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A Helpful Snaptrapper appears in the expansion Battle for the Edge of the game School of Dragons.


Used as Inspiration

At some point before the events of School of Dragons, this Snaptrapper settled on Zippleback Island. It dug a burrow into the ground to act as its home, which it then partially covered with leaves in an attempt to camouflage itself.

When the player, along with Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston, Fishlegs Ingerman, and Harald Forkbeard, arrived on Zippleback Island in order to free Fart & Sniff from a netter trap, Harold encountered this Snaptrapper hiding in its burrow. Worrying that it was a mutant Hideous Zippleback that had something wrong with it, he refused to get close to it. Fishlegs, however, assured Harold that the dragon was a Snaptrapper and that it would remain calm as long as they didn't get in its way. The player, Fishlegs, and Harald observed the Snaptrapper eating a spider, which led Fishlegs to theorize on the different diets of Zipplebacks and Snaptrappers in regard to their close relation.

Tuffnut then realized that the Snaptrapper's hidden burrow and ambush tactics could be used to help defend Dragon's Edge from the Dragon Hunters. He proposed the creation of a pitfall trap on the Edge, which could be used to trap the Hunters within the hole. He told the player to relay this idea to Hiccup in order to see whether or not he would accept it.

After Harald's betrayal, the Twins returned to Zippleback Island in order to ensure that the Snaptrapper and Fart and Sniff had not been captured. Upon their arrival at the island, they found that both dragons were safe, which they reported to Astrid Hofferson and the the player.

Physical Appearance

The Helpful Snaptrapper is representative of its species, being dark green in color with yellow spots all over its body.



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