

Little is currently known about the Fire Realm, other than that it possesses an extremely harsh environment, with extremely large quantities of magma flowing through it, and most of its physical formations seem to be composed of molten rocks.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Stoick the Vast believed that the Hidden World is a location where all dragons come from and planned to seal it off to stop the fighting between humans and dragons.

Hiccup confided in Astrid about thinking to find the Hidden World so that everyone in their tribe could live in peace amongst the dragons, and then told the Berkians that they would attempt to find it and relocate there.

The Light Fury hatched in the Hidden World and had ventured out shortly before the events of the film, resulting in her being captured. But upon being set free, she led Toothless back to her home, where its resident dragons paid tribute to their Alpha. Hiccup and Astrid eventually discover it while searching for Toothless on Stormfly, before being chased out by the resident dragons, resulting in Hiccup realizing that humans would never be welcomed in the Hidden World. It was a place for dragons only.

Following the death of Grimmel the Grisly and the defeat of the Warlords, Hiccup and the rest of the Tribe decided to send all of their dragons to the Hidden World, so that no human could ever find and harm them.

Sailing to the Hidden World.jpg

About a decade later, Hiccup and Astrid take their two children, Zephyr and Nuffink, to the entrance of the Hidden World, where they find Toothless, the Light Fury, Stormfly, and the Night Light hatchlings. The family travels there by boat, indicating that the Hidden World is not that far from New Berk.

Dragons: The Nine Realms

Season 1

Tom Kullersen and Thunder discovering the Crystal Realm within the Kullersen Fissure.

1300 years after the events of the third film, in the modern days, dragons have become just a legend, until a comet nearly collides with Earth, causing a great tectonic upheaving which creates an immense, mysterious fissure.

Scientists come from around the world and build a state of the art research facility, including the parents of Thomas "Tom" Kullersen, Jun Wong, D'Angelo Baker and Alexandra "Alex" Gonzalez, (who were taken there by their parents) creating Project I.C.A.R.I.S. (International Crevasse and Research Investigation Station). Tom would eventually venture the Kullersen Fissure where he meets a Night Light dragon he later names Thunder. After the two bond, they discover a passage to the Hidden World, an underground realm where all the dragons had been hiding for years. Over the course of the series, Tom forms a secret group of Dragon Riders called the Dragon Club with Jun, D'Angelo and Alex, who have all bonded with dragons of their own, to protect humans and the secret of the Hidden World from those would misuse the dragons.

Season 2

The Dragon Club's adventures through the Hidden World continue on as they discover new caverns and as well as new dragons while keeping the secret. There are a multitude of vast chambers and tunnels frequently populated with crystals and crystal-like structures, bodies of water, sand, magma, and stalactites and stalagmites. Discrete areas the Dragon Club travels include an immense cavern dubbed the "Crystal Realm" full of warm yellow and golden crystal structures, a vast high domed area with a sea-like body of water and small sandy crystal islands, another area with such high ceilings to almost appear to have its own sky, and an area with a labyrinthine forest of tall clear crystals with veins of silver.

As they explored further, the gang slowly discovers that Tom is descended from Vikings and has a strange connection with the Hidden World. After battling Thunder's Skrill nemesis, they discovered that yet another huge chamber of the Hidden World had opened. They also find a spearhead marked with the same symbol on Tom's helmet, making the group aware that they weren't the only ones who came down into the deeper parts of the Hidden World.

Season 3


School of Dragons

The Hidden World appears in School of Dragons in "The Hidden World" expansion. Specifically, a section called the "Hidden World Annex" appears on the School of Dragons Island.

Later, another entrance is revealed on New Berk, containing a Hobgobbler nest, in the "Curse of the Hobgobbler" expansion.

Dragons: Rise of Berk


The Hidden World first appeared as a special searchable location in December 2018.

Hidden World Searches


In 2019, the Light Fury was released in the game as a searching dragon similar to Toothless. She is able to search the Hidden World for specific dragon individuals at certain levels.


  • The Hidden World is a famous myth/legend from the distant seas. It is sometimes called "a world beyond the sunset".[2]
  • The Hidden World appears to be an incredibly ancient location due to how massive the stalagmites and stalactites are. This is because rock formations take billions of years to grow just half of the size of the ones that are shown in the film.
  • The entrance to the Hidden World appears similar to that of the Bermuda Triangle since it is a great hole in the sea with fountains of water pouring into it.
  • Dean DeBlois first imagined the Hidden World in a dream as a hole in the sea.[2][3]
  • Hiccup and Astrid are the only known Vikings to have ventured in and out of the Hidden World.
  • According to Simon Otto, more than 65,000 dragons reside in the Hidden World.[4]
  • According to Brad Lewis, New Berk is supposed to be the mirror image of the Hidden World.
  • Despite never hearing about its legends, Tom Kullersen coincidentally calls the Hidden World by its actual name.
  • In "Follow the Lightning, Part 2", it has been confirmed that other humans have visited the Hidden World between the events of the third firm and the Nine Realms.
  • The different sections of the Hidden World seem to draw some inspiration from the Nine Realms of Norse Mythology
    • The "Fire Realm" draws reference to Muspelheim, the realms of fire and lava, and domain for the fire giants.
    • The "Underworld", as described by Jun, in "Follow the Lightning, Part 1", seems to be based on the realm of Hel, the Norse afterlife for those who died from natural causes or uneventful deaths.


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