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Many Vikings seem to think that the Scuttleclaw and the Deadly Nadder are very similar, even if they're in different Dragon Classes. Let's test it out!
  — Hiccup  

A Helpful Scuttleclaw appears in the expansion Return to Dragon Island of the game School of Dragons.


Testing the Spectrometer

That bright green flame is distinctly different from the Deadly Nadder's almost white fire. According to the spectrometer, the Scuttleclaw's flame is made out of copper compound!
  — Heather  

After testing some substances in the spectrometer, Heather decides to find out what elements are in a dragon's fire. For this, she brings Stormfly, Meatlug and a Scuttleclaw to the Wilderness.

After discovering that a Deadly Nadder's fire is made out of magnesium, Hiccup suggests comparing it with the fire of a Scuttleclaw and see what difference is between similar dragons in separate classes.

The player is asked to tap on the Scuttleclaw and make it shoot fire at the spectrometer, which indicates the presence of copper in the fireball, as stated by Heather.

Physical Appearance

The Helpful Scuttleclaw is representant for its species, being purple with light blue stripes on its wings and a pale belly. The nasal horn and the spines on its back and tail are bright pink.



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