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Special Herbs are seen in the game, How to Train Your Dragon and later mentioned in Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Three herbs - Shield Herb, Wrath Herb, and Haste Herb - appear in this game and each have different uses within the game. These game herbs do not appear to correspond with any herbs in real life

  • Shield Herb - The shield herb is bright yellow-green with broad, pointed leaves.
  • Wrath Herb - The wrath herb has narrow, lance-shaped leaves with a yellow and brown color.
  • Haste Herb - The leaves of the haste herb are green and shaped like fans, reminiscent of gingko tree leaves.


These herbs serve as boosts in dragon fights in the game.

  • Shield Herb - Protects a dragon from the next attack with a "shield" effect.
  • Wrath Herb - Gives a dragon better offense during a battle with a "wrath" effect.
  • Haste Herb - Helps a dragon gain energy faster during a battle.

The herbs mentioned in Dragons: Titan Uprising are used for healing dragon wounds. It is presumed that they could be used to help heal human injuries as well.



How to Train Your Dragon (game)

Herbs are awarded from winning dragon battles and completing quests, and can be used toward enhancing the player's dragon abilities in battle.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

Healing herbs are mentioned in the description of the Deathgripper Sappheral, where Thordis Skallagrimsdottir used them to restore Sappheral back to health.

After three desperate weeks of hiding from these dangerous predators, Thordis discovered the injured Sappheral, whose wing had been crippled in a battle with another dragon. His wounds were festering and he was close to death, but Thordis nursed him back to health with her knowledge of healing herbs. [src]
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  


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