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Hiccup's main difficulties begin with keeping the dragons under control. After that, the weather and harsh climate of Berk become a challenge that he must overcome. [[Mildew]] serves as one of his primary antagonists, and Hiccup is forced to go to desperate measures to keep the Vikings from falling back on the old ways of conflicting with the dragons. Wild and rogue dragons are discovered which Hiccup either battles or trains during the series. Perhaps Berk's most deadly enemy, [[Alvin the Treacherous (Franchise)|Alvin the Treacherous]], shares the role of his book counterpart as being Hiccup's nemesis. Hiccup is forced into conflict with him and his Outcast soldiers many times throughout the first season, but due to his wit and compassion, Hiccup usually emerges the victor, much to Alvin's frustration.
Hiccup's main difficulties begin with keeping the dragons under control. After that, the weather and harsh climate of Berk become a challenge that he must overcome. [[Mildew]] serves as one of his primary antagonists, and Hiccup is forced to go to desperate measures to keep the Vikings from falling back on the old ways of conflicting with the dragons. Wild and rogue dragons are discovered which Hiccup either battles or trains during the series. Perhaps Berk's most deadly enemy, [[Alvin the Treacherous (Franchise)|Alvin the Treacherous]], shares the role of his book counterpart as being Hiccup's nemesis. Hiccup is forced into conflict with him and his Outcast soldiers many times throughout the first season, but due to his wit and compassion, Hiccup usually emerges the victor, much to Alvin's frustration.
Hiccup has been seen to have mild character development throughout the series. He suddenly finds his confidence, and is willing to take risks, especially social ones. He is given much more responsibility, and he usually handles it well. He has gained significant skills as both a teacher and a leader. He and his father have actually grown to appreciate each other more and more as the series has progressed. Hiccup has also been seen to develop creative ideas for using and training the dragons which now inhabit Berk. He has developed in his relationship with [[Snotlout Jorgenson|Snotlout]] considerably. When they compete in the [[Thawfest Games]], both of them become rudely antagonistic towards each other. Hiccup snaps out of this with a little help from [[Astrid]] and his conscience, and he allows Snotlout to take victory for the sake of maintaining their friendship. Hiccup's sheer bravery usually winds up saving the day. He doesn't usually take risks unnecessarily, but he seems willing to risk everything for the sake of his friends, especially Toothless. Unfortunately this bravery occasionally becomes foolhardiness, and Hiccup has also found himself in dangerous situations with no way to escape. Thankfully, he knows that he has Toothless and his friends to back him up, and throughout the series they are always ready to help him when he needs it.
Hiccup has been seen to have mild character development throughout the series. He suddenly finds his confidence, and is willing to take risks, especially social ones. He is given much more responsibility, and he usually handles it well. He has gained significant skills as both a teacher and a leader. He and his father have actually grown to appreciate each other more and more as the series has progressed. Hiccup has also been seen to develop creative ideas for using and training the dragons which now inhabit Berk. He has developed in his relationship with [[Snotlout Jorgenson|Snotlout]] considerably. When they compete in the [[Thawfest Games]], both of them become rudely antagonistic towards each other. Hiccup snaps out of this with a little help from [[Astrid Hofferson|Astrid]] and his conscience, and he allows Snotlout to take victory for the sake of maintaining their friendship. Hiccup's sheer bravery usually winds up saving the day. He doesn't usually take risks unnecessarily, but he seems willing to risk everything for the sake of his friends, especially Toothless. Unfortunately this bravery occasionally becomes foolhardiness, and Hiccup has also found himself in dangerous situations with no way to escape. Thankfully, he knows that he has Toothless and his friends to back him up, and throughout the series they are always ready to help him when he needs it.
In "[[How to Start a Dragon Academy]]", Hiccup's disheartened at the village's continuing troubles with dragons, despite not fighting them anymore. So he comes up with a plan to teach the villagers how to work with the dragons rather than against them, for the benefit of all. Stoick is so proud of his son and his friends that he offers what was once the killing arena to them, suggesting they transform it into a Training Academy.
In "[[How to Start a Dragon Academy]]", Hiccup's disheartened at the village's continuing troubles with dragons, despite not fighting them anymore. So he comes up with a plan to teach the villagers how to work with the dragons rather than against them, for the benefit of all. Stoick is so proud of his son and his friends that he offers what was once the killing arena to them, suggesting they transform it into a Training Academy.

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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the son of Stoick the Vast, chief of Berk, and Valka. As such he is the heir to the chiefdom of Berk. Hiccup is also the first Berkian Viking to befriend and train a dragon.

Early Life

You came early into this world; so frail, so fragile. I feared you wouldn't make it. But your father never doubted. [src]
  — Valka  

Around fourteen or fifteen years before the events of the first film, Hiccup was born prematurely to Stoick the Vast and his wife Valka. Although the new mother was worried that Hiccup would not survive his early birth, Stoick was confident that he would grow strong and Hiccup did indeed prosper. At his birth, Hiccup was given a small axe, which he later used as a paperweight, by Stoick, so he could start training immediately, much to his mother's chagrin. When he was still a baby, Valka sewed Hiccup a dragon toy with his name stitched into the sides. Gobber made the baby diapers.

Hiccup as a baby; along with his first encounter with a dragon.

One night a Stormcutter dragon broke into their house, finding baby Hiccup in the cradle. Valka rushed to his rescue, but found the dragon curiously playing with Hiccup, leaving the baby giggling in delight, proving that everything that Valka believed about dragons was true. The Stormcutter was startled when he noticed Valka's presence, accidentally cutting Hiccup's chin with a wing claw when he turned to look her way. Hearing the baby crying, Stoick rushed to the scene. He and the dragon started fighting with each other, the resulting in the house being burned and Valka being abducted by the dragon, leaving Stoick to raise Hiccup alone. This experience left Hiccup with a deep fear of dragons, so much so that he threw the toy his mother made for him into the ocean one day when he and his father were out fishing.

Stoick became overprotective of his son, while Valka decided to spend the rest of her life away from Berk, including her family, fearing that her love of dragons might harm those she cared most about, including Hiccup. Everyone believed that she had been eaten by a dragon until after the events of How to Train Your Dragon 2.

One day, during the sunset, Stoick told his baby son about Berk and how Hiccup would someday be the chief of the island. He also told him about the Hidden World, a place where dragons lived at the edge of the world, and how he believed that it was Hiccup's destiny to find it and end the war between Vikings and dragons.

Hiccup grew slowly, remaining much smaller and weaker than other Vikings well into his adolescence. At a young age, Stoick enlisted him as Gobber's smith apprentice in hopes of both bulking him up and teaching him some discipline. Despite being overprotective of him, Stoick began harboring feelings of shame that his son had the attention span of a sparrow and would rather hunt for trolls than spend quality time with his father. He started referring to him as the worst Viking Berk had ever seen. Stoick even started using Hiccup as a pawn with other villagers, threatening them with watching him if they didn't join their chief in his mission. Such behavior led to a complex rift between the father and son. Hiccup learned a lot being Gobber's apprentice, however, and soon began inventing contraptions of his own.

Bringing an End to the Dragon War

My name's Hiccup. Great name, I know. But it's not the worst. Parents believe a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls. Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn't do that.
  — Hiccup's introduction  

At the start of the film, Hiccup is an embarrassment to his father, Stoick the Vast, the Chief of the Hooligan Tribe. Too small to wield traditional Viking weapons and therefore unable to kill a dragon like the rest of his village, he works as an apprentice to Gobber the Belch, the village blacksmith. One night during a dragon raid, once left unsupervised, Hiccup leaves his indoor work post and, with a bola launcher named "The Mangler", manages to shoot down one of the deadliest and most feared dragons in the skies; the Night Fury. When he tries to tell his father of his feat, Stoick disbelieves him, and is frustrated with the boy at the mess he left in his wake. So Stoick orders him to go home and stay there.

Hiccup freeing Toothless

When Hiccup goes to find his kill, after what appears to be many failed attempts, he finds the dragon and discovers that he's still alive. Despite his determination to prove himself to the community as a great dragon killer, Hiccup is unable to kill it after seeing the fear in his eyes, and instead cuts him free. The dragon then pins him to the ground, but instead of killing him, he roars loudly and leaves. Traumatised by the experience, Hiccup passes out as soon as he leaves.

Hiccup forced into Dragon Training

When he returns home that night, Stoick tells him he can join Dragon Training, unknowing that Hiccup has changed his mind about killing dragons. But Stoick hopes that his son will man up and let go of himself. Hiccup's left no choice however, so early the next day, he is enrolled into Dragon Training, where he's expected to learn to fight and kill dragons. At first, he struggles to complete the simplest tasks and hold his own against even the most (relatively) benign dragons, earning the usual mockery of his fellow teenagers. However, after managing to get close enough to bond with the Night Fury he shot down, whom he names Toothless after finding out about his retractable teeth, he builds him a prosthetic tail-fin to replace the one that the crash landing caused by his Mangler tore off. It granted Toothless the ability to fly with Hiccup's assistance, and jump-starts their friendship. He gains valuable experience and a deeper insight into the mannerisms of most dragons, such as the fact that it's possible to bring a dragon into submission if it's scratched gently in a certain spot under the chin. He's soon hailed as a Viking prodigy, with the time he spends with Toothless allowing him to ultimately "defeat" every dragon he encounters during training.

Hiccup and Toothless' Test Drive

The stress of living this double life is hard on Hiccup, however. The other Vikings, particularly Astrid Hofferson, take notice of his sudden rise in skill, as well as his unexplained absences after Dragon Training sessions, although no one really comments on it. Eventually, after Hiccup places top in training, Astrid manages to follow him and discovers Toothless. She runs off to tell the other Vikings, but Hiccup and Toothless stop her. They take her on a romantic flight around the area to calm Astrid down. It's during this ride that Hiccup sees the Red Death in the very Dragons' Nest his father has been trying to find and destroy. When they land, Hiccup manages to convince Astrid not to tell anyone about anything that happened, showing how loyal he is to his dragon. After their conversation, Astrid punches Hiccup in the shoulder for kidnapping her, then she kisses him on the cheek, seeming to admire his loyalty.

Hiccup pinned down by the Monstrous Nightmare

The next day, Hiccup is required to fight and kill a Monstrous Nightmare as part of his final exam during Dragon Training. The task goes horribly wrong, however when Stoick swings his hammer against the Dragon Training cage in response to Hiccup's blasphemous claims that dragons "aren't what we think they are" and that "we don't have to kill them". Hiccup's methods of dragon appeasement no longer work and the Nightmare moves in for the kill. Toothless, hearing Hiccup's scream in fear, tries to get out of the cove where he's been safely hidden since befriending Hiccup, and, succeeding for the first time, rushes to the scene and beats the other dragon back while at the same time revealing himself to all the Vikings. Though Hiccup attempts to explain why he went against the Viking way of life and befriended a dragon, his father refuses to listen, and disowns him as his son, and instead takes advantage of Toothless, chaining him to a ship and using him to reach the Dragons' Nest. As the adult Vikings leave in search of the Nest, Astrid talks to Hiccup about the entire situation, trying to comfort him, showing him that his refusal to kill a dragon was a strength and not a weakness as he believed. She finally asks him what he's going to do about it, to which he answers "something crazy." He goes off to do his 'crazy' plan, while Astrid gathers the other Viking teenagers. Hiccup brings out the now docile Monstrous Nightmare, followed by tyre other dragons kept at the arena, and teaches the other teens how to ride on the back of a dragon.

While the Vikings try to fight a losing fight against the Red Death, the teens fly into the scene on the backs of the dragons, with Gobber commenting to Stoick that Hiccup is, "every bit the boar-headed, stubborn Viking you ever were". Hiccup goes onto the burning ship where Toothless is, and tries to free him, but soon the Red Death causes the ship to sink into the sea, pulling Toothless down with it. Hiccup dives into the water in a desperate attempt to free Toothless, but goes limp after a few moments of trying due to lack of air. He is then saved by his father, who dives back into the sea to free Toothless from his chains. After Toothless surfaces with Stoick in his claws, Hiccup mounts Toothless in preparation to face the Red Death. Stoick apologizes to his son for not listening to him. He continues saying he doesn't have to partake in the battle, to which Hiccup replies by quoting his father's catchphrase, "We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard." In response to the familiar words, Stoick tells Hiccup how proud he is to call him his son. 

Hiccup and Toothless then fly off to confront the Red Death themselves and soon have the enormous dragon pursuing them into the clouds. Hiccup manages to kill the Red Death by having Toothless dive towards the Nest at a high speed, finally blasting a plasma bolt into its mouth, consuming the larger dragon from the inside. During the fight, though, Toothless' prosthetic tail catches on fire, so as they are trying to dodge the burning body of the Red Death, it crashes into the ground, triggering an explosion on impact. In their desperate attempt to escape the blast, they run into the Red Death's tail at the last moment. The tail having fallen off, the two fall thousands of feet into the blaze below. As the village approaches the site of the explosion and finds that Hiccup is nowhere to be found, Stoick soon discovers that, even without his makeshift tail, Toothless has protected the future chief from the fire by folding him in his wings. Stoick wholeheartedly apologizes to Toothless, and is deeply thankful to the dragon for bringing his son back to him alive.

Hiccup's prosthetic foot

When he wakes up after an unknown amount of time (many believe about three weeks), Hiccup is heralded as a hero in the tribe. Although he lost his left foot and lower shin when he and Toothless fell into the fiery cloud, he was fitted with a prosthetic that Gobber designed and fabricated, "with a little Hiccup flair thrown in." This new prosthetic matches Toothless' new left control stirrup which Gobber has also redesigned, and clips right into place, as if he and Toothless were one. At the very end of the film, Astrid punches Hiccup for scaring her, then she kisses Hiccup on the lips, as the rest of the village accepts dragons into the island as companions.

Helping Gobber Track Down the Boneknapper

How fun is this, right? We got the team back together, another adventure. This is pretty cool, huh?
  — Hiccup cheering up the other riders  

Feeling bad for Gobber after his house burns and he goes off alone to hunt the Dragon he believes did it, Hiccup persuades his friends to help him help Gobber hunt down the elusive Boneknapper. When they set sail to find it, Gobber tells them stories of how he first met the dragon and also its following encounters with him, and how it kept trying to steal his belt buckle. The stories always have a ridiculous and insane background which start to annoy the teens. Hiccup at first gives Gobber's stories the benefit of the doubt, despite the Riders calling them ridiculous and insane. But after being shipwrecked and landing on the Boneknapper's island, Gobber sets up a trap to lure the Boneknapper using Fishlegs as bait. At that point, Hiccup can no longer defend him and tells Gobber that there's no such thing as a Boneknapper. This causes a long dispute with the other Riders as well, causing them to be oblivious to the Boneknapper sneaking up behind them. When they finally witness the dragon, Hiccup and the rest finally say they believe Gobber and run for the safety of the trap. The Boneknapper tries to smash its way in, but Hiccup notices that its armor of bones is missing a small piece in its chest. He realizes the belt buckle Gobber is using is actually the perfect bone for its coat of armor and tells Gobber to takes off his pants.

The Riders are all confused, but Hiccup explains how the Boneknapper searches for the perfect bone to complete its coat of armor. Consequently, the Boneknapper grabs Gobber and brutally drags him out of the trap, while Hiccup shouts to Gobber to give up the bone piece. Eventually, when he is tossed high up, Gobber finally gives in and throws the bone to the Boneknapper, successfully attaching it to the hole in its armor. When the Boneknapper finally receives the bone, it lets off a deafening roar that irritates Hiccup and the rest. Just then, the Boneknapper confronts Gobber, Hiccup calls for him, fearing his death. But instead, the Boneknapper takes a liking to Gobber after giving back the bone piece, and Gobber pets it as it acts like a friendly dog. But without the belt buckle, Gobber's pants fall down, mortifying Hiccup and the rest of the Riders. Hiccup even admits it's gonna give him nightmares. 

Afterwards, they get a ride home from the Boneknapper. Hiccup notices the Boneknapper's happy mood now that it has its bone piece, also giving it the ability to roar for the first time. Fishlegs then explains its roar is also its mating call. When Gobber denies it to be just a myth, he is proven wrong as three other Boneknapper dragons hear the call and follow them straight to Berk. Gobber exclaims that Stoick and the rest of the villagers will believe his stories now, too.

Updating the Dragon Manual

Living with dragons, it ain't easy. It brings a new adventure every day and there's so much to learn. Because if you wanna train dragons you have to know dragons. So if you hurry, you can join us in the Great Hall. We're just about to start a new class.
  — Hiccup's opening narration  

Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Gobber are gathered around a table in the Great Hall, discussing new found knowledge of dragons, while Hiccup writes it all down in the Dragon Manual. Toothless sees the viewer enter and gets Hiccup's attention at a new "Dragon Trainer", to which Hiccup says optimistically that [you] have potential. And so the training begins with the opening of the Dragon Manual.

Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Gobber all take turns talking about the various dragons in the book. But as the expert in the Strike Class dragons, Hiccup talks about how in order to train one, you need to get its attention, and then its trust. He finally finishes, saying that with a little patience, any dragon can be trained.

The short ends with Toothless excited over teaching his rider what more he can do, so Hiccup can enter it into the manual. So Hiccup follows him out of the Great Hall so they can take a flight, and Gobber gives [you] a Viking helmet, welcoming you to Dragon Training.

First Snoggletog with Toothless

Turns out that was the best Snoggletog ever. That year I gave my best friend a pretty great gift. But he gave me an even better one
  — Hiccup in Gift of the Night Fury  

Hiccup Hookfang 2 GITNF.JPG

After being woken by Toothless jumping on the roof, Hiccup grabs his helmet, mounts Toothless, and they go out flying to practice a trick they have worked on for some time during their flight and finally pull it off. As Hiccup and Toothless are heading back home from their ride, they fly straight into the swarm of oncoming dragons, during which Hiccup's helmet is knocked off and falls into the ocean. Although Toothless attempts to quickly dive to get the helmet back, Hiccup decides it's best to return home to figure out what is going on. Upon returning, Hiccup is pelted with questions from the villagers of where the dragons have gone to, to which Hiccup has no answer.

After a town meeting in the Great Hall about what to do about the dragons being gone for the holiday, Hiccup supports Astrid's idea to come up with new traditions to distract them from their sadness, only to be guilted later for being the only villager whose dragon didn't leave. Hiccup feels bad since Toothless can't fly without him, and decides to do something about it.

The next morning, Hiccup is in Gobber's shop, building a new tail for Toothless that will allow the Night Fury to fly by himself, when Astrid stops by to offer him her newest holiday traditon; yak nog. He confides in her his feelings of guilt, thus the reason for him making Toothless this gift, and tasks a sip of her drink. Finding it repulsive, he politely holds it in his mouth until Astrid leaves, and then spits it out. After the tail is finished, Hiccup attaches it on Toothless despite the lingering fear that the dragon might not return. He then watches sadly as Toothless flies off.

Some days later, Hiccup follows Fishlegs, who is carrying fish for Meatlug, to his barn where Meatlug has secretly been chained up. As soon as Hiccup opens the doors to the barn, Meatlug breaks free and inadvertently takes Hiccup with her. As Hiccup holds onto Meatlug for dear life, he is taken to an island, where he discovers that Dragons have gone here to lay their eggs. At not finding Toothless on the island however, he decides to let the dragons enjoy their own holiday. Determined he ought to get back home for Snoggletog, he persuades Hookfang for a ride as the other dragons unexpectedly try to follow with their hatchlings in tow despite Hiccup's protests not to, inadvertently starting the return migration. Remembering an old Viking ship he and Meatlug passed on their flight in, Hiccup comes up with an idea to get both the Dragons and the hatchlings back home safely. They return to Berk after dark, much to the joy of the villagers. Hiccup's greeted with cheers and a crushing hug from Stoick.

At the Great Hall, Hiccup receives a kiss and a hug from Astrid as a thank you for bringing the dragons back, but knowing he is still worried about Toothless' whereabouts. But just them Toothless pushes through the Great Hall doors, Astrid turns Hiccup's face to where Toothless is, and Hiccup is overjoyed to be with his Night Fury once again. It turns out that Toothless has used the new tail to look for Hiccup's helmet, and has in fact, retrieved it.

The next morning, Hiccup wakes to find Toothless placed his old tail and saddle out in front of him in the snow. Hiccup remarks how Toothless has a new and better tail now, but instead of letting Hiccup get up on his back, Toothless keeps persisting they use the old one. Eventually, the dragon looks back at his new tail and smashes it into the ground, ignoring Hiccup's protests as he flicks it far away behind him. Toothless picks up and places the saddle on the snow in front of Hiccup and nudges it towards him, eyes round with request. Realizing Toothless would rather fly with his help, as opposed to just carrying him like all the other dragons, Hiccup is all too happy to go out for another flight. While Hiccup had given Toothless freedom, Toothless has given him friendship.

Discovering New Dragons and War with the Outcasts

Alvin: "You're a smart boy, Hiccup. You know I can't let you leave the island."
Hiccup: "And you're a smart, murderous, barbarian, Alvin. You know I have a better plan than this."
Alvin: "So do I."[src]

Hiccup in the TV Series.

Hiccup is known as the founder and head Dragon Trainer of the Berk Dragon Training Academy, starting it by confronting the problem of dragons causing havoc around Berk. Hiccup's role in the series is still unquestionably that of the main character since most of the plots revolve around him and his actions. Throughout the series, he, Toothless, the other teens and their dragons are forced to overcome many different kinds of hardships. Hiccup is looked up to by the teens as a leader, even if at times they don't like to admit it. Stoick starts to entrust great amounts of responsibility to Hiccup.

Hiccup's main difficulties begin with keeping the dragons under control. After that, the weather and harsh climate of Berk become a challenge that he must overcome. Mildew serves as one of his primary antagonists, and Hiccup is forced to go to desperate measures to keep the Vikings from falling back on the old ways of conflicting with the dragons. Wild and rogue dragons are discovered which Hiccup either battles or trains during the series. Perhaps Berk's most deadly enemy, Alvin the Treacherous, shares the role of his book counterpart as being Hiccup's nemesis. Hiccup is forced into conflict with him and his Outcast soldiers many times throughout the first season, but due to his wit and compassion, Hiccup usually emerges the victor, much to Alvin's frustration.

Hiccup has been seen to have mild character development throughout the series. He suddenly finds his confidence, and is willing to take risks, especially social ones. He is given much more responsibility, and he usually handles it well. He has gained significant skills as both a teacher and a leader. He and his father have actually grown to appreciate each other more and more as the series has progressed. Hiccup has also been seen to develop creative ideas for using and training the dragons which now inhabit Berk. He has developed in his relationship with Snotlout considerably. When they compete in the Thawfest Games, both of them become rudely antagonistic towards each other. Hiccup snaps out of this with a little help from Astrid and his conscience, and he allows Snotlout to take victory for the sake of maintaining their friendship. Hiccup's sheer bravery usually winds up saving the day. He doesn't usually take risks unnecessarily, but he seems willing to risk everything for the sake of his friends, especially Toothless. Unfortunately this bravery occasionally becomes foolhardiness, and Hiccup has also found himself in dangerous situations with no way to escape. Thankfully, he knows that he has Toothless and his friends to back him up, and throughout the series they are always ready to help him when he needs it.

In "How to Start a Dragon Academy", Hiccup's disheartened at the village's continuing troubles with dragons, despite not fighting them anymore. So he comes up with a plan to teach the villagers how to work with the dragons rather than against them, for the benefit of all. Stoick is so proud of his son and his friends that he offers what was once the killing arena to them, suggesting they transform it into a Training Academy.

In "Viking for Hire", as Hiccup's "adopted uncle", Gobber struggles to make ends meet now that the dragon killing weapons he use to make in his forge are no longer needed. So Hiccup tries to help by finding Gobber other work. At first he talks his father into taking Gobber on as an assistant, which leads to disaster. So Stoick hands Gobber back to Hiccup, who puts him to work making dragon saddles, which also ends in disaster. Hiccup learns a valuable lesson in delegating before Gobber finally finds his true calling as a dragon dentist.

In "Animal House", Hiccup and Astrid race each other down a snowy slope on their dragons, only to trigger an avalanche. When Hiccup finds Toothless' tail fin has been frozen so flying out of danger was impossible, Astrid frantically tries to save him, only to be caught up in the avalanche herself. The two fall into a crevass and are buried, thankfully along with their dragons who create an air pocket for them and eventually melt the snow above them so they're able to get out. Later during a blizzard, Hiccup and the other teens try to chase down the escaped livestock, causing Stoick to fear for his son's life. The finding of how protective the dragons were of them is what leads to teaching Berk's livestock that dragons will be protective of them too, so they lose their fear of the bigger animals and start providing milk and eggs again, offering the Vikings more food to eat during the long winter.

In "The Terrible Twos", Fishlegs alerts Hiccup of a small mysterious creature that startled him and Meatlug during a training exercise. Turns out it was a new dragon, and the teens enjoy studying it. Since all the other teens were hesitant to bring it home for the night, Hiccup takes it home, much to the annoyance of both Stoick and Toothless. He tries to contain Toothless' apparent jealously, only to eventually learn that the new dragon is actually a baby, and its gigantic fire breathing mother is searching for it. So he reunites the pair, and makes amends with Toothless, knowing that Toothless' "jealously" was just his way of alerting him of possible danger.

In "In Dragons We Trust", Hiccup butts heads with the village grump Mildew, who hates dragons and wants to banish then from the island for good. He's frustrated when a number of things start happening around the village, and the dragons get all the blame, including Toothless. He knows the dragons are innocent, but his inability to prove it frustrates him further. Hiccup is broken hearted when his father orders all dragons be taken to Dragon Island and left there. But while fixing Mildew's roof, Hiccup witnesses the proof that Mildew framed the dragons. Unfortunately however the evidence is destroyed before he can show them to his father and the rest of the tribe.

In "Alvin and the Outcasts", with the dragons banished to Dragon Island and all their weapons destroyed, Berk is left defenseless when their long time enemies The Outcasts attack. Their leader, Alvin, is after Hiccup specifically, calling him the "Dragon Conqueror", but is unaware that who he's after is actually Stoick's small son. Hiccup tries to hide at first, but when the other villagers are threatened, he gives himself up, and uses his wit to trick Alvin into bringing him to Dragon Island so he can get to Toothless and help protect his village. After fighting the Outcasts off with the help of Stoick and the other teens, who also retrieved their dragons, Stoick and the rest of the village realize how important the dragons can be for their safety, and they're welcomed back into Berk.

In "How to Pick Your Dragon", Hiccup is frustrated at his father's stubbornness in always doing things the old fashioned and slow "Viking Way" rather than the much easier and quicker "Dragon Way". So he tries to teach Stoick how useful flying a dragon can be by teaching him how to fly Toothless. This however backfires when Stoick starts flying Toothless without consenting with his son first, leaving Hiccup without his dragon and best friend for most of the time. But a rogue dragon attack on a ship turns Stoick's attention to this new dragon, and asks Hiccup to help him train it for himself. Hiccup's happy to oblige, but irritated that his father doesn't seem to be taking anything he says seriously and keeps trying to train the new dragon his own way. But Hiccup is shocked yet pleased at the end when his father bonds with the new dragon anyway, and lands that Stoick had been listening to his son's instructions all along.

Episodio 8 - Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man.mp4 snapshot 18.01 -2012.12.13 01.45.49-.png

In "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man", Hiccup and Stoick are having their portrait painted to be hung in the Great Hall along side the portraits of other chiefs and their sons. But Hiccup is devastated when he sees the finished result of the painting, falsely depicting him as a strong Viking man rather than the lanky kid that he really is. He's especially taken back by his father's positive reaction to it, and in an effort to prove himself yet again, he leads the other teens on a dangerous treasure hunt. After nearly getting killed multiple times and beyond separated from his friends, Hiccup ultimately decides to look inside himself for the real treasure, and learns that one of the former chief's sons, one of the wealthiest and wisest, was also small and lanky like himself.

In "Dragon Flower", after Mildew bought a suspicious item from Trader Johann, Toothless and the other dragons on Berk become sick. Hiccup later finds out Mildew planted Blue Oleander Flowers in Berk in an attempt to make the dragons sick. Afterwards, Hiccup had to get venom from a Scauldron to cure the dragons. After extracting and then giving the venom to the dragons, they fully recovered from their illness.

In "Heather Report, Part 1" and Part 2, a strange girl washes up on Berk's shore in a shipwreck, and Hiccup wishes to help her out. He and his father allow her to stay with them for a few days until she gets back on her feet. Despite Astrid's distrust in Heather, Hiccup insists she's harmless and just needs some help. When it's found out that Heather does indeed have ulterior motives and steals Stormfly and the Book of Dragons, Hiccup regrets putting his trust in a stranger and helps Astrid get Stormfly back as well as the book. Unfortunately Alvin gets to the book before Hiccup could, giving possibility that he might learn to use dragons in his next attack, which could mean Berk's destruction. In desperation, Astrid comes up with a plan to disguise herself as Heather, hoping to trick Alvin into giving the book to her. Hiccup's unsure of her plan but goes along with it. He and the other Riders stand by while Astrid does her thing, and quickly comes to her aid when she signals to him. They eventually learn that Heather had been put in an impossible situation and had been forced to aid Alvin in order to save her parents' lives. After a short fight with the Outcasts and Heather's surprise appearance to help, the Book of Dragons is retrieved and Hiccup and the Riders return home, and declare Heather as a friend rather than an enemy as once thought.

In "Thawfest", the annual Thawfest Games had always been a thorn in Hiccup's side, but this year he knows he finally has the upper hand because this year dragons will be involved, and he knows he has the fastest and smartest dragon. He fails miserably in all the dragon-less events as expected, but gets a bit overconfident when Toothless can be included. Hiccup's so excited to finally win the Games instead of Snotlout, hoping it will shut his boisterous and arrogant peer up. His gloating, however, starts to turn Astrid off, which leads to an inner struggle. Hiccup finally decides to still allow Snotlout to win, in order to preserve his happiness and the dysfunctional relationship with his overbearing father. Astrid is so proud of Hiccup taking the high road that she kisses him again.

In "When Lightning Strikes", Hiccup uses his smarts to erect dragon perches throughout the village in hopes of sparing the more fragile buildings from collapse because heavy dragons keep landing on them. Shortly after their completion, however, horrible lightning storms begin, and start setting fires everywhere which turns out even more destructive than the dragons' mayhem. So the teens come up with the idea of building a statue of Thor in hopes of appeasing the god of thunder, and bringing the stems to an end. Hiccup overlooks the construction of the statue and it turns out magnificent, but the storms get even worse. The village starts to blame Toothless, being the "offspring of lighting", for the storms and want to ship him off the ends of the earth, thinking it's the only way to save their village. While trying to hide with Toothless, Hiccup realizes that the lightning is attracted to metal, since the perches,the statue, and Toothless prosthetic tail fin were all attracting the lightning more than anything else. To prove his point, he takes some metal weaponry and from the top of a ship's mast, demonstrates how the lightning is attracted to it. Unfortunately, he gets struck by lightning, and falls unconscious to the water below. Toothless pulls him out, and Stoick brings him home where he eventually wakes up in bed with a headache. He's relieved to find he still has his good leg though, and Stoick and Gobber inform him that he made his point, and the villagers now believe that Thor is angry at the metal, not Toothless.

In "What Flies Beneath", when Toothless starts acting weird and large holes are found on the island, Hiccup starts to investigate. Turns out the holes were created by a Whispering Death, and Toothless has negative memories of the new dragon and was insistent at fighting it off alone. Hiccup and Fishlegs explore the tunnels that the Whispering Death made in hopes of learning more, almost to get themselves killed by the aggressive wild dragon. Toothless saves them though, however still doesn't allow Hiccup to help him fight it. Hiccup comes up with a foolhardy plan to force Toothless into letting him help, proving his trust in Toothless and Toothless' protectiveness of Hiccup is stronger than anyone had formerly imagined. The two finally drive the wild dragon off, and help plug up the holes it left.

In "Twinsanity", Fishlegs tells Hiccup of the new hand signals he's been testing with Meatlug, and the two friends get excited over what more that can do with them. But as the Riders are starting to Train with hand signals, the twins have a falling out and it's announced that the chief of the Berserker Tribe is visiting for his annual signing of the Peace Treaty. Stoick instructs Hiccup to hide all the dragons for fear that their presence might be intimidating to the Berserkers. But without the twins' cooperation, Barf and Belch are proving hard to control. Meanwhile, Dagur, who has been a antagonistic bully toward Hiccup and Fishlegs for years, is found to be the new chief of the Berserkers. And he wants to kill a dragon as part of the peace treaty. Barf and Belch is the only dragon around, so Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Snotlout desperately try to get the twins to reconcile before either their dragon is killed, or the two tribes are thrust into war. Once the twins agree to work together again to save their dragon, Hiccup quickly comes up with a plan to use hand signals from afar to stage a dragon attack and scare Dagur and the Berserkers off.

In "Defiant One", once again Hiccup and Snotlout display rivalry when Snotlout refuses to follow Hiccup's orders and flies off to do a rescue mission his own way. At first Hiccup is relieved at not having to deal with him any more, but Astrid again snaps him out of it, and Hiccup chases Snotlout down in hopes of bringing him back. The two get caught up in a large water spout, and crash land with Toothless on Outcast Island. With Toothless' tail fin destroyed and Hookfang separated from his rider by the water spout, they have immense difficulty working together in finding a way to get back home. Thanks to Snotlout's arrogance, Hiccup is eventually found and captured by Alvin. But Toothless persuades Snotlout into rescuing him, and together they finally manage to beat the Outcasts off long enough to fix Toothless' tail and escape.

In "Breakneck Bog", Hiccup is trying to help his father and Gobber search for Johann's ship after he's late adding because there's apparently something on it that Stoick desperately wants. Frustrated that Stoick won't give him details, Hiccup finally decides to search for Johann alone, again in hopes of proving himself. Astrid and Snotlout get him to allow them to join in the search, and despite Hiccup's demands that no one else know where they're going, Snotlout invites Fishlegs and the twins to come along as well. They finally find Johann unconscious on a piece of wood debris in the sea, and when he comes to, Johann tells Hiccup that what he had on his ship was actually for him, not his father. And that it was from his mother. Finding new desperation to find the ship, Hiccup sends Johann back to the safety of Berk with Snotlout and the twins. He leads Astrid and Fishlegs to Breakneck Bog, where a mysterious "fog monster" is said to be. They find the ship stuck in the top of a tree, which they all found to be very creepy. Once aboard, Hiccup searches for the chest that Johann said the object was suppose to be in, and finally finds it, only to have it snatched away again by the "fog monster". The Riders chase the "monster" on their dragons and discover that it's actually a pack of Smokebreath dragons, which collect metallic objects for their nest. But Hiccup is insistent on getting the chest back, and finally manages to get it away from the wild dragons and bring it home. At Stoick's instruction, Hiccup finally opens the chest to see a toy dragon that his mother had made him when he was a baby. He's in disbelief to hear that he was once frightened by dragons and had thrown the toy into the ocean when he had been young. But now he holds the toy as a treasure like nothing else.

In "Gem of a Different Color", Gobber is teaching the teens hand-to-hand combat, and pairs Hiccup with Astrid. As he's still small and rather weak, Astrid has him pinned to the ground in no time. Everyone is curious at Fishlegs' absence, however, and are intrigued when he shows up later that evening with a glowing object. At first they think it's a "Stone of Good Fortune", but soon realize that it's actually a dragon egg. Hiccup accompanies Fishlegs back to the island where he found it so it can be returned. Snotlout unfortunately steals more in hopes of selling them, and Hiccup, Astrid, and Fishlegs desperately try to collect all the eggs before the mothers attack and endanger the village. While reading up on this new dragon species, Fishlegs blames himself for all the trouble and Hiccup assures him that it could have happened to anyone and no one holds it against him. After Fishlegs finally returns the last egg to the mother, Hiccup adds a drawing of this new dragon to the Book of Dragons.

In "We Are Family, Part 1" and Part 2, Hiccup and the Riders are working on their new dragon calls, and practicing for the parade they're expected to put on for Bork Week. But at seeing each of the other dragons having others of the same species to parade with, Hiccup feels bad for Toothless, being the only known of his kind. Later, Stoick and the Berk Council present Hiccup with the priceless Bork Papers, which are filled with info on dragons that was never included in the Book of Dragons. That night as Hiccup is looking through the new treasure, he finds papers on an island where Night Furies like Toothless are said to originate. Originally he plans for the Riders to accompany him in finding the island, but reading that Night Furies are hostile forward other species of dragons, he sneaks away during the night alone. At arriving, he uses his dragon call to see if other Night Furies might answer, and to his and Toothless' delight, one appears from behind a rock a short distance away. But Hiccup senses something is not right and calls Toothless back, just as he and Toothless are jumped by Alvin and the Outcasts. Turns out Mildew has joined forces with Alvin and planted fake info in the Bork Papers in hopes of luring Hiccup and his dragon to the island. They're taken to the Outcast prison where Alvin offers Hiccup his freedom in exchange for teaching him how to train dragons. Hiccup refuses and is locked up, while Toothless is muzzled and caged in another part of the island. Separated from his dragon and losing hope, he witnesses Mildew being locked up across the aisle, and even has sympathy for the old man when Alvin snatches Mildew's pet sheep from his arms, and suggests Mildew will be eating the sheep for his next meal. He agrees to join alliances with Mildew in escaping and getting their animals back. Once out of their cells, Hiccup trains a wild Nadder in aiding them, much to Mildew's distrust. Meanwhile, Toothless manages to use his own wit in escaping his muzzle and cage and goes looking for Hiccup. Rider and Dragon reunite just as Stoick, Gobber, and the rest of the teens show up to rescue them. They fight off the Outcasts once more, and leave for home, though Mildew falls from the dragon and is once again captured by the Outcasts. Back on Berk, the festivities for Bork Week begin complete with the dragon parade. With Hiccup leading the other dragons on Toothless, he's happy to call his friends and their dragons as part of Toothless' family along with himself.

Dragons: Riders of Berk (comics)

"Dragon Down"

The comic opens with a narration by Hiccup on how the Vikings have adapted to living with dragons as well as an introduction of his friends who are showing off new tricks their dragons have learned. Hiccup gives a small demonstration on how Toothless does sea-skimming, which he explains it is a bit like flying.

When Snotlout worries over Hookfang overheating above the village, Hiccup reassures him that the dragon is only shedding his scales. Hookfang is then cast out until he finishes shedding. The next day, it is revealed that Hookfang has flown away. Hiccup comforts Snotlout, promising him they will go on a search party to find his dragon again. However, they are unsuccessful and when they return, Hiccup is confronted by Stoick who grounds the riders for searching during a storm.

Hiccup eventually sneaks out with Toothless and continues the search alone. The Night Fury finds a trail of dragon scales which Hiccup recognizes as Hookfang's. They arrive at a volcanic island where Hiccup finds Hookfang inside a cave. He tries convincing the dragon to leave the cave but fails. Hiccup is then captured by the Outcasts who have been waiting for him outside. Toothless, however, manages to escape away by using the sea-skimming technique. Alvin the Treacherous then comes into the scene and introduces himself to Hiccup.

Later on, Hiccup tries to distract Alvin with small talk about the weather conditions while he frees himself of his ropes. However, his plan fails and he is quickly recaptured again. While the Outcasts make their departure from the island, their ship is suddenly ambushed by Berk's fleet. Astrid soon frees Hiccup and reunites him with Toothless. The duo then fights off the remaining the ships.

Following their victory, the riders arrive at the volcanic island Hookfang is on. Snotlout wants to go after his dragon immediately but Hiccup warns him that the air was too hot last time and that they would need protection. He then gets an idea and creates a fireproof shield. Hiccup accompanies Snotlout as he enters the volcano where they quickly spot Hookfang. Snotlout then asks his dragon nicely to come home, to which Hookfang relents. As they exit the cave, Snotlout warns Hiccup not to tell anyone what he had said inside the cave.

During Hiccup's closing narration, he and Snotlout are shown patching up the burnt roofs of houses with Nightmare scales.

"Dangers of the Deep"

Hiccup begins the comic with a narration about Berk. When the fishermen return to the docks, Hiccup believes that they brought enough fish for a hungry Toothless, but changes his mind when he sees the men empty-handed.

Hiccup talks to the other riders, explaining them how they have to use their dragons to find fish, otherwise the whole tribe could be in danger, However, this leads to nothing as the dragons can't find any fish.

When the adult vikings leave for the Veil of Mists to find fish, Stoick makes Hiccup acting chief. Later, he is seen checking the village, noticing how everything is out of order because of the adults' absence. He is then seen making a megapult when Mildew comes with complains for him. Hiccup finishes quickly the discussion and starts to worry about Berk. Later, he tries to convince the other teens to work but to no avail.

When Astrid arrives at the academy and tells the others about a net put on the Mouth of Fafnir, Hiccup sees the Outcast army rapidly approaching Berk. He orders Astrid to go after Berk's fleet while he and the other riders slow down the enemy. He also asks Mildew for help and he old man obeys, much to Hiccup's surprise. The gang successfully defeats the Outcasts, with Hiccup using his megapult on Alvin.

After Stoick returns to Berk, Hiccup tries to act as if nothing happened. In the end, however, Stoick finds a herd of sheep not at their place and yells at Hiccup.

"The Ice Castle"

"The Stowaway"

"The Legend of Ragnarok"


Battling the Screaming Death and the Berserker War

This is Berk. We've got ice, we've got snow... and we've got more ice. But we've also got dragons. We train them... learn from them... protect them. And they protect us. Sometimes from ourselves. One thing's for sure. We wouldn't trade this for anything. Would you? [src]
  — Hiccup's closing narration  

Astrid testing out the sword made of gronkle iron.jpg

Hiccup is forced to grow up a lot in Defenders of Berk, now that he is being hunted by Alvin for his dragon training knowledge, and soon also involuntarily dragged into a war with Dagur the Deranged and the Berserker Tribe over his rare and lethal dragon; a Night Fury. And during all this conflict, he and the Riders continue to discover new dragons and are sometimes forced to fight them as well, in order to defend Berk. Especially the Screaming Death and the Skrill, both of which almost destroy the island if it hadn't been for Hiccup and the Riders interfering.

At the discovery of Gronckle Iron, he has an "ornate" shield made that contains a crossbow, a grappling hook, a bola-launcher, and a mini-catapult. Like the Academy sign, the shield has a picture of a Night Fury with a red tail-fin, (a clear design of Toothless). It becomes his sidekick during adventures for the next several years.

Hiccup continues to evolve as a leader as he continues to take charge over the Academy and his father grants him more responsibilities. He also finds more confidence as he learns to think on his feet and plan ahead for the sake of everyone he cares about, especially Toothless. This holds the most true when Stoick is captured by Dagur and is threatened with execution if Hiccup doesn't surrender Toothless to him. For the first time, Hiccup is made Acting Chief in his father's absence, and despite being forced into a role he never really wanted, he's able to save his father, Toothless, and all of Berk, while managing to also form alliances with the Outcasts, get Dagur jailed, and bring an end to the Berserker War.

Though still awkward at times, the timid, clumsy, and rebellious boy that he was in the movie is now a confident, responsible, and thoughtful young man, who's also becoming a great leader. And as Stoick's successor, is officially anointed as the future Chief of Berk.

In "Live and Let Fly", after Hiccup was captured and locked up by the Outcasts, Stoick gives him and the other Riders a "no dragon flying" policy, in an attempt to keep him safe. Hiccup knows that the safest place, however, is on the back of his loyal fire breathing dragon. In hopes of still defending himself against an attack, Hiccup constructs his first shield in Gobber's forge. But soon resorts to flying Toothless despite Stoick's new rule. Astrid finds out about Hiccup's defiance, and the two of them come up with "Dragon Flight Club"; a secret dragon flying society that trains at night, and without the knowledge of their chief. They go on a few training missions until Stoick catches them flying dragons and, hoping to stay out of trouble, they're forced to lay low for a while. But they do manage to catch an Outcast ship in Berk waters and stay ahead of Stoick in fighting them off. Stoick then changes his mind about the no-flying policy, and allows his son and the other Riders to fly their dragons again.

In "The Iron Gronckle", when Fishlegs starts to feel bad for slowing his team down, he offers to stay behind and hold up the rear, to which Hiccup reluctantly agrees. But Hiccup later feels bad for not assuring Fishlegs of his importance, no matter his speed. When he tries to talk Fishlegs into rejoining the Riders in patrolling the waters off Berk for more Outcast ships, Fishlegs has decided he's needed more by the village for Meatlug's production of Gronckle Iron. Hiccup uses the new Iron in his shield, but eventually the Gronckle Iron production takes a wrong turn and Meatlug starts magnetically attracting any metal objects near by. In fear, she charges through the village and Hiccup helps Fishlegs try to catch her, only to have her attract his metal leg. Attached to Meatlug by the leg, Hiccup is carried over the sea as she continues fleeing in fear. Fishlegs rides Toothless after them in pursuit, but before Fishlegs can tickle Meatlug's belly to get her to regurgitate whatever is making her magnetic, they spot an Outcast ship below. Hiccup comes up with the idea of flying Meatlug close to the ship, thus pulling any metal weaponry and ship hardware out of the Outcasts' hands before they even know what's happening. It works perfectly, however now there are many sharp weapons chasing the slowest dragon and Hiccup starts fearing for both his and Meatlug's life. It's then that Fishlegs finally tickles Meatlug's belly, sending regurgitated rocks and all the metal objects stuck to her body as well as those that had been chasing her to the decks of the Outcast ship below, leading to its sinking. Hiccup detaches from her too, and Toothless catches him by flying underneath. Back at Berk, Hiccup apologises to Fishlegs for being too quick in letting him stay behind while on missions, and reminds him that every one of the Riders plays an important part.

In "The Night and the Fury", Hiccup lets Astrid decide on a training mission, and she chooses for the Riders to spend the night on Dragon Island without their dragons or even any camping gear to work on their survival skills while around wild dragons. He supports the mission even though no one else does. Once on the island, he had no problems dealing with the wild dragons on his own, including a herd of wild Gronckles. But when he spots a camp fire, he gets annoyed that one of his friends isn't following the rules of the mission, and he goes to confront them. Instead of one of the Riders, however, he's surprised to find Dagur, who says he's on Dragon Island to hunt dragons. The two spend some awkward moments talking by the fire, and Dagur, grateful for Hiccup's bravery during the staged dragon attack back on Berk and seemingly saving his life, tries to bond with his younger comrade by pointing out their similarities, and even addressing him as "brother". Hiccup plays along until it's found that the Riders' dragons have gotten out of the cave where Tuff was suppose to be keeping them until the mission was over, and Dagur tries to kill Toothless. Hiccup manages to distract Dagur long enough for Toothless to get away, as one by one, they come across the other Riders. Hiccup eventually sends them away with their own dragons for their own safety, as he continues "hunting" Toothless with Dagur. When Dagur doesn't give up on wanting to kill Toothless, Hiccup finally comes clean and admits that the dragon attack that Dagur remembers was staged, and that he and the Riders ride dragons rather than hunt them. Feeling betrayed, Dagur tries to kill Hiccup but Hiccup manages to use his shield to fight back and finally gets away. Though not before Dagur vows to get his revenge, landing him as an enemy.

In "Tunnel Vision", Berk's well has gone dry so Hiccup has Fishlegs help him in trying to find out why. When he falls to the bottom, Toothless rushes down to save him, only to be caught at the bottom too, since the well is too narrow to fly back up. So the two explore the tunnels at the bottom, and soon learn that hatchling Whispering Deaths drained the well with their burrowing. While exploring, they come across a much bigger tunnel than any of the Whispering Deaths could have made. After being chased for some time by the hatchlings, they finally find a way back to the surface in time to see that a Titan Wing Whispering Death; a Screaming Death; is what caused the larger tunnels. The young wild dragons are starting to tear up Berk, while Hiccup and the Riders try to chase them away. Hiccup learns that the Screaming Death doesn't have the weakness of disliking direct sunlight, and uses that and its size against it, which in time injures it and forces it and its smaller siblings to retreat. Knowing Whispering Deaths always return to their birthplace however, Hiccup warns that the Screaming Death will return someday.

In "Race to Fireworm Island", when Snotlout and Hookfang rejoin the other Riders after training on their own, Hiccup points out how tired Hookfang appears. Snotlout brushes Hiccup's concern off, and continues to push his dragon to the limits. Later back at the Academy, Hookfang is looking and acting worse, and Fishlegs turns to the Dragon Manual on how to help him. They learn that other Stoker Class dragons can share their fire and rekindle the fire of a member who's ill. So the Riders scour the island for Fireworm dragons, collecting as many as they can find, and bring them back to Hookfang. It proves to not be enough, however, and Snotlout is getting desperate when Hiccup notices the twins playing with some of the Fireworms and how they glow brighter the closer they are to another Fireworm. So he puts some Fireworms in a lantern and has them lead him and the other Riders to Fireworm Island where they can access more Fireworms. Despite Hiccup's instructions, Snotlout rushes inside the Fireworm caves so Hiccup and Toothless chase after him. Inside they come across a hive, filled with a comb of royal jelly, which they observe the Fireworms eat to maintain their fire. Again despite Hiccup's advisement, Snotlout breaks off a piece of the comb to bring back to Hookfang, when the Fireworm Queen appears and fiercely defends her hive. With Toothless' help, the two race out of the cave, only to be headed off by the Queen who somehow found a shortcut. The other Riders fend off the Queen so Hiccup and Snotlout can get out, and Snotlout offers the piece of comb to Hookfang, insisting he eat it to get well. But Hookfang, in protection of his Rider, throws the comb back to the Queen before collapsing. Hiccup and the others fear there's nothing more that can be done for Hookfang, when suddenly the Fireworm Queen grabs the other dragon and gives him a dose of her venom. In shock, they all think Hookfang is about to die, but Snotlout discovers that his dragon is getting his heat and coloring back. Hookfang then straightens up and lights himself ablaze, a sure sign that he's on the mend. The Queen then retreats back into her cave and the Riders return to Berk. Later, Hiccup invites Snotlout to join them in a mission, but Snotlout declines, stating that Hookfang needs more time to rest and enjoy himself before going back to work.

In "Fright of Passage", Hiccup finds Astrid at the Academy "killing" inanimate objects in preparation for the Flightmare's return after 10 years. He remains sensitive to her feelings about it, and tries his best to steer their friends' conversations in another direction. When she prepares to go after the Flightmare alone, he tries to stop her, but after they talk to Fishlegs about why it seems to take the same path every time it comes to Berk, Hiccup agrees to go with Astrid to observe the wild dragon since Toothless is the best dragon for stealth. He tries to get her to agree that they're only going to observe it, and she only half heartedly agrees, filling him with doubt. When they come across it, Astrid jumps off of Toothless and faces the dragon alone, frightening Hiccup over her safety. The dragon paralyzes her, and the two friends discover that Astrid's uncle Finn had also been paralyzed rather than frozen in fear as beloved, tarnishing her family's name. Wanting to help Astrid clear her family name, Hiccup agrees to help Astrid fight it off. They soon discover the glowing algae that the dragon eats, which Toothless also has a taste of, causing him to glow in a similar manner as the Flightmare. Unable to hide in the clouds with Toothless glowing, they hide in a cave and devise a plan on how to lead it away from the village. Thankfully the glow wears off and Fishlegs appears with Meatlug and Stormfly with an announcement that he thinks he knows why the wild dragon takes the same route every time. The three decide to divert the river with glowing algae out to sea so the dragon will follow it away from the village. Hiccup has Toothless blast a new channel toward the sea while Astrid fights the Flightmare on Stormfly and Fishlegs and Meatlug start work to dam the original passage. When the Flightmare still heads toward the village, the three Riders have their dragons eat the algae and intimate the dragon with their combined brightness. Once it's heading out to sea, they return to Berk with the news that they lead it away, and Hiccup makes an announcement that Astrid's uncle was indeed fearless and her family name is restored.

In "Worst in Show", since Hiccup has the most intelligent and fastest dragon out of the all the Riders, Snotlout states that no competition is fair when doing training exercises. So Fishlegs comes up with a way to give every one a level playing field. Hiccup insists it doesn't always need to be a competition, but humors Fishlegs' idea of each training a Terrible Terror. He's assigned a green one whom he names Sharpshot, and trains it to precisely shoot moving objects from a distance. When Meatlug is dragon-napped by Alvin, Savage, and Mildew, who are spying on Berk, Hiccup chases after them with Fishlegs, and soon comes up with an idea of how to free Meatlug. So with Fishlegs riding with him on Toothless, Hiccup leads the other Riders and their dragons, including the Terrors, to the ship where Meatlug is tied. They each use their Terrors to help free Fishlegs' dragon, including Sharpshot who blasts the chains confining her. Once Meatlug is free and Fishlegs reunites with her, the Riders rejoice at the success of the competition, to which Hiccup again states his dislike for competitions.

In "Appetite for Destruction", Hiccup and the other Riders are busy tagging wild dragons various colors so they can know which island they're from. He even enjoys using his shield to help him. But when it's found that dragons of different colors are congregating on single islands, he sends a Terror Mail to Fishlegs whose idea the color tagging was. When Fishlegs arrives with Snotlout to help investigate, Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Astrid go out to find why dragons are leaving their home islands. They find that whole islands are either disappearing or sinking into the sea, and soon discover that it's the Screaming Death causing them to do so. Trying to think of a way to stop the giant wild dragon before it reaches Dragon Island and all the dragons that have taken refuge there, much less Berk which wouldn't be far behind, they send another Terror Mail to Berk asking for Snotlout's and the Twins' assistance. Meanwhile, Hiccup tries to lure the Screaming Death away while Astrid and Fishlegs stay on Dragon Island to keep track of all the new dragons arriving. Fishlegs finally realizes that all the wild dragons on the island can help them fight off the Screaming Death, and they rally together to overwhelm the giant dragon, scaring it off just as Snotlout and the Twins arrive. Unfortunately, the fight left Dragon Island damaged and it starts to sink into the sea. So Fishlegs has Meatlug and the wild Gronckles spew lava into the cracks to stabilize it. With the dragons and the island again safe for the time being, Hiccup tells Fishlegs that he's the hero of the day, but again warns that the Screaming Death is still out there and will still one day find its way bash to Berk.

In "Zippleback Down", during a session on disarming dragon traps at the Academy by Gobber, the Twins almost get themselves killed. So Hiccup tells them it's best if they sit this mission out. Insulted, they leave to go find a trap to disarm anyway. While out finding traps with Toothless, Hiccup realizes how long it's been since it rained, and the ground is ripe for fire season. He rushes back to the village to warn his father, but is annoyed when Stoick already knows and is preparing. He tells his son to keep an extra eye on the Twins, knowing they'd be very likely to start a fire with their carelessness. Worried, Hiccup and Toothless go searching for the Twins before they burn the island down. Unfortunately, he notices smoke and follows it, just knowing the Twins are somehow to blame. He finds them in the company of a giant Typhoomerang, and crash lands Toothless near by after Toothless' tail fin catches fire and is destroyed. Though alarmed at first, Hiccup soon discovers that the Typhoomerang is actually Torch all grown up. With Torch's help, they snatch Tuff out of a tree where he got caught in a net trap, and they fly further away from the fire so Hiccup can have time to think of what to do about the situation. Tuff's bad ideas actually give Hiccup a good one, and he has the dragons burn a line of vegetation so the fire will run out of fuel, and then has Torch condense the remaining fire where it can be blasted out with one swift Typhoomerang typhoon. With the fire out, Torch carries Hiccup, the Twins, and their dragons back to the village where the other Riders are reunited with the now grown dragon. At hearing a dragon call in the distance, Torch nuzzles Tuff, who in turn asks Hiccup what the dragon is doing. Hiccup tells him that Torch is saying good bye, and the giant dragon flies off. Tuff then asks if someone can get him loose from the net trap now, and Hiccup is about to oblige only to be stopped by Gobber who insists that Tuff got himself in the trap, so he needs to figure out himself how to get out.

In "A View to a Skrill, Part 1" and Part 2, the Riders rush toward a frozen island where they see one of Berk's fishing boats is under attack by a Berserker ship. After fighting the Berserkers off, they're told by Mulch that they were probably attacked because they saw a dragon that the Berserkers were in the process of digging out of the ice. Hiccup is astounded at seeing this new dragon, and decides to have their dragons blast an ice chunk with the presumed carcass out of the glacier and take it back to Berk to study it. Once back at the Academy, Hiccup has Fishlegs tell Meatlug to melt the chunk of ice just enough to get a better look. The two geek over this new discovery, and run off to fetch the Dragon Manual to look into it further. Later, in the Great Hall, Stoick is discussing with the Berk Council what to do about the Berserkers attacking Mulch and Bucket's innocent fishing boat, declaring war. Just then Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Astrid burst in with the Dragon Manual, and news that this frozen dragon is a Skrill, and that it might still be alive. They rush back to the Academy, but it's too late, as the Twins and Snotlout have carelessly melted the ice and freed the wild dragon. As it's putting everyone in the arena in danger of electric shock, they allow it to escape. Stoick then tells Hiccup of how when he was a boy, his grandfather told him about Berserkers leading into battle with dragons that drew lighting from the sky. Fearful that Dagur and the Berserkers could get a hold of one again, the Riders and Stoick hurriedly chase after it. But Dagur is already in pursuit of the dragon, and a fight breaks out over it. Hiccup helps his father fight Dagur while the other Riders lure the Skrill away. It chased the Twins, and just as it's about to blast them with an electric shock, Hiccup and Toothless rush in to defend them. The combined blast of Toothless' shot and the Skrill's sends the three dragons in opposite directions; the wild dragon crashing into the water below. The Twins crash land on a sea stack just in time to see Alvin pull the wild dragon aboard an Outcast ship.


Worried over where the Twins crashed after the powerful blast shared by the Skrill and Toothless, Hiccup goes searching for them. Disoriented by the electric storm, he decides to land on an island to wait it out. As it turns out, that island is Outcast Island, and after spying on the Outcasts for a bit, Ruff appears. Hiccup is excited to see that she's ok, and asks where Tuff is. At first Ruff jokes that her brother was killed, alarming Hiccup greatly, but soon admits that he's fine and hiding in a tree trunk a few feet away. Hiccup is confused by this, but continues to spy on the Outcasts, soon seeing that Dagur and the Berserkers are also present. Hiccup persuades Tuff to intermingle with the enemy soldiers so he can find out what's going on. After doing so, Tuff returns with the information that Alvin and Dagur have made an agreement to attack Berk together, after which Alvin will give Dagur the Skrill as payment for his help. Hiccup decided they need to free the Skrill right away before their village is attacked, so he sends Tuff back to release the dragon. Hiccup later approaches to see Outcast soldiers knocked out, and so sneaks in to help Tuff. As it's found, the Skrill is already gone, and they quickly need to flee before being caught by the enemy. They take to the air in hopes to find the dragon, only to find that Dagur had taken the Skrill without Alvin's permission and a fight breaks out between the two. Dagur appears to kill Alvin, and turns to fight Hiccup, since he knew that a Skrill's blast can match a Night Fury's. Hiccup outsmarts Dagur however, and gets the Skrill to electrocute him after he steps into a puddle of water. Now free, Hiccup has the Skrill chase him back to the frozen island where it was found. He flies into an ice cave and tricks the Skrill into a trap, after which the Twins use Barf and Belch to melt the ice at the crack in the glacier leading to the cave. The water refreezes and traps the Skrill in an icy enclosure again, and the three Riders and their dragons head back to Berk.

In "The Flight Stuff", while Hiccup and the other Riders are deciding what to do about a test weapon they've been told Dagur has been working on, Snotlout thinks he's seen three of the five "Sign Posts of Valhalla" and that he's dying. Despite Hiccup trying to convince him otherwise, Snotlout insists he train a replacement; Gustav. Hiccup and the others do enjoy watching the training, however, and eventually they decide to play along as a means of snapping Snotlout back to reality. So Hiccup starts training Gustav, until Snotlout discovers the twins were trying to trick him into thinking he was dying all along. Gustav is thrown out of the Academy, and Stoick approves Hiccup to go on a scouting mission to take a closer look at Dagur's test weapon. Unbeknownst to them, Gustav overhears Stoick's orders and gets a head start on the mission, only to be captured by Dagur. Hiccup and Snotlout, not far behind since they were scouting, have to rescue him, which lands Hiccup and Toothless captured instead. Under Snotlout's instruction, Gustav manages to free Hiccup, and helps blast Dagur's weapons before heading back home. Once back at the Academy, Hiccup agrees to make Gustav a auxiliary, back up rider in training fur his heroism.

In "Free Scauldy", Hiccup, Fishlegs, and the twins are heading to Changewing Island looking for the Screaming Death, but instead find a Sculdron stranded on shore after a rock slide pinned it down by the wing. They all want to rescue it, but that's proven difficult with a dangerous wild dragon. Hiccup ultimately decides maybe it's best to let nature take its course and leave the Sculdron to die. The dragon takes an interest in Ruff though, and Hiccup talks her through training it. Once she calms it down and has it focused on her, Hiccup and the orgs others remove the rocks from its wing with the help of their own dragons. Unfortunately, they then see that the wing is broken, so it can neither fly or swim on its own. So they attempt to piece together a giant splint out of logs, rope, and vines. Hiccup pulls all the rope from his shield and bolas, but it's soon found to not be enough. Just as an angry herd of Changewings are about to pounce and finish them all, Hiccup orders everyone to abandon Scauldy again. Ruff makes the hasty decision to cut her braids off to use as rope, and they all help the Sculdron mane it back to the sea before the Changewings catch up to them. Hiccup lastly apologizes to Astrid for leaving her alone with Snotlout to search for the Screaming Death on their own, but she proves to him it wasn't so bad when she mockingly flirts with Snotlout, grossing both him and Hiccup out.

In "Frozen", Hiccup and the other Riders are locked inside one of the pens at the Academy to wait out a harsh winter storm. He's trying to be productive with the situation by giving a lecture, but the other Riders are stir crazy and have lost all focus. When Stoick comes in to announce that Johann hasn't arrived yet and might be stranded out in the weather, Hiccup is quick to volunteer to search for him as a means of getting out of the small quarters with his agitated friends. Stoick grants him permission, so he and Toothless fly out over the ocean searching for Johann. Hiccup discovers the ocean frozen solid, creating an ice bridge the likes of which he's never seen before. They eventually come across Johann, who is ever so grateful for the rescue, and entertains Hiccup with one of his stories on the flight back to Berk. Once back, they find the village completely abandoned. At seeing movement in Fishlegs' house, Hiccup enters to investigate, but is knocked out when Fishlegs falls on too of him from the rafters above. When he comes to, Fishlegs hugs him and apologizes for falling on him, and explains what happened while Hiccup and Toothless were gone. Turns out a pack of Speed Singers somehow made it to the island and terrorized the village until Stoick ordered everyone to take shelter at the Cove. He also explains that the reason he stayed in the village was because Meatlug had been stung and was paralyzed, and Fishlegs couldn't bring himself to leave her. Hiccup and Johann help load Meatlug into a cart, and the three make their way to the Cove and the rest of the Villagers. Sadly they find many of them had also been stung and paralyzed, including Stoick, which greatly troubles Hiccup. Astrid runs to hug him at finding out he's ok, and she and Gobber fill him in on what's happening. Hiccup finally decides that the able Riders go searching for the Speed Stingers' hideout so they can capture the leader and lead the rest of the pack back off the island. So in teams of two, they search for the Stingers' cave. When Snotlout and Gustav fail to check their cave, the Riders head back and find the Stingers sleeping right where expected. Hiccup and Fishlegs capture the sleeping leader and gently try pulling it toward the cave they have prepared, but the leader suddenly wakes up, which wakes the rest of the pack up, too. In desperation, Astrid has Stormfly grab the cage and carry it toward the ice bridge, but a Stinger stings Stormfly, causing the duo to crash into the ice. Hiccup then has Toothless grab the cage and carry it further over the ice bridge. A Stinger manages to tear Toothless' tail, causing them too to crash, shattering the cage on impact. Thankfully Snotlout and Gustav, on Hookfang, blast a crack in the ice between Hiccup and Toothless, and the pack of Speed Stingers. Unable to get to the humans, the Stingers continue on their way across the ice bridge. Once the weather warms up a bit, Hiccup gives Johann a rude back to his ship, and as thanks, Johann gives Hiccup a large jar of squid ink. He begins telling another of his stories, but Hiccup has Toothless fly off long before he's able to finish.

In "A Tale of Two Dragons", Hiccup arranges for a Screaming Death drill, but it doesn't go as planned when Astrid and Snotlout exhibit some major conflict with each other. As a form of discipline, Stoick has him and the other Riders to tidy up Mildew's cabbage field to get it ready for planting. Hiccup is discouraged when Astrid and Snotlout continue to have issues, especially when Fishlegs points out that their dragons are getting involved this time, too. Unsure of how to handle them, Hiccup promises not to force them to work together the next day, and talks with his father that evening. Stoick suggests he trick them into working together. So the next day, Hiccup has Astrid and Snotlout work on either side of a dirt mound, out of sight of each other. They soon catch on, however, but continue to try to work together. Their dragons are still trying to fight, though, so Hiccup had to separate them again. Later, he comes up with the plan of them trading dragons for the day. When the day is over, they give him their reports of how it went with the other dragon, and it sounds to be a success. But again, the next day at the cabbage field, their dragons are fighting again. Fishlegs tells Hiccup that he discovered Dragon Root buried in the field, thus the reason the dragons are acting strange. But since Meatlug isn't affected, Hiccup has Fishlegs and Meatlug grab it and drop it safely into the sea.

In "The Eel Effect", the Eel Pox is ravaging through Berk, and Hiccup has organized the other Riders to collect the ingredients for a cure. Unfortunately, one of those ingredients is a Bloodvein Eel from Eel Island, and he volunteers himself and Toothless to retrieve one, not realizing that he's bringing the rest of the ingredients with him in Toothless' saddle bag. Once at the island, it at first appears easy to catch an eel with the help of his shield, but it backfires when Hiccup is pulled into the stream and attacked by a school of angry eels. Toothless dives in to rescue his rider, and bites an eel is half in his effort to do so. Once back on dry ground, Hiccup thanks Toothless just as the dragon starts to act strange. He accidently strikes Hiccup and knocks him out, so Toothless runs off in fear of hurting his rider again. Hiccup comes to just as nearby bushes are rustling, and is relived to find Fishlegs and Meatlug rather than Toothless coming back to fire again. With Fishlegs' supplies, Hiccup constructs a net to catch Toothless, and the two Riders go off to find him on Meatlug. When Toothless is found, a wild Typhoomerang finds them. So Hiccup has Fishlegs distract the wild dragon while he tries to wrangle Toothless and get him to fall into the trap he set. Finally the Typhoomerang is driven off and Toothless falls into the trap, with Meatlug sitting on him to be sure he can't escape, and Hiccup force feeds Toothless the Eel Pox cure. After Toothless regurgitates the eel and is back to his normal self, the two Riders and their dragons return to Berk to deliver the cure to the rest of the village. After logging their findings on what happens when a dragon eats an eel and Typhoomerangs in the Dragon Manual, Hiccup thanks Fishlegs for coming to look for them when he did, to which Fishlegs runs to give Hiccup a hug. And Hiccup is nearly crushed by the group hug shared by Fishlegs and Meatlug.

In "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", Trader Johann has arrived again, and Gobber has Hiccup and Toothless help carry his trade of scrap metal to his forge. But the next morning when a bunch of metal objects seem to have been stolen, Hiccup and Astrid go around the village looking for clues. Unfortunately they come up empty handed, but that night Hiccup is awoken by Smothering Smokebreaths trying to snatch his metal leg. He and Toothless manage to fight the wild dragons off, while leaving his leg and helmet in tact. He realizes that the dragons must have arrived on Berk in the scrap metal that Gobber traded for, and he and Stoick question Johann about where he had gotten the metal. It's soon clear that it was planted by the Berserkers in hopes of all their metal weaponry being stolen away, leaving Berk defenseless. Hiccup goes to look for the nest the Smokebreaths surely would have created on the island, as he tries to figure out how to get them back to Breakneck Bog. Astrid interrupts him, however, saying that the Berserkers are attacking Berk and they need to figure out what to do about the Smokebreaths later. But Hiccup quickly comes up with a plan to both send the Smokebreaths away and fight off the Berserkers at the same time. Gathering whatever metal they still can, Hiccup has the other Riders lead the Smokebreaths to Dagur's fleet, dropping the metal on the boats, leading to the Smokebreaths tearing all the metal off the ships. Dagur's fleet is soon a pile of lumber floating in the sea, leaving them defenseless and Berk saved. Hiccup then talks Gobber into returning his scrap metal to Johann and having the trader bring the wild dragons back to Breakneck Bog, and returning all the metal to the villagers.

In "Bing! Bam! Boom!", after finishing his Thunder Ear, Hiccup is excited to show it off to his father, saying it could help them hear the Screaming Death approaching, and has Fishlegs help demonstrate it. Stoick adds that they could use it to hear enemy ships approaching as well, just as a very strange noise is picked up by Hiccup's invention. He and Stoick ride out to see what it is, and find three baby Thunderdrums stranded on a sea stack. Assuming they're harmless and in no danger, the pair return to Berk. The next morning, however, they wake to mayhem in the village as the three Thunderdrums had followed them home and are destructively blasting everything in sight. Hiccup quickly volunteers the Academy to get them under control, but that's proven much harder than he had hoped. The only one who can get their attention at all is Thornado, but Stoick keeps needing him to help him run the village. After many attempts to get the baby Thunderdrums under control, Hiccup is entirely frustrated and discouraged when Stoick finally tells him that the young dragons need to go. But even their attempts to bring them to Dragon Island seem to fail until Stoick allows Thornado to help. When it's found that the wild dragons of Dragon Island weren't welcoming to the baby dragons, Stoick ultimately decides to release Thornado so he can protect the babies. Hiccup is heartbroken yet proud of his father for making such a decision and gladly gives him a ride back home on Toothless.

In "Cast Out, Part 1" and Part 2, Gobber is helping Hiccup and the other Riders with a training exercise, when Snotlout goes against the plan and almost gets Astrid killed. Angry and fearful of what he might do next, Hiccup suspends Snotlout from the Academy. But confused over how to lead in such a situation, he turns to his father for advice. And he learns that being a leader isn't always easy. After Snotlout is bright back by Alvin and he shares news of the Screaming Death, Hiccup has the Academy prepare for its arrival, while upholding Snotlout's suspension. That night while Snotlout is talking to Alvin at the jail, Dagur sneaks Dragon Root into the Academy and releases the dragons from their pens in hopes that they'll kill each other, or at least their Riders while they try to get their dragons under control. Hiccup tries to help his friends while Stoick and other villagers try to fight off Dagur and his army. Unfortunately, Dagur manages to capture Stoick after he's knocked down and disarmed. Dagur tells Hiccup that he'll let Stoick go only if Hiccup is willing to trade Toothless for him and leaves for Outcast Island. Faced with an impossible decision, Hiccup is made Acting Chief in Stoick's absence. He finally goes to talk to Alvin and reluctantly agrees to become his ally if he'll help him get his father back unharmed. So Hiccup has Toothless carry himself and Alvin to Outcast Island where Alvin has a plan on getting in without being seen. With the help of Mildew who is still loyal to Alvin, Hiccup continues the plan to release his father and return the island to Alvin and his men. He sends a Terror Mail back to Berk with instructions on leading the Screaming Death to Outcast Island. Hiccup and Toothless are eventually captured by Dagur, but Alvin and Mildew arrive with Alvin's dragons to cause enough confusion so they can escape. The other Riders soon appear also with the Screaming Death close behind, and the resulting mayhem finally drives the Berserkers away, and leads to Dagur's capture and imprisonment. With the Berserkers without their leader and the Outcasts their new allies, Hiccup, Stoick, and the others return to Berk to begin three of the most peaceful years their island has ever known.

DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk Comic Books

"The Endless Night"


Beginning the Dragon Races

Hiccup: "So, Dad, you know being Acting Chief means that sometimes I have to make hard choices for the good of the people."
Stoick: "Uh huh."
Hiccup: "So I had to make one of said really hard choices and I chose to... replace the Regatta with Dragon Racing."
Stoick: "Oh, really? And you did this by yourself?"
Hiccup: "Huh, yep. Yep, just me."
Stoick: "Totally contradicting my orders?"
Hiccup: "Yep, yep, again that would be yes, again."
Stoick: "Well, well, well. I suppose there is only one thing left for me to do."
Hiccup: "Oh, Thor..."
Stoick: "Run the Dragon Race!"
  — Stoick confronting Hiccup  

Hiccup and the other Riders, now about 18 years old, prepare for another annual Dragon Race, and begin reminiscing over how their Dragon Racing tradition actually started. So they flash back to a point shortly after the events of where Defenders of Berk left off. As it was, Sven's sheep didn't like his new voice and all ran away just as the village was preparing for their big annual Regatta. Under Stoick's instruction, Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders fly around Berk to capture them, bringing an end to the chaos. Despite Hiccup's displeasure for competition, the other Riders turn it into a game to see who can collect the most sheep, and dub it "Dragon Racing". When they collect three sheep each, Silent Sven is then heard asking for the whereabouts of his prized possession: the Black Sheep. Hiccup tries to stop the competition, but the Riders proclaim that the black sheep would be the tie breaker and take off without listening. Hiccup ultimately decides he may as well join them and goes searching for the black sheep also. However he is stopped by Gobber, who tells him that Stoick wants to talk to him.

Stoick tells Hiccup that he will be gone for a few days on important business. He appoints Hiccup as acting chief in his absence and gives him strict orders to continue preparing for the Regatta. As the other Riders discuss the rules and conditions of their new game, Hiccup sadly tells them that there will be no Dragon Racing. But they go against his orders behind his back and begin another race, which the villagers, as well as the Riders, have begun to view as better than the Regatta.

Hiccup tries to sway the opinions of the villagers back toward the Regatta but his friends are less than supportive. Soon a riot is about to break out in the Great Hall, and as acting chief, Hiccup finally feels it's best for everyone if he just give in and allow the races to continue.

After Stoick returns, Hiccup meekly explains to him that he has chosen to replace the Regatta with Dragon Racing because he has had to make hard choices for the good of the people. To his surprise, his father agrees to run the Dragon Race instead, and even comes up with ideas such as face paints to give a warrior feel.

During the first annual Berk Dragon Race hosted by Stoick, Hiccup teams with Fishlegs to create Team Hiclegs, and they compete against Team Snotnuts (Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut). Astrid, who sprained her arm during the last race, acts as a referee. While Hiccup and Fishlegs are at a well looking for the black sheep, Hiccup spots Ruffnut and Tuffnut fly over with a black sheep and inwardly admits defeat. He goes back to the arena to congratulate Team Snotnuts on their victory, only to have Snotlout gloat over Hiccup's loss. But when Fishlegs arrives with another black sheep and Team Snotnuts' one is revealed to be a sheep coated in black paint, Hiccup and Fishlegs are announced as winners. Stoick then relieves Hiccup as acting chief, and Hiccup and Toothless decide to take off before his father changes his mind.

The flashback ends, and while remembering the events of that first Dragon Race three years earlier, the teens are reminded that Hiccup hates competition, it was Tuffnut who came up with the game as they knew it now, and Snotlout feels bad for having not contributed to the game at all. Only to be reminded by Hiccup that he's still important, and also invented the Sheep Launcher.

Adventure on Icestorm Island

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Moving Away from Berk

Look at this. There are maps we have never seen, writing we can't read, dragons that we don't recognize. It's incredible. This Dragon Eye, this is proof that there is a whole other world out there, a world that must be explored. [src]
  — Hiccup to the other riders  

Entering the Reaper.jpg

This takes place about two years before the second movie and three years after Dagur's defeat. By now everything on Berk had completely changed, including the Vikings and the riders. Hiccup continued to search for new dragons, to no avail. The war between the Hairy Hooligans and the Berserker Tribe has determined victory in favor of the Hooligans, but has now taken a turn of events for the worse when Dagur escapes from Outcast Island's prison in Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1.

In "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1"and "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2", Hiccup and the other riders attempt to track down Dagur. Trader Johann tells them he suspects that Dagur is going to the Ship Graveyard, where Johann keeps his items. Once there, Hiccup and the others must wait for Dagur to arrive. Hiccup then decides to explore The Reaper, a ship which is, according to Johann, full of booby traps. Along with Toothless, Hiccup manages to evade the traps and finds the Dragon Eye in the commander's quarters. When they return to the deck, Hiccup is confronted by Dagur and his men, who demand Hiccup give the Dragon Eye in exchange for the lives of his fellow riders, who have been captured and locked in a dragon-proof cage. Hiccup gives Dagur the Dragon Eye and apparently lets him leave without resistance.He then attempts to free his friends, but finds that this will require time he does not have as he is planning to steal the Dragon Eye back, and goes after Dagur. Dagur uses a catapult to sink The Reaper, forcing Hiccup to stop chasing him to help his friends. However, having saved them, Hiccup tracks Dagur down and reclaims the Dragon Eye.

Hiccup, Gothi, and the other riders then go to Glacier Island to get a tooth from a Snow Wraith, which they believe is the key to unlocking the Dragon Eye. They are successful in getting a tooth but can not unlock the Dragon Eye. While studying it later that night, Hiccup figures out that the Dragon Eye can only work with a dragon's flame to light up the information inside it.

In "Imperfect Harmony", Hiccup then received permission from Stoick and Berk's Council to explore beyond the Archipelago in order to discover new dragons and track Dagur down.

In "When Darkness Falls", following a close encounter with Death Song on Melody Island, Hiccup and the other riders then searched for island to act as their base. After checking many islands, they then found one. They also found on the island a flock of Night Terrors under their alpha, Smidvarg. After helping the night terrors, Hiccup and the others started to build the outpost, to which they named Dragon's Edge.

In "Gone Gustav Gone", following Gustav's visit, Hiccup discovered more lenses for the dragon eye thanks to him.

In "Reign of Fireworms", Hiccup was also able to work with the night terrors to lure the Fireworms away from Dragon's Edge.

In "Crushing It", Hiccup and the other riders then defended the outpost against a new dragon known as the Rumblehorn. He then convinced his father to come to the edge to help them in order to ease him up. Together they discovered that the Rumblehorn was trying to save them from a tidal wave. Together, Hiccup, Stoick and the Rumblehorn, whom Stoick names Skullcrusher, save the edge from the tidal wave.

In "Quake, Rattle and Roll", Hiccup journeys to Dark Deep with Fishlegs after they discover the location of the legendary island. There they encounter both unfriendly Gronkles and a Catastrophic Quaken known as Tormentor.

In "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1", when an unknown dragon attacked an innocent ship near Berk, Hiccup and the riders decided to investigate. After learning about the Razorwhip from the Dragon Eye, they went to an island with sea slugs to find the dragon and it's rider which they soon discovered to be Heather.

In "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2", Hiccup helped freeing Heather and Windshear from Dagur and his fleet and returned back to the Edge. Later that evening, Hiccup discovered that his father's crest was sealed on Heather's Horn and immediately left for Berk to ask his father if Heather was his sister. He ended up learning that she is Dagur's sister.

In "The Next Big Sting", Hiccup then worked on his prototype flightsuitDragonfly I. After testing his flightsuit, Hiccup and the other riders then found a Speed Stinger.

In "Total Nightmare", Hiccup then helped Snotlout and Hookfang in defending Hookfang's eggs from a Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare.

Discovery of the Dragon Hunters

Think about it. We do what we do really well. We're a pretty smart group. We're fast, we're fearless and we ride dragons. But this guy, Viggo, he manipulated us like we were a bunch of inexperienced little kids. If we have any chance against him, we can't go in, dragons blazing like we usually do. No, that could get Heather and Windshear killed. That could get one of us killed. [src]
  — Hiccup to the riders  

"Team Astrid" Hiccup and the other riders then searched for Dagur after he attacked Berk. He also watched as Astrid trained a new team of riders to defend Berk. However, he and the others inadvertently led Dagur to Dragon's Edge. However, Hiccup then received reinforcements and were able to drive Dagur away.

"Night of the Hunters, Part 1"

"Night of the Hunters, Part 2"

When Stormfly was captured by Ryker Grimborn and his Dragon Hunters, Hiccup searched the sea for Astrid. He then helped her to find information on the Hunters on The Reaper. After finding a lens and getting acid from a Changewing, Hiccup then found a Dragon Hunter port nearby. Hiccup and the rider then went to Ryker's ship to free Stormfly. Unfortunately, Astrid, the twins, and Fishlegs were captured. Hiccup, and Snotlout were then forced to retreat.

Hiccup and Snotlout then went to the Screaming Death's Island. There, they made armor for Toothless and Hookfang. Together, Hiccup and Snotlout were able to rescue the other riders and escape Ryker and his Hunters.

"Bad Moon Rising"

Hiccup then discovered information on the legend of the Lycanwing. On Lycanwing Island, Hiccup and Fishlegs discovered that the legend was just to hide more dragon eye lenses.

"Snotlout Gets the Axe"

Hiccup then accompanied Snotlout and Astrid to wedding between the Jorgensons and Hoffersons to the Island of Friga. However, on the way there, Snotlout dropped the Ceremonial Axe on an island. There, they found the axe on the back of a Armorwing. They were unable to remove the axe, but were able to get some Smothering Smokebreaths to free the axe. Hiccup then defended the Armor wing by leading the Smokebreaths away.

"The Zippleback Experience"

Hiccup and Toothless then saved Barf and Belch's life from an avalanche, earning a life debt from them. Hiccup became annoyed by this when they filled his hut with fish and damaged his leg. Hiccup was then captured by Dagur's men and taken to Ryker's ship where they demanded the information from dragon eye from him. However, Hiccup was then saved by Barf & Belch, ending their life debt.

"Snow Way Out"

Hiccup was informed by Astrid that Ryker was heading to Glacier Island to capture a Snow Wraith. Hiccup and the riders ended up discovering a Snow Wraith Pack which were captured by Ryker's hunters, but then relocated by Hiccup to another island. Hiccup then tried to shoot Heather down but Astrid stopped him, telling that she was working with the Hunters as a spy. At first, Hiccup was disappointed that Astrid kept this from him. However, he was pleased to know that Ryker was not the leader, but Viggo Grimborn was the chief of the dragon hunters.

"Edge of Disaster, Part 1"

Hiccup then received a message from Trader Johann that his ship was under attack by Dragon Hunters. He took Snotlout, Fishlegs and their dragon with them, leaving only Astrid and the twins to defend the Edge. As they approached Johann's ship, they saw he was under attack by a pack wild dragons from Forest Island. At first, they were able to drive the wild dragons away, but Fishlegs was then captured by the pack's alpha, Scardian. Hiccup, Snotlout and Johann then approached the wild dragons' nest. At first, Hiccup thought they had never seen humans before, but realized that they had been brutally captured by the Dragon Hunters.

"Edge of Disaster, Part 2"

Hiccup was able to convince Scardian and his pack that he was their friends by using his flightsuit. With the Scardian's pack, Hiccup was able to stop Dagur's and Ryker's attack on the Edge.

"Shock and Awe"

Hiccup then assisted Fishlegs in studying a Seashocker that had entered the Edge's lagoon. He then helped it rejoin it's pod by defending it from Scauldrons.

"A Time to Skrill"

Hiccup and the other riders then tracked the Frozen Skrill down as it looked for him and Toothless. However, it was captured by Dagur, Ryker and their men. However, the Skrill was then saved by Hiccup and then repaid the debt by helping Hiccup and his riders to escape. Hiccup thus decided to let the Skrill be free.

"Maces and Talons, Part 1"

Hiccup then attacked one of Ryker's and Dagur's convoy to free the captured dragons. During this time, Astrid became concerned that Heather's role as their spy would be discovered. However, Hiccup assured her that Heather would be able to handle it, knowing Windshear would get her out. Hiccup attempted to stop Viggo from capturing a Flightmare but ended being outsmarted.

"Maces and Talons, Part 2"

As they searched Viggo's ship, Hiccup then realized that the Edge and the Dragon Eye were unprotected. At first, Hiccup thought the Eye had been taken but was relieved that Snotlout and Tuffnut hidden in a cave. When Hiccup and the riders went to Dragon Hunter Island in searching for Heather, Windshear and the Flightmare, Viggo paralyzed him with the Flightmare and took the Dragon Eye.

Alliance with Dagur

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Hiccup: "Dagur, why in the name of Thor should I believe a word you say?"
Dagur: "You shouldn't. I don't deserve the benefit of the doubt."[src]

"Enemy of My Enemy"

Hiccup goes on a flight with Toothless, despite Astrid warning him not to. He lands on an island, where he encounters Dragon Hunters. It seems unlikely that he and Toothless will be able to escape, but Dagur, who has been living on the island, unexpectedly comes to their rescue. While at first Hiccup doesn't believe Dagur could be sincere, he changes his mind when Dagur saves him and Toothless and they even shake hands. As he escapes from the island, he tells Toothless that they'll have to come back for Dagur.

"Crash Course"

Hiccup along with the other riders help Snotlout, Hookfang and the Fireworm Queen defeat a wild Cavern Crasher who was scavenging for eggs.

"Follow the Leader"

While Hiccup and Astrid go out exploring, Snotlout and the twins use all the Nightmare gel to burn things. Fishlegs was supposed to be supervising them, but instead goes exploring on his own and finds an ancient cave full of dragons similar to Night Terrrors. On returning, Hiccup gets mad at Fishlegs for not stopping the therefrom wasting the gel and doesn't want to listen about the ancient cave. He later tries to apologize to Fishlegs but fails. That night, he is woken up by Meatlug who leads his and the other riders to the Night Terror cave. They found Fishlegs but are attacked by the Night Swarms. With the help of Darkvarg, a dragon Fishlegs befriends, the gang escapes. The next day, Hiccup and Fishlegs apologize to each other and go to explore the cave again.

"Turn and Burn"

Hiccup and Snotlout help Stoick in his search for Spitelout. They find him on Storehouse Island, which was attacked by a Singetail. They try fighting it off, but give up when more dragons arrive.

"Buffalord Soldier"

While on patrol, Astrid contracts the Scourge of Odin, a deadly disease that will kill her unless the gang can obtain the antidote, saliva of the Buffalord dragon, within three days. The team manages to locate a Buffalord, which were thought to be extinct, but when Hiccup attempts to bring the Buffalord's saliva back to the Edge, he realizes this is impossible as it dries almost immediately. He then tries to bring the Buffalord back to the Edge, but the usually peaceful dragon reacts violently, showing it is actually very powerful, and this plan is abandoned. Instead, they bring Astrid to the Buffalord. However, just before they can give her the antidote, Viggo arrives and captures the Buffalord, revealing that he was responsible for Astrid's illness and this was just part of his plan to capture a Buffalord. Hiccup offers to give him the Buffalord as long as Viggo lets him take the saliva to cure Astrid. Viggo agrees and Hiccup is able to cure Astrid. As Viggo leaves with the Buffalord thinking he's gotten the better end of the deal, the Buffalord puffs up, breaks free of it's cage, and starts to destroy Viggo's ship because it is still chained to the ship. The hunters are forced to release the dragon and the riders fly back to the edge knowing the Buffalord is safe.

"A Grim Retreat"

"To Heather or Not to Heather"

"Stryke Out"

"Tone Death"

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

"Family on the Edge"

"Last Auction Heroes"

"Defenders of the Wing, Part 1"

War with the Hunters and Development of his Relationship with Astrid

Dad, since Viggo has had the Dragon Eye, he's used it to enslave hundreds of dragons, to attack me and the Riders, time and time again. It has to end. I need to get it back. [src]
  — Hiccup to Stoick  

"Defenders of the Wing, Part 2"

"Gruff Around the Edges"

"Midnight Scrum"

"Not Lout"

"Saving Shattermaster"

"Dire Straits"

"The Longest Day"

"Gold Rush"

"Out of the Frying Pan"



"Shell Shocked, Part 1"

"Shell Shocked, Part 2"

War with the Dragon Flyers

Hiccup: "Listen, guys-"
Tuffnut: "We know. You're incredibly sorry for allowing your personal relationship to fracture the precious bond that is the dragon riders."
Ruffnut: "And if we're going to compete with this new and improved enemy, we all need to focus together as one."
Hiccup: "You're right. And I know I'll have to earn back your trust."[src]
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After a huge volcano eruption in "Living on the Edge", Hiccup decides to leave Dragon's Edge. He first wants to stabilize the island for the safety of the other dragons. He and Fishlegs mix Death Song amber with Gronckle Iron, and after many tries, they succeed in making a substance that will effectively seal the crevices and and stop the lava flow. However, they run out of both amber and iron. Hiccup sends Snotlout and the twins to fetch Gronckles from Dark Deep while he and Astrid fetch amber. When they arrive at Melody Island, they find no sign of a Death Song. Suddenly, a wild one appears but quickly collapses in front of them. Hiccup then recognizes it as Garff, a baby Death Song the riders had previously rescued. Astrid then decides to stay with Garff while Hiccup goes back with the amber.


At the Edge, the twins have managed to bring back Gronckles. Fishlegs feeds them the ingredients for Gronckle Iron and they all fly above the island. They successfully fill all the lava cracks and save the island. The next day, Astrid brings back Garff who has recovered from his wounds. Hiccup then explains to the other riders that the Dragon Hunters still capture dragons even without their leader and that they could not move to Berk at the moment. All the riders, except Snotlout, happily state that they didn't want to go home and they all stay on the Edge.


In "Sandbusted", Hiccup is preparing to give Astrid his betrothal gift, which will mark their sixth month anniversary and is a promise to be together forever, when he receives a Terror Mail from Johann in which the trader seeks the riders' help. At the Northern Markets, Johann explains how many traders have mysteriously disappeared and asks the teens to find an answer to the problem. They split up, Hiccup being partnered with Snotlout. While the two are talking, a group of thieves steal Hiccup's necklace. After chasing one of them, the boys end up on a beach. Hiccup is investigating strange small glass fragments when Snotlout is grabbed by a Sandbuster dragon and pulled underground. Hiccup is pulled too, leaving their dragons on the surface.

Sandbuster 34.png

Underground, they find themselves in a cavern filled with treasure and skeletons. Amos, one of the thieves, has also been pulled down there, which explains why Hiccup and Snotlout were unable to find him, and together they build a tower out of some objects they find lying around. Meanwhile, Hiccup builds a trap for the Sandbuster. When they finally finish it, the Sandbuster attacks them. Hiccup then jumps on some wood material, launching objects into the glass that was blocking the sun. The Sandbuster is trapped by the light due to its sensibility. However, it shoots glass at the holes, covering them, and then destroys the wreckage Hiccup and the others were climbing. Hiccup then gets his betrothal gift to Astrid and reflects a last bit of light, distracting the Sandbuster. Fortunately, Astrid and the other riders arrive, breaking the glass and chasing the Sandbuster away. Hiccup then jumps behind Astrid on Toothless and they all get out.

Hiccup and Astrid hugging 2 - season 5.jpg

Later, Johann thanks Hiccup and Astrid for finding out about the Sandbuster and leaves. Hiccup then gives his betrothal gift to Astrid which he reveals used to belong to his mother. He tells Astrid she has always been a part of their family and he hopes she always will be. Astrid reacts with a sigh which Hiccup misinterprets as disappointment until she explains she couldn't find him a gift to give in return. Hiccup quickly interrupts her and tells her that she is the greatest gift in the world and the only gift he needs. Astrid smiles at his words and they share a loving hug. The moment is, however, cut short when Snotlout accidentally throws a sword in front of Hiccup, who recognizes it as Viggo's Sword.

Something Rotten on Berserker Island1.jpg

In "Something Rotten on Berserker Island", Hiccup and the Dragon Riders are invited to Berserker Island for an apprentice graduation ceremony where they are openly welcomed by Dagur and Heather. Hiccup takes notice of the dragons acting very agitated for some reason but doesn't dwell over it too hard. It's soon revealed that Dagur's new apprentice is actually Gustav, who then takes the riders for a tour around the island.

Tumblr ovrnbcRLGY1ub5mbwo3 1280.png

At the ceremony, Hiccup observes some unusual behavior from Savage before he suddenly crashes the stage and captures Dagur. In the meanwhile, Hiccup and the riders are able to escape away into a cave where they split up. Snotlout and Gustav are sent to Dagur's rescue while Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs and Heather return to the stables to free their dragons. The stables are heavily guarded but the twins are able to distract the guards long enough for Hiccup to sneak inside. However, the initial plan turns out to be futile as the dragons won't go anywhere near the inner parts of the island. Hiccup comments that he has never seen Toothless so disturbed before. Fishlegs then reminds Hiccup of the Red Death and the eels, to which Hiccup then rephrases that he has rarely seen Toothless so out of control. Heather still wants to take action, reminding the riders that she is a Berserker and she fully intends to rescue her brother even if it comes down to direct combat. Hiccup and the riders agree to the direct approach and break into the arena with Hiccup carrying both his shield and Inferno. During the fight Hiccup is also aided by Toothless who is watching from afar. He and the riders are eventually forced to surrender as Savage suddenly captures Heather and threatens to kill her. Fortunately, Snotlout and Dagur arrive just in time, quickly defeating Savage and regaining control of the island again.


During the ceremony the following day, Hiccup encourages Snotlout to go in thefront of the island and accept the trophy Dagur is offering him for his courage in battle, as it was his moment of glory. While on their journey back to the Edge, Hiccup also sarcastically comments on how proud Snotlout must be of himself and his trophy from Dagur, knowing that the boy wanted very much to be noticed by the Chief of the Berserkers.

Snotlout's Angels4.jpg

In "Snotlout's Angels", Hiccup arrives outside Snotlout's hut where he overhears Astrid and Snotlout heatedly arguing over Astrid's axe. He asks the twins what happened when Astrid suddenly barges out of the hut with a huff. Hiccup then learns of how Snotlout may have offended Astrid and suggests the youngest Jorgenson to leave the Edge with his dragon for a while, until Astrid would have calmed down and he would be safe.


When Snotlout doesn't return in time for dinner, Hiccup fears he might have caught been up in the uprising storm and mounts up the riders to go searching for him. Hiccup tells Toothless to use his echolocation, but finds nothing. He then observes Hookfang flying towards them and realises that Snotlout is in danger, and takes follow after the Monstrous Nightmare.


While the riders stop by a sea sack to catch their breath, Hiccup asks Hookfang to take a break but the dragon remains restless and worried about his rider. As they return back to the skies, Hiccup and Fishlegs detect three flying women and believe them to be hallucinations at first until the other riders take notice of them as well. Hiccup then suggests that they try to find out more about them. The riders return to the sea stack and Hiccup uses his Spyglass to see the Wingmaidens taking Snotlout inside a cave. He then sets up a rescue mission which is to be executed by Astrid, Ruffnut and Heather as the Wingmaidens may not take too kindly to male presence. Hiccup and the other riders stay close by though, just in case the girls may need backup.

Astrid and the girls are joined by Atali when they return back for a renewal of the plan. Hiccup then comes up with the idea of distracting the female Razorwhips long enough for Astrid to rescue Snotlout but also warns the riders not to hurt the dragons as they are only protecting their eggs. In the end, the riders are successful in saving Snotlout.

Snotlout's Angels22.jpg

Later that night, Atali invites Hiccup and the Dragon Riders to a toast in honor of their new alliance Hiccup, Astrid and Snotlout sit together, with the latter finally apologising to the girl for his bad behavior towards her.

"A Matter of Perspective"

Hiccup appears to be stuck in a rut with the device he is working on, which he is keeping a secret from the rest of the riders, including his girlfriend. Astrid attempts to make him open up about it but Hiccup is reluctant to reveal whatever it is just yet. Despite her teasing, she doesn't probe any further and instead hands him a message from Mala who is requesting their assistence.

After they arrive at Caldera Cay, Mala informs Hiccup and the riders that the Great Protector is getting old and will be leaving for Vanaheim soon. Hiccup asks Mala about it but she answers that she has never been there as it is a an island for dragons, not humans. Hiccup agrees with her stating (mostly for the twins) that humans shouldn't interfere in the dragon culture. He then says he would be sad if Toothless would leave him.

Next day, during the breakfast, Hiccup asks where the twins are, to which Throk replies that they have left the island. Hiccup then realizes that Ruff and Tuff followed the Eruptodon to Vanaheim, which angers him a lot.

When the riders arrive at the island, Hiccup and Toothless find a Sentinel, which they believe is only statue. He then wonders who carved them since no humans have been there. After a while they find the twins, which were eating Vanaheim Fruit. Hiccup has an argument with them about not listening to him. He then orders everyone to leave the island. However, they fail to do that, as the Sentinel dragons, which the riders mistakened for statues, stop them with powerful wing blasts. Hiccup then suggests fighting them divided, as they seem a cooperative species. However, the riders fail again when the Sentinels manage to block every attack from them. Hiccup then suggests looking around the island and try leaving by foot. Hiccup, Astrid and Snotlout continue searching the island. When Hiccup mounted Toothless, a Sentinel immediately woke up and roared at them and Hiccup dismounted the dragon.

Later at night, the riders regroup and discuss the situation. They reach the conclusion that Vanaheim isn't the resting place of the Night Furies and that the Sentinels could not stop Toothless from leaving. Hiccup then gets on Toothless and together escape the Sentinels, noticing they are blind. Hiccup then realizes that he can't tell anyone about the island and instead returns and studies the Sentinels. He sees them tending to the island and feeding the Great Protector. He then comes up with a plan.

The next day, Hiccup returns to the riders, bringing with him a bag full of Vanaheim Fruit. He tells the others that the Sentinels are blind and that they could escape the island if they cover themselves and their dragons in fruit and fly quietly. They all throw fruit at each other, covering in its juice. Then, the riders fly away, followed by the Sentinels. However, Hookfang lights up, giving them away. Hiccup returns for Snotlout, but they are saved by the Great Protector, who distracts the dragons long enough for the riders to escape. Hiccup then orders Toothless to blast Tuffnut's book so that no one will ever know about Vanaheim.

At Dragons Edge, Astrid questions Hiccup's plan, to which he replies that it is a matter of perspective. They share a kiss and Hiccup goes back to his project, wanting to look at it in a different way.

"Return of Thor Bonecrusher"

When Snotlout tells the riders of the kidnapping of Alvin the Treacherous, Hiccup is surprised to find out that the Outcasts were seeking Thor Bonecrusher's help. When Fishlegs suggests bringing him back, Hiccup tells him that it is a terrible idea because Thor took over Fishlegs' body and was too heroic. He then says that he'll figure something out and leaves.

The next day, Hiccup finds out that Snotlout has hypnotized Fishlegs into Thor Bonecrusher, who double-crossed him and joined the bandits due to Snotlout telling him to be anti-heroic.

Later at night, Hiccup and the other riders go through the secret underwater tunnel on Outcast Island, but are surprised by Thor and the bandits. Snotlout is captured in the process, making Hiccup order in retreat.

On the island, Hiccup calms down the Outcasts, reassuring them that they will save Alvin. He then states that they have to come up with something that not even Fishlegs would expect.

Later, he brings Meatlug to Thor as an offering, only as a distraction so that Astrid can sneak in and free Snotlout. He then snaps Fishlegs out of it, only to be recaptured. Hiccup then orders retreat and asks the others about what they should do. However, Meatlug comes with a message from Thor. Hiccup reads it and comes up with a plan.

He, alongside the other riders, bring Ice Tail Pike to the bandits and warned in the last second by Snotlout that it is a trap. Hiccup then mounts Toothless and begins to fight. In the end, they free Alvin and defeat the bandits.

Later, Hiccup congratulates Fishlegs for his courage, remarking that he has a bit of Thor Bonecrusher inside him.

"Dawn of Destruction"

"The Wings of War, Part 1"

"The Wings of War, Part 2"

"No Dragon Left Behind"


"Searching for Oswald... and Chicken"

"Sins of the Past"

Race for the King of Dragons

Dragon Riders, this is our moment. And the stakes couldn't be higher. All the enemies we've faced, the dragons we've discovered have brought us here for one final showdown.
  — Hiccup  

In "In Plain Sight" Hiccup recruits Trader Johann on his search to find the remaining gems he needs to complete the Dragon Eye II. Johann convinces Hiccup to bring both the Dragon Eye lenses, and the Dragon Eyes, to the Northern Markets but in unable to stop the Twins from lagging behind. After Johann manages to separate the Twins from Hiccup they are ambushed by Dragon Hunters, who threaten Johann's life and demand for the lenses. However, just before Hiccup could give the lenses to the Dragon Hunters, the Twins return from their shopping trip in time to save them. Later, Johann and Hiccup venture into the lair of the Sandbuster where Johann reveals his deception and demands Hiccup to give him the Dragon Eye lenses. Luckily, Hiccup manages to fool Johann using the Sandbusters mirror like glass to confuse him. Both Hiccup, Toothless, and the Dragon Eye lenses all manage to escape from Johann.

"No Bark, All Bite"

"Chain of Command

"Loyal Order of Ingerman"

"A Gruff Separation"

"Mi Amore Wing"

"Ruff Transition"

"Triple Cross"

"Family Matters"

"Darkest Night"

"Guardians of Vanaheim"

"King of Dragons, Part 1"

"King of Dragons, Part 2"

Reunited with Valka and Stoick's Death

I was so afraid of becoming my dad. Mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great? That brave? That selfless? I guess you can only try.
  — Hiccup after Stoick's funeral  

Hiccup, as he appears in How To Train Your Dragon 2

Five years after training Toothless, Hiccup has made Berk fully involved in riding dragons, during his years on Berk he has made great contributions such as custom stables, all you can eat feeding stations, a full-service dragon wash, top of the line fire prevention methods, even making Dragon Races that now serve as entertainment for Berk, putting the dragon problem fully behind them. Now that his hard work has paid off, Hiccup and Toothless travel across very distant lands and uncharted territories. He is also uses this as a reason to avoid his father. Hiccup is also known as The Pride of Berk throughout the village, and Stoick believes he is ready to succeed him as chieftain. This pressures Hiccup, because he doesn't think he's fully ready for such a big responsibility. He and Toothless crash-lands onto a strange new place that Hiccup names Itchy Armpit. Soon, Astrid and Stormfly catches up with the duo. As Hiccup and Astrid come across the destroyed fort of Eret, Son of Eret, Hiccup discovers that there are other Dragon Riders and hears from Eret, about the tyrannical Drago Bludvist, who is currently assembling a huge dragon army to take over the world.

Hiccup and Astrid escape from Eret's men and head back to Berk. As they arrive, Hiccup informs his father about Drago Bludvist, and Stoick quickly orders the villagers to fortify and protect the island from the "madman", but Hiccup suggests that there must be another way besides war. His father rejects this and orders the men to close the stalls and keep the other dragons under lock-and-key. But Hiccup refuses this method, and stages a mutiny by escaping from the stalls before the doors close, with Astrid following him. Hiccup heads back to Eret, and tells them that he wants to meet Drago so he can change his mind about dragons, but Stoick, Gobber and the other Riders interfere as they manage to find them. Stoick doesn't want Hiccup to go through with his plan, as he explains that Drago kills people without reason and concludes that he cannot be reasoned with. Even so, Hiccup still refuses to believe this and rebels against his father's wishes to find him.

Hiccup, frustrated at his father's sayings about Drago

Meanwhile, Hiccup flies over the clouds, over thinks his father's sayings and furiously screams in mid-air. Toothless becomes worried for his friend, but Hiccup promises that he'll keep him under protection no matter what. Suddenly, a figure emerges, and Hiccup thinks that it's his dad again but discovers a mysterious vigilante Dragon Rider, whom he later discovers is his long lost mother, Valka.

Hiccup wonders why Valka never had the intention to return to Berk after all these years that she survived. Valka responds that twenty years ago, a dragon broke into their house and she quickly rushed to Hiccup's rescue but only discovered that the dragon was not a vicious beast, but a gentle and intelligent creature, "whose soul reflected my own." However, Stoick spots the dragon and interferes; the dragon attacks him nearly burning him alive. Valka tells the dragon to spare him; the dragon suddenly looks at Valka while Stoick rescues an infant Hiccup. But unable to rescue Valka who is now abducted by the dragon, putting inside his mind that she was in fact going to get killed. But the dragon did not in fact harm her, and she never had the intention to return because she thought it would be safer for them, because she couldn't kill a dragon. Hiccup and his mom start over again and bond with each other more mutually this time with their dragons and enjoy the time they have.

Later, Hiccup discovers also that Valka does not have the intention to reason with Drago and decides to do it himself. Suddenly, Stoick and Gobber locate him and are about to escape the Sanctuary, but Stoick is shocked in silence to see his beautiful wife still alive and they rekindle their once more. Hiccup has never experienced such joy in reuniting with his mother and father. However, their celebration is cut short; they were unaware that Drago has set up their weapons on shore and orders the final attack on the Sanctuary. Later, the Bewilderbeasts engage on one another to determine who is truly the Alpha of all the Dragons. Unfortunately, Drago's Bewilderbeast emerges victorious. Hiccup confronts Drago, and tries to reason with him but Drago ignores his claims and orders his Bewilderbeast to kill Hiccup, which decides to send in Toothless instead. Toothless, now hypnotized, fires a plasma blast at Stoick, who manages to push Hiccup away and is killed instead. Hiccup, shocked to believe that his father has been killed, Toothless who got released from the Bewilderbeast's control to leave him alone as Hiccup became worried about Toothless' unwillingly abandonment.

Hiccup, Valka, Gobber, Astrid, and the other Riders hold a funeral for Stoick where Hiccup says his last wishes to his father. It seems that all hope is lost, as Drago and his Bewilderbeast freeze Berk, but Hiccup becomes inspired by his mother's words, and is now determined to avenge his father and continue his legacy and get his best friend back. Flying back to Berk on baby dragons, he quickly arrives to face Drago and tries to disenchant Toothless saying he knows Toothless would never hurt him or Stoick willingly, which he amazingly succeeds. Now, Hiccup and Toothless manage to fend off Drago and his Bewilderbeast and concludes that it's over, unaware that the Bewilderbeast has them in its sights and fires at them, encasing them in a huge blast of ice. Drago feels victorious, but the huge ice explodes and discovers that Hiccup and Toothless are unharmed. Toothless, now glowing with plasma, challenges the Alpha to protect his Rider. Toothless simultaneously fires plasma blast and frees the other dragons, who are touched by the bond between him and Hiccup. Drago is shocked to believe this. Hiccup orders Drago to stand down and let this end, but Drago strongly refuses and orders his Bewilderbeast to attack but unable to as all the dragons fire at it. Toothless fires one last plasma blast which massively explodes, destroying the Bewilderbeast's left horn, and defeating it at the same time. The Bewilderbeast retreats to the ocean, along with Drago.

Finally, the fight is over and Toothless is acknowledged as the new Alpha. Hiccup and Astrid share a brief romantic moment. Hiccup was then crowned as the new Chief of Berk by Gothi the Elder. The dragons and villagers celebrate, and Hiccup continues his father's legacy by building a statue in his honor. At the end, he has a dragon race with all his friends and puts the black sheep into Astrid's sheep pile instead of his own as Hiccup proudly announces that they may be a small community but are capable of maintaining peace and can stop those who oppose, and they have something that even the greatest invaders don't have: they may have armies and armadas but Berk has their own dragons.

Aiding the People of Nepenthe

I know that we -- that I -- wish that Berk will go back to the way that it was. It won't. And that's okay. Because even though it's different, we can still make it better.
  — Hiccup's speech to the village  

Hiccup tried help Snotlout and Gobber in removing Bonesnarl's armor off. Hiccup tried to calm it down and then saved 2 children from falling off ice. Hiccup then allowed Bonesnarl to keep his armor on. Hiccup defended Eret from several member of the tribe by scaring them off with the Inferno. After that, Hiccup spoke with his mother about his new status as the chief.

Hiccup then met up with the Thorston twins when a ship came. The ship, with Calder and people from Nepenthe, had come at the behest of their King, Mikkel. Hiccup told them his father was dead and listened as Calder told them about tremors that were shaking the the island. Hiccup, despite Astrid's objections, agreed to help them.

Together, Hiccup and his fellow riders went with Calder and followed his ship. Hiccup was then amazed by how the Thunderdrums and Scauldrons were paying tribute to Toothless and escorted them to Nepenthe. Along the way, they saw a new Tidal Class dragon, but choose to temporarily leave it be. As they approached Nepenthe, Hiccup and the other riders saw the island shaking due to the tremors.

Hiccup then met Mikkel's son, Mik. Hiccup spoke to Mik, but the latter insisted that the riders should enjoy the island's hot pools. Hiccup was disappointed when the most the riders and the dragons chose to enjoy the hot pools instead of doing their reconnaissance mission. Only Valka, Astrid, Eret and their dragons did focus on the task. However, they could not figure out what kind of dragons were causing the tremors nor why their dragons were the only ones on the island.

Hiccup and the other riders then told Mik that they heading back to Berk. However, Mik, Snotlout, the twins, Fishlegs, their dragons and Toothless ate some food that was drugged by Calder. He came to the scene revealed that he wanted them to see him completing his transformation into a dragon.

Hiccup and his riders were then imprisoned by Calder and his followers. Calder took Hiccup's dragon blade in order to complete his transformation. However, Hiccup and his riders were able to free themselves and escape on their dragons. Hiccup then realized that the island itself was the dragons causing the tremors. The dragons, Foreverwings, were awakened from their hibernation by the new Alpha. Hiccup had his riders rescue the people from the Foreverwings lava and disarm Calder's followers.

Hiccup and Toothless were able to confirm Toothless's positon as Alpha and the Foreverwings left the island. Hiccup was then confronted by Calder who tried to kill him, but Hiccup was able to throw a container of Hideous Zippleback gas at him that forced Calder to fall to his death. Before leaving Nepenthe, Hiccup gave Mik a shovel to help rebuild their island. Hiccup and the other riders then returned to Berk. There, Hiccup assigned Eret and other villagers to build the monument of Stoick.

Memories of Stoick

Astrid: "Hiccup? We haven't heard from you yet. Anything you want to share about Stoick?"
Hiccup: "Only that dad would've liked this. What we're doing right here, right now. Telling stories before a big battle..."

We get the first glimpse of Hiccup as Chief of Berk. He, along with the riders, Valka, Eret and Gobber are trapped in a cave. They all share memories of Stoick, except for Fishlegs. At the end, Hiccup puts Nightmare gel on the others' weapons and ingnites it. Then, Toothless blasts off the boulders, revealing the Silkspanners that surrounded them.

Fighting the Silkspanners and the Dragonvine

Hiccup used his dragon blade to light Astrid's axe in order to free the other dragons. Hiccup removes his Flightsuit and retrieves his shield to help Toothless fight off the Silkspanners.

Adventures at the School of Dragons

The School of Dragons has also been keeping Hiccup busy, and his expert advice has been in high demand. You can find him over at the School of Dragons when you first arrive. He can tell you all about how he used the scientific method to learn about and train Toothless. Students from all over the archipelago have been clamoring to ask him about his training methods, how to get a particularly stubborn dragon to excel in fire training, or how to keep yourself and your dragon safe while on a quest.
  School of Dragons Website[1]  
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Threat of the Dragonroot Company

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Shepherding a New Rider

At some point after the events of the second film, Hiccup establishes a dragon sanctuary on the island of Havenholme. While out flying on Toothless, he sees that some dragon trappers have destroyed the outpost on the island. Amidst the destruction, he finds an unconscious boy and a strange dragon egg. The boy awakens and has no recollection of who he is or where he is from. Hiccup dubs him "Scribbler" for the time being. Hiccup goes in search of Astrid while putting Scribbler in charge of the egg. Later he returns to Scribbler and the egg, only to find that the egg hatched into a dragon that he doesn't recognize and looks like a 'patchwork' of other dragons. He calls the dragon a 'Chimeragon' for lack of a better term. Hiccup is then called away by a Terror Mail from Gobber, who insists he stop his wandering and come back to Berk to do his chiefly duties. He places Scribbler in charge of finding the dragon whose roars are reverberating around the island.

A Chief facing Impossible Decisions

There were dragons, when I was a boy. [src]
  — Hiccup  


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