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I noticed a small pack of Smokebreaths drinking water from the waterfall as I was flying in. Could you lure one over here to help us? Click on the closest one and lead him here, please. ... You've found quite a spirited one. He'll make a fine source of smoke.
  — Valka in School of Dragons  

A Helpful Smokebreath appears briefly in the game, School of Dragons in the player Quest, "Honey, I Stung Snotlout!".


Bee Smoker

In School of Dragons, the player must retrieve honey from a wild bee hive to use as a salve for Snotlout, who got stung multiple times from the very same bees. Valka suggests approaching a small pack of nearby Smothering Smokebreaths and getting one to come to the hive. The player leads one pack member to the hive. The individual helps out by smoking out the hive to sedate the bees so the player can retrieve the honey.

Physical Appearance

This helpful Smokebreath is typical of his species. He is smoke gray on top and a darker charcoal gray on his belly and jaw. He has yellow eyes. He is larger than Smokebreaths seen in the TV series, as they are larger in School of Dragons.



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