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Hey, there, little fella. It's kinda scary, huh, all this new stuff to process and no mom to walk you through it. [src]
  Hiccup training the baby  

Hiccup's Baby Whispering Death is a baby Whispering Death that was snatched as an egg by the Northlander trader Arngrim Dammen, and was trained by Hiccup in The Ice Castle.



At an unknown point, this Whispering Death's egg was found by Arngrim Dammen of the Northlander Tribe. He took it to sell in his dragon egg trade.

When Hiccup, Astrid, and the other Dragon Riders of Berk came to rescue Stormfly, they found Dammen showing off the egg, along with a Timberjack and Boneknapper whom he had captured. When Toothless blasted fire at the Northlanders, he freed the Timberjack and Boneknapper, and one of his fireballs incubated the egg, causing it to hatch into a baby Whispering Death.

Despite knowing the dangers of its species, Hiccup decided to try to train it. Fortunately, he was successful and the baby Whispering Death returned to Berk after Dammen had been defeated. He was last seen sleeping comfortably on Stormfly with the other baby dragons rescued from Dammen.

Physical Appearance

Hiccup's baby Whispering Death is teal, with a yellow belly and red spikes.



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