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Henrik is the uncle of Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston. He is mentioned in the Race to the Edge episode "Buffalord Soldier".


Remembered by Tuffnut

Tuffnut: "Okay, you scoff now, but one day, science will recognize my genius. They called old Crazy Uncle Henrik "crazy.""
Ruffnut: "He is crazy, Tuffnut. He married his own beard."
Tuffnut: "Mm-hm. Okay. Yes. Bad example."[src]
  — The Twins discussing about their uncle  

Henrik is mentioned by Tuffnut in "Buffalord Soldier" after he talks about his experience with moldy bread. He uses the title crazy to talk about his uncle. Ruffnut tells Tuffnut that Uncle Henrik is indeed crazy, going so far as to state that Uncle Henrik reportedly married his own beard.

Mentioned by the Twins

The twins stated that he once poisoned himself with mold.


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