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Skulder and I plotted out the paths these Whispering Deaths will need to take, but we can only keep the dragons at pace with both me and my mother wrangling them.
  — Hiccup  

Three Helpful Whispering Deaths appear in the expansion Return to Dragon Island of the game School of Dragons.


Digging holes on Dragon Island

When toxic sulfur dioxide comes from the the volcano on Dragon Island due to the magma not having any other exits, Hiccup comes up with the idea of digging holes to release the pressure, with the help of some Whispering Deaths. However, he can only control the dragons with Valka's aid. The player is asked to go inside the volcano and blast the weak spots in the walls to help the Whispering Deaths tunnel through. When the player does so, the three dragons can be seen emerging from the holes they made. Whether they stay on Dragon Island or fly away afterwards is never mentioned.

Physical Appearance

These Whispering Deaths are all completely black with a slightly lighter belly.


  • They are the first adult Whispering Deaths that Hiccup manages to train, even if it is with the help of his mother.


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