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He's only the son of Stoick the Vast... Heir to the throne of Berk... And the greatest dragon master this world has ever seen! [src]
  Astrid describing Hiccup to Drago Bludvist  

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the main protagonist of the DreamWorks animated How to Train Your Dragon franchise. He is the son of Valka and the late Hooligan chief, Stoick the Vast, thus making him the heir, and later, the chief of the tribe. He is 15 years old in the first film, Dragons: Riders of Berk and Dragons: Defenders of Berk, 18 to 20 years old in Dragons: Race to the Edge, 20 years old in How to Train Your Dragon 2, 21 years old in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, and 30 in the epilogue and Homecoming. His dragon and best friend, Toothless, is a Night Fury.

By the end of the franchise, he marries Astrid Hofferson and they eventually have a daughter, Zephyr, and a son, Nuffink. He is also the distant ancestor of Tom Kullersen, through his mother Olivia.

Quick Answers

Who is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III’s family in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise? toggle section
In the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the son of Valka and the late Hooligan chief, Stoick the Vast. He would eventually marry Astrid Hofferson and have two children with her; Zephyr and Nuffink.
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What is the age progression of Hiccup throughout the How to Train Your Dragon series? toggle section
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the protagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, experiences a significant age progression throughout the franchise. Originally in the first film, according to both Chris Sanders and Jay Baruchel, Hiccup was 14, though since HTTYD2 released, he’s only been said to be 15 in the first film. He’s about the same age during the shorts, and may have turned 16 by the end of first television series. During the events of ''Dragons: Race to the Edge', he ages from 18 to possibly 20 years old. By the time 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' takes place, Hiccup is 20 years old. In 'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World', he is 21, and by 'How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming', he has reached the age of 30.
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Who is the voice actor for Hiccup in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise? toggle section
The voice actor for Hiccup in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise is Jay Baruchel.
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What is Hiccup's height throughout the How to Train Your Dragon franchise? toggle section
According to the film’s social platforms, at age 14, Hiccup was 5 feet, 1 inch (5’1”) tall. By the time he is 18, he has reached his final height of 6 feet, 1 inch (6’1”) tall.
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What is the significance of Hiccup's last name, 'Haddock', in the context of the franchise? toggle section
In the 'How to Train Your Dragon' franchise, Hiccup's last name, 'Haddock', carries a rich history and significance. It's a name that has been passed down through generations of Viking leaders, including Hiccup Horrendous Haddock I, who, like Hiccup, was a runt but destined to change history for the better. The name 'Haddock' signifies strength, resilience, and the ability to bring about positive change, despite initial appearances or expectations. It's a name that Hiccup grows into as he evolves from an apprentice blacksmith into a brave leader and dragon trainer.
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Official Description[]

Hiccup, now 20, is the tenacious, spirited son of Stoick the Vast, chieftain of Berk. No longer a runt, but still lanky by comparison, Hiccup is the island's ace flier and resident dragon expert.
Celebrated as a hometown hero for ushering in an era of peace between Vikings and dragons, Hiccup now prefers to spend his time exploring uncharted lands and discovering new dragons with the help of his trusty Night Fury, Toothless. However, Stoick's plan to pass down the mantle of Chief to his son has Hiccup fleeing in the opposite direction, for fear of becoming his father and losing sight of himself. But as the call of adventure draws Hiccup deep into lands unknown, his search for identity will be answered in ways he could never have dreamed.
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Physical Appearance[]

In the first film, Hiccup's appearance is very similar to his book counterpart. He is rather scrawny compared to the other Vikings, and is only 5’1”. He initially has little physical strength, as he has difficulty lifting a large standard battle axe handed to him by his father. He has bell-shaped auburn hair parting to his right with freckles on his cheeks and dull, green eyes. One of his more unique traits is a small scar on the right side of his chin, which he received as an infant the night Cloudjumper took his mother to the Bewilderbeast’s nest.

In the first film, he is seen wearing a long-sleeve, light-green woolen tunic with brown leather lacing at the neck and arms, a dark brown fur vest that matches his boots and dark greyish-green pants with lacing at the ankle. When he's working in the Blacksmith Shop, he removes his vest in favor of a beige smelting apron. When he rides Toothless, he eventually replaces his vest with a leather flying harness that attaches to Toothless' saddle. Once he begins Dragon Training, he starts to wear a Viking helmet given to him by his father. Following the battle with the Red Death, Hiccup's left leg up to his mid-shin is replaced with a prosthetic, constructed with a spring system and an adapter stirrup for flying with Toothless. This event deepened the connection between Hiccup and Toothless, both of them now have a prosthetic left appendage.

If observed closely, it can be noticed that he's slightly taller in Dragons: Riders of Berk. He's still wearing the same green tunic and pants from the first film, but he's now wearing a suede vest with Nordic designs embossed at the hem and front closure, and a matching suede boot. His hair has grown slightly longer by Dragons: Defenders of Berk showing the passing of time.

In Dawn of the Dragon Racers, Hiccup wears dark brown leather armor over a long-sleeved green tunic, with brown arm brackets and double-layered shoulder guards (one of them has a Berk Dragon Training Academy symbol on the right shoulder), and dark reddish-brown pants. In Dragons: Race to the Edge, he wears the same armor and the same pants, but has switched to wearing a red-orange tunic instead of his green one.

Sleeveless Hiccup

In "Out of the Frying Pan", and "Saving Shattermaster", Hiccup wears a sleeveless, black leather jumpsuit with black shoulder pads and arm guards belonging to the Defenders of the Wing. In the latter, he also wears a matching mask covering his mouth and nose.


In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup has grown considerably. Once considered the runt, he's now the tallest of the teens at 6'1" and his hair is slightly shorter and somewhat scraggly and unkempt with two small braids behind his right ear. If one notices closely, it can be seen that he has grown stubble on his chin. His eye color has even seemed to brighten along with his confidence. He seems to have gained a stronger build as compared to the first film. His prosthetic is also different, as it is more mechanical than before, making it "a Swiss army knife for prosthesis". Hiccup seems to have improved its ability and function, as he stated he would in the first film.

His outfit now consists of a basic green tunic, tanned leather pants, and leather armor plating along his shoulders and upper chest, along with arm brackets that make him more streamline in the air like Toothless. When flying, he is also seen wearing a matching spiked, masked helmet that protects his face and head. His armor also doubles as a flightsuit that enables him to glide in the air alongside Toothless. He also carries a weapon, a retractable fire blade called Inferno.

In a flashback during the second film, Hiccup is seen as an infant, swaddled in a brown fur wrap with bare arms. His hair is short and tends to stand straight up on top.

In Dragonvine, Hiccup takes on a more casual look with a leather jacket in place of his leather armor.

In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Hiccup wears his dragon scale armor during raiding missions, and whilst chiefing maintains a less complex outfit of a brown tunic and black leather vest with three buckles on the front. He's also seen again wearing a smelting apron similar to what he wears in the first film.

In a flashback in the third film Hiccup is seen as a 5-year-old, wearing a similar woolen green tunic as he is in the first film but with larger lacings and none at the sleeve openings. Dark brown fuzzy boots are seen on his feet. His hair is shorter but a similar bell-style as in the first film. In a second flashback, at 6 years old, he’s wearing a long white nightshirt with ruched trim on the hem, and bare feet.

In the epilogue that takes place about 9 years after the main events of the film, Hiccup has grown a beard that now hides his scar. He wears black leather armour, black leather pants and brown boots. He also wears a fur chief’s cloak similar to Stoick's, as well as the chieftain belt. He's dressed similarly in How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming, but without the fur cape.


Astrid: "You are the bravest, most stubborn, most determined knucklehead I know. Toothless didn't give you that, Hiccup, he just made it..."
Hiccup: "Easier."[src]

Despite his physical shortcomings, Hiccup does his best to succeed as a Viking. He is intelligent and is constantly creating inventions for various uses throughout the first film, including a bola launcher, a dragon's prosthetic tail and saddle, and a riding vest. However, he is much stronger than he appears.

At first, Hiccup is obsessed with proving himself to the rest of his tribe by killing a dragon. He often doesn't think things through and is more determined to gain the recognition of his peers than he is heedful of others' orders, often causing problems for the entire tribe, including himself. Despite this, Hiccup shows great aptitude at being a strategist: he leads his Dragon Fighting classmates into battle, knowing how to use his friends' strengths in the battle against the Red Death. Hiccup also has very good observational skills that come in handy during his time with Toothless and during Dragon Training. For example, he's able to hypothesize that dragons have a natural disdain for eels when his own dragon companion is repulsed by the sight of one and uses this to successfully drive back a Hideous Zippleback later.

He is very protective of Astrid and in the first movie, he has a crush on her. Their feelings mature as they grew up and as the franchise progressed. Among the other teenage Vikings, Hiccup first comes off as awkward, mainly because he's a poor fighter, and rather scrawny for a Viking, prompting mockery from his peers. As he becomes more adept at fighting dragons, however, they start paying more attention to him, and friendships start developing. Despite this, Hiccup remains shy and secretive, preferring to be alone with Toothless. He also tends to be sarcastic with a dry sense of humor that can sometimes put him at odds with the other Vikings in his tribe. It also seems that Hiccup likes to hide his fear with said sarcasm and dry humor. Due to his shyness, he had a habit of stuttering and stammering when talking to some of the other Vikings, especially Astrid, or when his father is angry at him.

Despite his many virtues and his clear capabilities as a leader, Hiccup is not without his flaws. He is rather prone to letting his insecurities cloud his judgment and affect his actions; in the film, his desperation for the acceptance of his tribe, and his father in particular, cause him to regularly attempt to kill dragons along with the villagers, only to end up doing more harm than good due to his clumsiness. In Dragons: Riders of Berk, his mistaken belief that Stoick still does not accept him causes him to lead the other Vikings on a potentially dangerous treasure hunt to prove himself in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man". His innate friendliness and tendency to give others the benefit of the doubt cause him to be a little too trusting of strangers, leaving him vulnerable to manipulation and deceit by more dishonest characters, such as Heather and Mildew, on more than one occasion.

In the episode "Thawfest", Hiccup shows a more unlikable, hypercompetitive side to his personality as he begins to score victories over Snotlout. Since Hiccup is unaccustomed to winning anything, he handles it poorly, letting the glory go to his head to the point where he briefly becomes as arrogant and unpleasant as Snotlout. Hiccup is also prone to overconfidence in his ability as a diplomat, which becomes a major catalyst of the second film's storyline; his total belief that he would be able to reason with Drago causes him to run away from Berk to confront the warlord, causing Stoick and Valka, who both witnessed firsthand the true extent of Drago's psychopathy and knew he could not be reasoned with, to chase after him. This indirectly but ultimately leads to Stoick's death at the hands of Drago when he hypnotizes Toothless to demonstrate the superiority of his philosophy over Hiccup's. In spite of all his flaws, Hiccup is never above admitting when he is wrong and will do his best to make amends with others, showing he has a great deal of humility, and learning from his mistakes.

One extremely notable character trait Hiccup possesses is a deep sense of compassion. As a child, he is seen empathizing with his father over the loss of his mother, and even crying at the thought of an injured bird being killed in order to put it out of its misery. He later spares Toothless, and in doing so, changes the world of Vikings and dragons forever. He was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of having to kill a dragon in the arena in the first film. Hiccup carries this quality into the television series. He shows great sympathy to Snotlout at the end of the Thawfest Games, giving up his own glory and fame for the sake of his friend, though Snotlout showed no gratitude at all. He will almost never allow Toothless to use his full power against foes to prevent killing them. In "What Flies Beneath", he begs Toothless to spare a Whispering Death that had nearly killed both of them just moments earlier. The peak of Hiccup's sympathy is displayed in his releasing Mildew from an Outcast cell. Upon seeing the Outcasts take Mildew's one beloved possession, his sheep, Hiccup clearly displays pity for the old man. Unfortunately, Hiccup is occasionally naive in his sympathy, as Mildew betrayed him yet again right afterward. Still, his kind heartedness has resulted in many victories and accomplished the training of the deadliest dragons in the world.

Hiccup is always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it’s in dragon training, flying off on quests with you, or going head-to-head with villains.
  School of Dragons website[1]  

The first character Hiccup would have been willing to kill was Alvin the Treacherous. Originally, Hiccup was more interested in avoiding him, but as Alvin's plots hit closer and closer to everything and everyone Hiccup cares about, Hiccup seems to harden in a difficult resolution. He ordered Toothless to kill Alvin when he was threatening to toss Astrid off of a cliff. In the finale of Dragons: Riders of Berk, Hiccup and Toothless even charged Alvin in an attempt to kill him after he had captured, threatened, and deeply insulted both of them.

Overall, Hiccup is an intelligent, kind, and likable person who is naturally big-hearted and innocent. After the first film, he and Toothless have become "adrenaline junkies", performing tricks like free-falling. He has also gone from being a shy boy to a confident young man, and "the greatest Dragon Master this world has ever seen" (as Astrid describes him to Drago Bludvist). He has a charitable and kind nature which allows him to see the good in everyone. He has especially been shown to care deeply for Toothless, his parents, Stoick and Valka, Astrid, and later their children Zephyr and Nuffink.

Abilities, Skills, and Talents[]

Being the central character of the franchise, Hiccup has many varied and useful talents.

Dragon Training and Riding: Hiccup discovers that he has this ability during the first film, and grows to become the best Dragon Trainer on the island. His dragon, Toothless the Night Fury, is the rarest and fastest dragon in the Berk Dragon Training Academy. Hiccup openly claims to be the best Dragon Rider in the episode "Thawfest". He and Toothless clearly have the strongest bond of all the riders and their dragons in the series. Because of his talents, he has been made the head of the Academy. In the franchise, Hiccup is always the one looked to when dragon-related problems come up. He managed to train a wild Monstrous Nightmare in seconds in "Defiant One". This is noticeably faster than even Astrid who had to train the same type of dragon and does manage to do so but takes longer. He's also able to keep an enraged Whispering Death from running over him by simply putting his hand forward in "What Flies Beneath". Still, some dragon challenges are greater than his ability, but he can always rely on Toothless and the other teens to have his back. Hiccup has managed to devise a more effective method of calming wild dragons with Inferno as it produces the dragon fire of both a Monstrous Nightmare and a Hideous Zippleback. This makes the dragons consider Hiccup as one of their own as only a 'dragon' should be able to wield dragon fire. He managed to earn the trust of Scardian and his pack of dragons that hated humans by simply showing them his flightsuit. He also manages to earn the trust of Steeltrap, Whip-Slash, the Fighter Gronckle, and Fighter Razorwhip by tending to their wounds and freeing them from their manacles.

Dragon Roar: Hiccup can make a roaring noise that sounds similar to Toothless' roar, as a way for Toothless to find Hiccup easily.

Leadership: Despite not especially enjoying leading a large group, Hiccup is a natural-born leader. Most of the time the other riders follow his commands without question. However, he has difficulty trying to control the rest of the village when he is made Acting Chief in "Cast Out, Part 2". In Race to the Edge, Stoick notices Hiccup's abilities as a leader improving, ultimately convinced that Hiccup is ready to become the new Chief of Berk by the time of the second film.

Drawing: Even before Hiccup begins to train dragons, he’s seen drawing his inventions. He is never without his journal and a large charcoal pencil. His sketches are usually quick and slightly messy but compared to most other Vikings he is quite good. He starts sketching Toothless upon their second encounter. He uses his notebook to copy the map to the Isle of Night in a few seconds (unfortunately). He uses his artistic talent to aid him in making plans and inventions. The walls of his room are soon littered with drawings of Toothless.

Inventing: Hiccup learned a great deal about crafting from Gobber. His many years of apprenticeship have certainly paid off. He has created many ingenious devices throughout the franchise. He uses the forge well (despite his small size), and he's excellent at working leather. Originally, his devices are weapon like, and the Mangler cannon he designed allowed him to take down Toothless. After training Toothless he shifted in his desires and started working on a new tailfin for Toothless. This tailfin has been modified many times and is a work of sheer genius. He even created two auto tails using complex gear systems. Besides that Hiccup has managed to design a plethora of other objects, from winches to telescopes. He invented his own flightsuit, his shield, and his Dragon Blade, which were each inspired by dragons' abilities. He was also able to build a set of welding glasses using the Death Song's amber that could withstand the glow of a Flightmare and the sun. He managed to create Death Song Amber Goggles, the Diving Bell, and a diving helmet using a smelting cauldron. He also created his own Dragon Eye II. In "Rise of Jörmungandr", it was revealed that Hiccup built a special cage to contain the Jormungandr that could only be opened by a Night Fury's (or a Night Light's) bite, that lasted for 1,300 years.

Intelligence: This talent is really at the heart of all of Hiccup's other abilities. His intelligence is proven many times throughout the film and the series. He's almost always the one to come up with the solutions to the problems that the Riders face. He's shown to be very cunning, resourceful and perceptive and possesses a great aptitude for strategy and tactics. He's also fairly knowledgeable. Unlike Fishlegs who only states facts, Hiccup is able to use them for practical use and he does it very well. He was able to solve all the riddles on Hamish's treasure map in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man", even when under pressure. The feat is especially notable because it was said that only the most brilliant mind could solve those clues. He is also one of only three Vikings who can understand Gothi's handwriting, as seen in "Crushing It".

Strength and Fighting Skills: Due to Hiccup's initial size, he's not much of a fighter in the first film. In fact, most weapons are too heavy for him and struggles to lift them. After their bonding, Hiccup usually fights alongside Toothless. Their style is more about defense. The only time Hiccup and Toothless attacked first was against Alvin in "We Are Family, Part 2". Hiccup was also able to face Dagur with only his new shield in "The Night and the Fury". Hiccup was also able to fight Outcasts and Berserkers without a problem using his shield in "Cast Out, Part 2". He has been shown to have impressive strength when angered or defensive. Prime examples are in "The Zippleback Experience" when Hiccup punches Snotlout hard enough to knock out a few of his teeth. He was also able to block a Berserker with just his hands. While Hiccup does not do any direct fighting in How to Train Your Dragon 2, he does wield his Dragon Blade, Inferno, with great precision and skill, such as when freeing Stormfly or preventing Drago from reaching his bullhook. It was also shown that by this time he had become a proficient and accurate archer alongside the other Riders. Hiccup has sometimes been seen fighting and dual-wielding with both Inferno and his shield in several occasions, such as in "Something Rotten on Berserker Island" and "King of Dragons, Part 2".

Accuracy/Precision: Like Toothless, Hiccup has amazing marksmanship, like when he was able to shoot Toothless down in the first film, and in "Appetite for Destruction" hit a Deadly Nadder in the chest using his shield while in flight. He also managed to throw Inferno with enough accuracy that it landed right in front of Drago's hand just as he was reaching for his bull hook to control his Bewilderbeast. He has been seen launching bolas from his shield with very good accuracy, almost never missing.

Reflexes: Hiccup is shown to have pretty good reflexes. An example of this is in the episode "Gold Rush", Ryker is chasing Hiccup while slashing his sword at him. Hiccup is able to roll under the sword just in time to save his head. He is also able to quickly move his hands so that Ryker's sword doesn't strike him but breaks his handcuffs instead.

Swimming: Though he says he's not much of a swimmer, he dove underwater and managed to hold his breath for a significant amount of time in order to save Toothless from drowning in the first film. He was able to pull Astrid out of the deep water in "Night of the Hunters, Part 1", and with the help of Toothless' tail in "Dire Straits", he was able to swim back and forth to free the Submaripper and narrowly avoid getting sucked into his mouth. Though he did start to sink and had to be rescued by Astrid and Stormfly, Hiccup was able to swim a far length downward to save Berk's chest of gold in "Last Auction Heroes".

Endurance and Stamina: While it may seem hard to believe at first due to his small stature, Hiccup always manages to bounce back from a severe injury; plummeting out of the sky into an explosion and only losing his leg being the first example. In "When Lightning Strikes", he was struck directly in the head by a massive bolt of lightning, and still managed to wake up the next morning.

Persuasion: Hiccup is known to be very persuasive, (Astrid says so herself) as he has convinced his father, the teens, the whole village of Berk, Dagur, Alvin, even Eret to give dragons a closer look and see the beauty of them. In "Buffalord Soldier", he also managed to persuade Viggo to give him the cure for the Scourge of Odin, to save Astrid. Furthermore, he managed to persuade Mala (twice) that he and the riders weren't a threat to them in Defenders of the Wing, Parts 1 and 2.

Prosthetic Leg: Hiccup's prosthetic leg has its advantages. Aside from using it to walk, he can use it as a weapon as he did in "We Are Family, Part 2" when knocking out one of Alvin's guards. He has also been seen using it as a pickaxe. He can also get rid of it to save his life. In Dragons: Race to the Edge, when Hiccup was kidnapped by Krogan and they got knocked over the ledge of a cliff, Hiccup untied his leg to drop Krogan off. It can also be harmed without injuring Hiccup physically, such as when Hiccup and Toothless went down to explore a Dragon Hunters ship and his prosthetic leg got caught in a metal claw trap, and after releasing his leg he said: "One of the perks of having a metal leg I guess." In "Frozen", when a Speed Stinger tried to sting him, it hit his metal leg instead, causing no paralysis as it would with his original leg. In How to Train Your Dragon 2 Hiccup is very familiar with his prosthetic leg and is able to switch it from a walking leg to a flying leg without turning to look at it. In The Serpent's Heir, Hiccup used his prosthetic leg to cut his chains with which he was bound, indicating it was strong enough (and quite possibly sharp enough) to break metal. Later, he also uses it to unlock a door, showing that it can be used as a key.

Sailing: In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Hiccup is able to sail a small ship nine days with his family aboard to the entrance of Hidden World without being pulled by the currents into the waterfall.

Dragons Trained[]

Core Relationships[]


Toothless is Hiccup's dragon and best friend. With their mutual prosthetics, they complete each other.

Soaring on Toothless

Hiccup and Toothless

I wouldn't kill him, because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him... and I saw myself. [src]
  — Hiccup, explaining to Astrid why he didn't kill Toothless  
Hiccup-toothless-how-to-train-your-dragon-1 Main article: Hiccup and Toothless' Relationship

Stoick the Vast[]

Stoick is Hiccup's overprotective father. He would end up sacrificing himself to save Hiccup's life.

What is he doing.

Hiccup and Stoick

I was so afraid of becoming my dad. Mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great? That brave? That selfless? I guess you can only try. [src]
  — Hiccup, about his now-deceased father  
Hiccup-toothless-how-to-train-your-dragon-1 Main article: Hiccup and Stoick's Relationship

Astrid Hofferson[]

Astrid is Hiccup's crush and most loyal partner. She later becomes his wife and rules Berk by his side.

I can't imagine a world without you in it either. [src]
  — Astrid  

Hiccup and Astrid

Hiccup-toothless-how-to-train-your-dragon-1 Main article: Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship


Valka is Hiccup's mother. She was believed to be dead the first twenty years of his life. In reality, she had deliberately distanced herself from her family to keep them safe.

All this time, you took after me. And where was I? I'm so sorry, Hiccup. Can we start over? Will you give me another chance? [src]
  — Valka, eager to reconnect with Hiccup  
Tumblr n5kx5r1rFA1salhhgo1 1280

Valka hugging Hiccup

Main article: Hiccup and Valka’s Relationship

Zephyr and Nuffink[]

Come, he won't hurt you. Hold your hands out like this. [src]
  — Hiccup introducing Toothless to his kids, Zephyr and Nuffink  

Hiccup appears to be a loving and gentle father. He is very happy to introduce his best friend to his children, and then later takes each of them on a ride. Hiccup playfully throws Nuffink in the air while flying Toothless and Nuffink seems thrilled by the experience. Halfway through, Hiccup gives Nuffink over to Astrid and reaches for his daughter's hand to bring her over on Toothless. Zephyr seems quite excited to join him.

Gobber the Belch[]

Gobber was Hiccup's master when he was young, and mentor when older. He often served as a second father figure.

You should let Gobber do what Gobber does best. I've been making saddles since you were in diapers. In fact, I made you diapers. [src]
  — Gobber to Hiccup  
Hiccup-toothless-how-to-train-your-dragon-1 Main article: Gobber and Hiccup's Relationship

Fishlegs Ingerman[]

FIshlegs is Hiccup's best friend since childhood. They share a passion for knowledge and dragons.

Hiccup's my best friend. Whenever I've needed him, he's been there for me. And now he needs me! [src]
  — Fishlegs about Hiccup  
Hiccup-toothless-how-to-train-your-dragon-1 Main article: Fishlegs and Hiccup's Relationship

Secondary Relationships[]

Snotlout Jorgenson[]

You know, we may not be so different, after all. [src]
  — Hiccup to Snotlout  
Tumblr o9gdzgCkgO1ub5mbwo4 1280

Hiccup congratulating Snotlout

Hiccup and Snotlout are cousins in the books, though there is no indication of any familial relation in the film franchise. Snotlout's arrogance and bullying attitude make Hiccup initially dislike him. Snotlout openly mocks Hiccup's claims and is always boosting up his own image by downplaying Hiccup's. When Hiccup grows more confident in their Dragon Training sessions, Snotlout begins to look up to him. He willingly aids Hiccup in the battle with the Red Death and wipes away a tear of relief when discovering Hiccup is alive. Snotlout is also the first person Hiccup teaches to bond with a dragon.

Throughout the franchise, Snotlout preserves a cocky and obnoxious demeanor that Hiccup finds unappealing but tolerates. While their rivalry is still ongoing, Snotlout grows to respect and care for Hiccup. He recognizes Hiccup as the leader and usually follows his directions, although he may make complaints and act obtuse on purpose. In "Cast Out, Part 2", Hiccup acknowledges Snotlout's efforts, and the two of them officially become friends. By the time of Race to the Edge, they have forged a close and easygoing relationship. In "The Zippleback Experience", Snotlout provokes Hiccup into punching him but it is well intended as he is trying to help Hiccup get rid of Barf and Belch in his own way.

Another defining moment is at the end of "Crash Course" when Hiccup tells Snotlout he is proud of him. It shows that the respect between them is mutual. In addition, Hiccup is often the first to help Snotlout when he causes a problem or was caught in a violent thunderstorm and ordered the other Riders to help him despite their lack of care for Snotlout.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Snotlout celebrates Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk along with the other villagers. And in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Snotlout and Fishlegs are the only two of Hiccup’s friends who cry at the wedding.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston[]

Tuffnut: "First that lunatic flightsuit, now this. Could it be...?"
Ruffnut: "Is Hiccup coming over to OUR side?"
Tuffnut: "Oh, Loki, please let it be so! We will welcome him with open arms, teach him the ways of the truly DISTURBED!"
  — The Twins on Hiccup's flightsuit  

Hiccup and The Twins

Hiccup starts off at odds with Ruffnut and Tuffnut but manages to gain their respect over the course of the franchise. They show very little empathy for him in the beginning, even joining in on Snotlout's ridiculing. When Hiccup appears to be excelling in Dragon Training, however, they start to appreciate him. Ruffnut even develops a one-sided crush on him. As Hiccup sets off to fight the Red Death, they are quick to tag along, and in the aftermath of the battle, they are just as relieved as everyone else to see him making it out alive.

In the earlier seasons of the show, Hiccup often finds himself annoyed by the twins' antics and love for destruction and chaos. It takes a while, but their reckless and erratic way of thinking gradually begins to align with Hiccup's as they grow older. He slowly starts to see their benefit and acknowledges them as valuable members of the team. Hiccup has, however, always cared for Ruffnut and Tuffnut as individuals. There are even times he acts as their parent and goes to great lengths to ensure their safety such as in "A View to a Skrill, Part 2" when he spent all night searching for them.

Hiccup's dynamic with the twins' shifts and changes by the time of Race to the Edge. Ruffnut and Tuffnut start to regard him with deep respect, viewing him as their ultimate leader and as someone personally important to them. They also grow very touchy-feely with Hiccup, treating him in the same manner as they usually act toward one another. In "A Time to Skrill", Tuffnut mentions that he has a painting of Hiccup hanging above his bed.

In "Gruff Around the Edges", when Tuff was dressed up as Gruffnut, Hiccup refers to Tuff as one of his Best Friends. Tuffnut was touch by this, despite all the annoying things he and Ruff do to him. At the end of the episode the twins invited Hiccup to be their special guest when they use the Thunder Ear for their morning call.

In "Guardians of Vanaheim", after Hiccup predicted that the twins wanted to torture a Dragon Flyer and told them not to do it, Ruffnut and Tuffnut viewed him as a magical being, due to him always knowing what they are thinking and having what he needs exactly when he needs it.

Their interactions with Hiccup are limited in the sequel, but they were shown to be celebrating Hiccup's coronation as chief of Berk along with the other villagers.

In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Tuffnut is the first out of the entire village to support Hiccup’s plan to search for the Hidden World.


During a dragon raid while Hiccup was an infant, Cloudjumper broke into their house. His mother, Valka, saw this and tried to save him, but saw that the dragon was not harming him, and in fact playing with him. However, he accidentally scratched the baby's chin when he turned to look at Valka, and then attacked Stoick when he stepped in to defend his family from the dragon. In the chaos, Valka was taken by him, leaving Hiccup motherless for 20 years, while Valka, on the other hand, decided to stay with Cloudjumper fearing that she might harm Hiccup and Stoick or worse. Years later, they meet again along with his mother. Although they do not recognize each other, they do become close by their mutual love for Valka and Hiccup does not hold a grudge against him, At the end of the movie, Cloudjumper, along with the other dragons from the den celebrated Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk.


Sharpshot is a Terrible Terror Hiccup trained in the Dragons: Defenders of Berk episode "Worst in Show". He is considered to be the second dragon that Hiccup has officially trained in the series. Hiccup also trained Sharpshot to deliver Air Mail.

Eret, Son of Eret[]

That was some pretty fine dragon wrangling back there. You'd make a good trapper. [src]
  — Eret's remarks to Hiccup subsequent to the battle with the Bewilderbeast  

Eret and Hiccup were initially in conflict as Eret attempted to trap dragons for Drago Bludvist as opposed to Hiccup's respect for them. However, once Eret realized the true nature of dragons, partly thanks to bonding with Stormfly, he switched sides. He helped the Dragon Riders escape and took part in Hiccup's battle against Drago, proving himself to be a trustworthy and reliable ally. Unlike Hiccup's other opponents, Eret also seemed to respect him from the get-go. He never once mocked or underestimated Hiccup because of his untraditional appearance.

Following Stoick's demise, Hiccup offered Eret a place among the riders by giving him Stoick's dragon Skullcrusher. Along with Valka, Gobber, Astrid, and the rest of the village, Eret celebrated Hiccup's coronation as chief of Berk.

In The Serpent's Heir, Eret already began showing his loyalty to his chief by standing up for Hiccup and later on taking an initiative to help him and the other riders escape when they were being held captive by Calder on Nepenthe. After returning back to Berk, Hiccup assigned Eret on a special project assigned to his particular skills and passions.

According to an interview with Richard Hamilton, shortly after the second film, Eret gave both Hiccup and Astrid tattoos.

By the third film, Hiccup had made Eret a member of the Berk Council, and Hiccup has made him a flight suit.


Heather, you're one of us now. A Dragon Rider. [src]
  — Hiccup to Heather  

Hiccup is welcoming and friendly toward Heather on Dragons: Riders of Berk and initially disregards Astrid's suspicions. After realizing Heather has stolen the Book of Dragons and Stormfly, he feels regretful for trusting a stranger over his girlfriend. He and the other riders are back on good terms with Heather again once she reasons her actions and helps them defeat Alvin.

In "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1", unlike the rest of the riders, Hiccup is put off by Heather's dramatic change. He attempts to question her about her attacks but Heather doesn't reveal them. Hiccup eventually learns of her intentions from Trader Johann and after saving her from Dagur, voices his sympathies for her loss.

When getting a closer look at Heather's horn, Hiccup recognizes Stoick's seal on it and briefly wonders if Heather is his sister. He confronts his father about it and learns that the horn was a gift to Oswald the Agreeable for his newborn daughter, making Heather Dagur's sister.

When it appears Heather has betrayed them again, Hiccup is willing to take her down as well. However, Astrid reveals that Heather is actually spying on the Hunters. In "Maces and Talons, Part 2", Hiccup ends up feeling somewhat responsible for her capture and attempts to prevent her execution.

In "To Heather or Not to Heather", Hiccup tries helping Heather train Windshear after she joins them on the Edge but it proves to be unsuccessful. Though thanks to Fishlegs, they eventually manage to integrate Windshear. In "Family on the Edge" and "Saving Shattermaster", Hiccup tries to reason with Heather about Dagur's change.


You are a mystery, Hiccup Haddock. [src]
  — Mala  

Hiccup quickly managed to win over Queen Mala's loyalty and forged an alliance with her tribe. Though Mala still doesn't trust Hiccup fully, she still comes to Hiccup when she has troubles within her tribe.

In "Out of the Frying Pan", Mala sought help from Hiccup and the dragon riders to deliver an Eruptodon egg to the hatching cavern. While Hiccup and Fishlegs were arguing who should fly with the egg, Mala quickly chose Hiccup for the task, showing that she trusts him more than the other riders.


In "Midnight Scrum", Throk came to Hiccup's rescue on Queen Mala's orders and managed to save him from Savage. Although he ended up losing Hiccup to Krogan later on. Throk also acknowledges Hiccup as the leader of the Riders when he visits the Edge to woo Ruffnut.

Enemies; old and new[]

Redeemed Themselves and Became Allies[]

Alvin the Treacherous[]

Alvin hiccup you're bluffing

Hiccup and Alvin

In the series, Alvin clearly has some sort of history with Hiccup's father and recognizes Hiccup as "Stoick's little embarrassment" and "Stoick's little runt". Hiccup at first outsmarts Alvin into taking him to Dragon Island. It is there that Alvin realizes that Hiccup is a Master Dragon Trainer. Alvin then begins to try to train dragons of his own, but he fully realizes that to do so, he will need Hiccup. He abducts him several times throughout the series. Hiccup is usually sarcastic around Alvin which annoys the Outcast chief considerably. This sarcasm displays an amount of contempt for the bloodthirsty chief. Hiccup and Alvin both clearly underestimate each other. Hiccup was completely fooled by Alvin's plot to lure him to the Isle of Night, and Alvin has many times watched helplessly as the "90-pound boy repeatedly defeats an army of blood-thirsty savages."

Alvin is Hiccup's main enemy in the television series, and he is one of the few characters that Hiccup has openly ordered Toothless to finish off. The animosity between the two of them has grown and grown as Hiccup has escaped Alvin and Alvin has nearly destroyed things that Hiccup cares deeply about. Alvin has notably targeted Astrid, and this has served to fuel the fire of the rivalry. Then Alvin discovered he could use Hiccup's love for Toothless to get at him, and this seemed to be the final straw. When Hiccup finally escaped, he and Toothless made a diving attack at Alvin and would have most likely killed him if they had not been downed by bolas. It is rare for Hiccup to be so determined to kill an enemy, but Alvin has given him good reasons to reach such decisions. In Defenders of Berk, by the end of the season, in "Cast Out, Part 1", Alvin claims that he is trying to change and in "Cast Out, Part 2" helped Hiccup to defeat Dagur and rescue Stoick from Outcast Island. Hiccup and Alvin become allies at the end of the season.

Three years later, in the "Return of Thor Bonecrusher", Alvin was captured by a band of Dragon Hunters who demanded to paid ransom in rare Ice Tail Pike. However, thanks to Fishlegs the Dragon Riders free Alvin. In "Guardians of Vanaheim", Alvin came to guard Berk while Hiccup and the other riders would deal with the Dragon Hunters and Flyers. Alvin then left Berk after Stoick recovered in "King of Dragons, Part 2".



Mildew and Hiccup vie for Stoick's support

Mildew and Hiccup are certainly not on any sort of good terms in the series. Mildew kicks off their rivalry by intentionally trying to get rid of the dragons. Mildew highly dislikes Hiccup because Hiccup has changed Berk, and because of this Mildew's animosity towards the dragons has stretched out to incorporate Hiccup as well. He intentionally makes Hiccup look as bad as possible in the eyes of the villagers and often attacks Hiccup's emotions through cruel guilt trips and accusations. This has to lead to Hiccup highly disliking him. He never necessarily wishes harm upon the cantankerous old man, but when Mildew does get what is coming to him, Hiccup does seem to slightly enjoy it. Mildew tricks Hiccup into going into an Outcast trap, and this makes Hiccup even angrier with him.

However, Hiccup does eventually pity Mildew when he sees him imprisoned, and Mildew convinces Hiccup to let him out of an Outcast cell. Hiccup is then fully willing to help the old man and even tries to get him to bond with the dragons with some success. Unfortunately, it is all a trick, and Mildew winds up betraying Hiccup once again. Hiccup is unaware of this final betrayal, so he does try to rescue Mildew, but his father tells him that there is no way to help him. Hiccup currently does not necessarily like Mildew's company, but due to his ignorance of Mildew's second betrayal, Hiccup has forgiven him. It appears in "Worst in Show" that Hiccup appears to know of Mildew's betrayal as he probably ordered Ruff and Tuff to send Butt and Head to head-butt Mildew. Hiccup also called Mildew a traitor in "Cast Out, Part 2", further proving this point but in the end, Mildew helped Alvin save Hiccup, Toothless, and Stoick from Dagur and got the Berserkers off. It is possible Mildew has returned to Berk and became an ally.

Dagur the Deranged[]

When the chips were down and I thought the Hunters had me for sure, Toothless let Dagur ride him to save me. Now if Toothless trusts him, then I have to try to trust him too. [src]
  — Hiccup  
Tumblr muc49bwxLC1qj3q7ro1 1280

Hiccup and Dagur

Hiccup and Dagur have known each other for a long time, usually meeting with their tribes' treaty signing. Dagur often acts like a pesky older brother, using Hiccup as a knife-throwing target or trying to drown him. Hiccup describes him as a "lunatic kid" and was not happy to learn he was the new Berserker chief. Dagur confronted Hiccup about the Red Death and trained dragon rumors he heard about, only for Hiccup to deny them. The Dragon Trainers staged a dragon attack to save Barf and Belch, and the Berserkers retreated. Hiccup later met up with Dagur again in "The Night and the Fury" on Dragon Island. Dagur was happy to see Hiccup alive after the "attack" and kept going on about how he faced a Night Fury. Dagur then decides the two of them will hunt down the dragon together. He even starts calling Hiccup "brother," which he finds awkward. Dagur points out he and Hiccup are a lot alike: both are born leaders, sons of chiefs, and have fathers that had to be eliminated; the last one Hiccup quickly disagrees with. When Dagur learns the truth about Berk's dragons, he feels betrayed and attacks Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup beats Dagur, and he and the others head back to Berk, as they need to be ready when Dagur returns. After being defeated and telling the Berserker armada, Dagur tells them no one is to hurt Hiccup, except him, after he gets his dragon. Throughout the whole season, Dagur has constantly been trying to capture Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup hated Dagur even more than he did before when he took his father, Stoick as a hostage to trade for Toothless. In the end, Dagur was put in jail until he escaped three years later, and Dagur continued his quest for revenge on Hiccup and Toothless.

Despite Hiccup's own animosity for Dagur, he did not let Heather kill him when he found out the Berserker was her brother.

Hiccup's relationship with Dagur took a new turn after the first ordeal with Viggo Grimborn. In "Enemy of My Enemy", he was surprised that Dagur was trying to help him and Toothless escape the Dragon Hunters, but he still didn't trust him. With no choice, Hiccup worked with Dagur to collect the ingredients needed to cure Toothless who had been hit by the Hunters arrows. When the potion caused Toothless to spasm and collapse, Hiccup attacked Dagur and even threatened to kill him. The two were soon captured by the Hunters, eventually, Dagur managed to escape while he left Hiccup behind. This left Hiccup shouting that he hated the Berserker. However, Dagur came back with Toothless and saved him. This left Hiccup wondering if Dagur really wanted to change.

Dagur showed up in Hiccup's hut asking him to teach him to ride a dragon so he could find his sister. Hiccup agreed, hoping to get rid of him since Heather was on Dragon's Edge. Before that, he spoke to the Riders about the possibility Dagur was trying to change, though none of them were convinced, especially Heather. In "Family on the Edge", Hiccup began to teach Dagur to ride a Gronckle, though it was still a trial. When the others found Dagur, Hiccup explained how Dagur had saved him. He admitted to Astrid he was still unsure about him, but Toothless let Dagur ride him. When Dagur found out about the Riders' plan to attack Viggo's fleet, he told them it was a trap. But the others' beliefs led Hiccup to trust his friends over Dagur and had him and his dragon locked up. Dagur managed to escape and proved it was a trap. Dagur was nowhere to be found after the battle and presumed dead.

After Dagur's supposed death, Hiccup felt guilty for not believing him. However, Dagur was later revealed to have survived.

Viggo Grimborn[]

Hiccup, you're more ruthless than you realize. I know you will defeat Krogan and Johann. [src]
  — Viggo to Hiccup, before he sacrifices himself to allow Hiccup and Toothless to escape  

Viggo is one of the few people capable of outsmarting Hiccup. In "Maces and Talons, Part 1", when the Dragon Riders first planned to take down the Dragon Hunters, and failed, Hiccup realized right away that Viggo was able to manipulate them to his advantage, even giving the Hunters time to search the Edge for the Dragon Eye. When Viggo planted the game Maces and Talons on his ship, Hiccup decided to play by Viggo's rules. In "Maces and Talons, Part 2", the two finally met face to face. After Viggo managed to retrieve the Dragon Eye, Hiccup was left extremely frustrated, screaming from the loss.

After this, Hiccup's personality took a more serious turn as he was determined to find Viggo and get the Dragon Eye back. The other Riders noticed this obsession as well, which included recon flights alone ("Enemy of My Enemy") and overworking the dragons for defenses ("A Grim Retreat"). Hiccup began to realize this and tried to take it easy. In "Buffalord Soldier", when the two met up again, Hiccup only cared about finding Astrid a cure and he was even willing to give up the Buffalord to Viggo for Astrid's sake.

In "Shell Shocked, Part 1" and "Shell Shocked, Part 2", Viggo tried yet again to outsmart Hiccup by playing mind-games with him. He even attempted to get inside Hiccup's brain through digs at his relationship with Astrid. Hiccup didn't let this deter him, however. At the end of the two-parter, Viggo asked Hiccup to choose between the Dragon Eye and Astrid. Hiccup didn't hesitate in making his decision and to Viggo's great horror, he threw the Dragon Eye directly into the volcano. While not a part of Hiccup's intention, Viggo ended up falling into the volcano as well as a result.

In "Triple Cross", Hiccup actively attacks Viggo, displaying all the anger that's been built up in the last seasons through Viggo's somewhat infuriating actions towards Hiccup and his constant attempts to outsmart the Dragon Riders. As this is the only time Hiccup has attacked his opponent first, it's safe to say that Hiccup had a deep hatred of Viggo at the beginning of Triple Cross. Viggo seeks revenge and forces Hiccup to help him perform it by feeding Toothless Red oleander, and pretending that it is poisonous, once again playing mind-games with him. When Johann and Krogan dropped a mountain on him a Monstrous Nightmare saved him, leading him to respect dragons as equals. He then tells Hiccup this, collapsed to reveal that he has 4 arrows in his body from the dragon hunters. He then sacrifices himself for Hiccup and dies shortly after, although his death is not seen.

Defeated Enemies[]


You have a most annoying habit of not dying when you're supposed to. [src]
  — Johann to Hiccup  

At first, Hiccup was oblivious to the fact that Johann was an enemy, as he thought Johann was just a tradesman cooperating with Berk as well as an informative trader who had been on many expeditions which led to his great knowledge about materials, plants, locations and sometimes, other Vikings in the Archipelago. Despite this, Hiccup often found himself exasperated by the man's long and boring stories. As of "In Plain Sight", Hiccup and Johann became official enemies. When Johann finally revealed his true colors, Hiccup was not entirely surprised as he was reminded by every single perilous situation that involved Johann himself. After revealing that he had indeed been manipulating Hiccup the whole time, Johann openly attempted to murder him multiple times. Hiccup got a little revenge in "Triple Cross" with the help of Viggo, humiliating Johann. In "King of Dragons, Part 2", Johann attempted to murder Hiccup one last time until he was frozen to death by the Berserker Bewilderbeast.

Ryker Grimborn[]

Astrid was right. You look like a psycho. [src]
  — Hiccup meeting Ryker for the first time  

Hiccup first learned about Ryker through Astrid after Stormfly was taken away by dragon hunters in "Night of the Hunters, Part 1".

Hiccup originally believed Ryker was the head of the Dragon Hunters. It was later in “Snow Way Out” where Hiccup found out that it was Viggo who was the real leader. Hiccup's tactics usually stop Ryker's plots in acquiring the Dragon Eye. Ryker is one of the few characters to address Hiccup by his last name.

In "Shell Shocked, Part 1 and 2", Hiccup was forced to work with Viggo in order to defeat Ryker from using the Shellfire dragon from destroying his Allies and Berk.


Viggo: "Hiccup may not appear a worthy adversary, however, he is as formidable as they come."
Krogan: "But his strength is also his weakness. His love of dragons will prevent him from shooting to kill, while our Flyers look forward to it. Your "Archipelago Idol" will have quite the inner struggle. One that he will never win."[src]

Krogan and Hiccup first met at Viggo's Dragon Auction in "Last Auction Heroes". While they did not interact with each other, Krogan was annoyed when the riders escaped and left the island.

In "Midnight Scrum", Krogan decides to capture Hiccup and give him to the Dragon Hunters in order to receive the bounty placed on the boy's head. However, when the bounty was revealed to be fake, Krogan attempted to take Hiccup away. While the Hunters were fighting Krogan, Hiccup managed to escape. Eventually, Krogan caught up to Hiccup and while they were fighting, Hiccup recognized Krogan as the man who attempted to buy Toothless at Viggo's auction. They fell off a cliff, but Hiccup managed to hang onto a rock and Krogan caught the boy's metal leg. Hiccup then detached his prosthetic, letting Krogan fall to his apparent death. Later, the Dragon Riders came to Hiccup's rescue and Ryker was defeated. Then, the Dragon Hunter pulled out a knife and attempted to throw it at Hiccup, only to be stopped by Krogan, who knocked him out using Hiccup's leg. However, seeing he was outnumbered, he jumped off the cliff and disappeared.

They met again in "Dawn of Destruction", where Hiccup was surprised to see him again. Initially, Krogan underestimated Hiccup due to his love for dragons and lack of killing, believing that he and the Dragon Riders are a mere nuisance. But when Hiccup outsmarted the Flyers, Krogan started to see him as a legitimate threat and became more serious in handling his new enemy. In "Triple Cross", Hiccup learned from Viggo that Krogan didn't work for Johann but was working with a mysterious buyer up in the north.

In "King of Dragons, Part 2", when Krogan escaped with the Bewilderbeast egg, Hiccup told Toothless to get the egg so Krogan wouldn't deliver it to his mysterious buyer. It is later revealed that Krogan's employer was Drago Bludvist and was executed when he failed in his task.

Drago Bludvist[]

You surely are hard to get rid of, I'll say that. [src]
  — Drago to Hiccup  
Tumblr njrogeFHU11r3741jo3 1280

Drago and Hiccup conversing during their first meeting

Drago Bludvist had an army of dragons and wanted to rule the world, making his character one of the worst enemies Hiccup ever meets. They are alike and different in many ways. Like Hiccup, he lost a left limb to a dragon, grew up fearing them but later proved to have a talent for controlling them, and also possessed a great deal of mechanical inventive genius (as evidenced by his dragon traps). Unlike Hiccup, his fear transformed not into understanding but an obsessive need to dominate everything around him so he would never feel powerless again, and dragons were the ideal tool to do this with once he realized he could dominate them with sheer will and intimidation. The comparison goes further with their specific amputations and methods of how they each tame dragons. Hiccup lost his leg, and his method of taming a dragon involves calmly and peacefully placing his hand on the dragon's face. Drago, on the other hand, lost his arm, and his method involves shouting wildly and stepping cruelly upon a dragon's snout. In the end, Drago was defeated and Hiccup finally got his revenge on his father's true murderer.

In many ways, Drago is considered an antithesis of Hiccup. While Hiccup trains dragons forming a bond with them, Drago uses fear and intimidation to enslave dragons to his will. And while Hiccup considers dragons as "kind amazing creatures", Drago only sees dragons as weapons of mass destruction.


Originally, Hiccup perceived Calder as an ally who could help him in investigating the situation in Nepenthe. Eventually, Calder revealed his intention when he had Hiccup and the other Riders imprisoned. Calder planned to use Hiccup’s tools and dragons so that he could become a dragon himself. Hiccup attempted to reason with Calder, but the latter viewed Hiccup’s words as inferior. With no other choice left and Calder’s intentions to kill him with Inferno, Hiccup threw a canister of Zippleback gas to Inferno, setting Calder ablaze as he seemingly fell to his death.

Grimmel the Grisly[]

You think you can come into my home? Sit in my father's chair? And threaten my dragon? This is Berk. And we have defended our way of life from far worse than you. [src]
  — Hiccup to Grimmel  

Grimmel is the greatest threat Hiccup has ever faced, for his goal is to capture or kill every dragon, especially Toothless, being responsible for killing every other Night Fury in existence. Grimmel tells Hiccup that humans can never co-exist with dragons due to their sense of superiority. When Hiccup refuses to give his best friend up, Grimmel threatens to destroy everything Hiccup loves and sets the entire village of Berk on fire.

Following the attack, Hiccup realizes that Grimmel is unlike any foe he has faced before and is left no choice but to have the entire Hooligan Tribe undergo a mass exodus to find the Hidden World where everyone can be safe.

When Hiccups' mother Valka returns from a scouting mission and reports Grimmel's movements, Hiccup decides to capture Grimmel to end his reign of terror. However, Grimmel is prepared for such a scenario and manages to trap the Dragon Riders. Grimmel then reveals to Hiccup the time when he killed his first Night Fury and how it motivated him to exterminate every dragon he could find, and Hiccup came to realize that Grimmel is what he would have become if he chose to kill Toothless in the first place. This makes him a dark mirror reflection of Hiccup.

Grimmel eventually manages to capture Toothless and all of Berk's dragons and taunts Hiccup about being nothing without his best friend. When Hiccups swoops in to rescue Toothless, Grimmel tells Hiccup that the Night Fury now only cares about his mate before drugging her to prove his statement. After a lengthy chase, Hiccup risks death by kicking Grimmel off the Light Fury to save Toothless before releasing his prosthetic leg and letting Grimmel fall into the sea.



  • Hiccup seems to have gotten his name from the fact that he was born early, as he was smaller and weaker than other babies. The odd name also coincides with the first movie that Vikings are given hideous names to “frighten off gnomes and trolls.”
  • According to both the "Making of..." documentary and the film's script, Hiccup was unconscious for "a week or two" after losing his leg.
  • All official sources since 2014 state Hiccup's age to be 15 in the first film, however it's suggested by Chris Sanders in the film maker's commentary, and at times by Jay Baruchel[2] that he was originally supposed to be 14.
    • According to the "Making of..." documentary, the film's crew played with the ages 11-18 during earlier phases of the film's development.
  • Hiccup is ambidextrous.
    • Despite wielding weapons with either hand in the films and series, DreamWorks has officially classified him as left-handed, matching his book series counterpart.[3]
  • Hiccup is a rather bad liar and seems to be pressured by guilt into admitting things easily.
  • Hiccup and Astrid are the only Dragon Riders to have gotten married, as far as we know.
  • Hiccup is the shortest among the gang in the first film but is the tallest in the sequel and beyond.
  • Hiccup and Fishlegs are the only Dragon Riders who have green eyes.
  • In the first film, Hiccup almost died when he fell into the inferno of the Red Death's exploding body, which Toothless protected him from. In the second film, he almost died in a completely opposite way, when Drago's Bewilderbeast shot him with an icy blast, from which Toothless also protected him.
  • As of the first film, Hiccup is the only known Viking to have trained a dragon. However, in the second and third films, it's revealed that Valka, Drago, and possibly Grimmel had actually trained dragons before Hiccup had.
  • All three films show Hiccup impersonating his father, Stoick.
  • As noted by the twins, Hiccup is a bad actor.
  • In Dragons: Race to the Edge, Hiccup already has two small braided sections of his hair. But as shown in How to Train Your Dragon 2 and further stated in statements from crew members, Hiccup's hair is braided by Astrid after they're officially a couple. As most of Dragons: Race to the Edge takes place before they become a couple, Hiccup's hair should not have those two braids.
  • Hiccup loves Fishlegs' mother's crabcakes.
  • Even the dragons understand Hiccup's leadership in Dragons: Race to the Edge, because when Fishlegs was "kidnapped" by a flock of aggressive albino Night Terrors and Astrid contracted The Scourge of Odin, Meatlug and Stormfly went to Hiccup for help.
  • Hiccup seems to have inherited his mother's connection with dragons, dramatic flair, and crafting skills, and his father's stubbornness and leadership skills.
  • According to Fishlegs and Astrid, Hiccup is a very good gift-giver.
  • In "Saving Shattermaster" and "Out of the Frying Pan", Hiccup is seen with bare arms for the first time.
    • However, as seen in a flashback, he had bare arms as an infant.
  • According to Alvin in "Defiant One", Hiccup weighs 90 lbs when he is 15. Mildew reinforces this in "We Are Family, Part 2", by emphasising his distaste in going to a group of dragons to train them, to escape Outcast Island, by saying he only has a "90 pound boy" as a human shield.
  • In the first film, Hiccup expresses his inability to kill a dragon, however he is the only human character to be shown getting a confirmed kill (with assistance from Toothless).
  • It is implied that Hiccup may be the ancestor of Tom Kullersen, the main protagonist of Dragons: The Nine Realms. Tom's last name Kullersen— is derived from the Danish word Kuller, which means Haddock, and the -søn/sen patronym meaning son of, thus translating to "Son of Haddock".
    • That wasn't until "Barrel of Vines", that it was confirmed to be true by his mother revealing that Haddock was her family name following her great-grandfather.
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