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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

A Helpful Prickleboggle first appears during the third expansion pack of School of Dragons, "Battle for the Edge".


Helping the Dragon Riders

When Fishlegs and the player go to Dark Deep to study the Catastrophic Quaken, they find a caged Prickleboggle and an upset Quaken. Fishlegs theories that a group of Dragon Hunters captured the Prickleboggle but were driven out by the Quaken. Fortunately, Harald arrives on the island in the next moments and, guided by the player, opens the cage. The Prickleboggle heals the Quaken with its blast, happy to be free again. Fishlegs then tells the player to mount the Prickleboggle and go to the Edge so that the Quaken would follow it there.

Later during the expansion, Heather and the player go to Glacier Island to retrieve a book in which she had notes about the Dragon Hunters. Heather also brings the Prickleboggle with her. They find it, however, near an injured Snow Wraith. Heather tells the player to mount the Prickleboggle again in order to heal the Snow Wraith and get the book.

After Harald betrays the Dragon Riders, Snotlout tells the player to go to Dark Deep and check on Fishlegs. When the player arrives, Fishlegs informs him/her that the hunters took the Quaken but left the Prickleboggle, which looked very sad. Fortunately, the player manages to save the Quaken and the dragon return to Dark Deep and to the Prickleboggle.

Confrontation with Stormheart Soldiers

In the School of Dragons Expansion, "Wrath of Stormheart", the Helpful Prickleboggle defends Dark Deep with Nikora Stormheart's soldiers attack the island. His companion Catastrophic Quaken is struck by some unknown poison, but the Helpful Prickleboggle is too exhausted to heal him. The player brings fish to the Prickleboggle to boost his energy to heal the Quaken. The attack on Dark Deep was only a diversion while Nikora took over Auction Island.

Physical Appearance

This Prickleboggle looks like any member of its species, being light green with brown spots on the back, a pale belly and black horns.




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