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Hemp is a plant mentioned in the game School of Dragons.


Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa. It is a tall plant with no flowers and lots of leaves, each with 7 limbs.

It is a very useful plant in producing fibers and one of the oldest ever used. It is also a plant that grows very fast.


The main function of this plant is being used for making fibers and ropes. It is also the only function it has in the Franchise.

In actuality, it is also used as animal food with its seeds being eaten by humans too. It can also be used for animal bedding, controlling the weeds or as biofuel.



School of Dragons

During the quest "Mulch's Sinking Adventure: Part 2" Bucket offers the player his old shirt thinking that it might help repairing Mulch's boat. Heather discovers that it is made of hemp and asks the player to chop the shirt into fibers. Then, she combines it with tar and creates oakum. Then, the player is asked to help Bucket and Mulch with the boat and fill the holes with the waterproof material.

Hemp is very absorbent and can easily be pushed into the crack to stop the leak if it's chopped up. Hemp fibers are strong as well as durable. They do not mildew and are used to make ropes, sacks and strong fabrics.
  — Heather about the hemp  


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