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We must now begin to train the Eruptodon, to gain its trust and plead for its aid.
  — Valka  

A Helpful Eruptodon appears during the expansion Return to Dragon Island of the game School of Dragons.


Helping out on Dragon Island

Whoa! That's a sturdy one, isn't it? Is that the dragon you were looking for?
  — Eret  

When Hiccup comes with the idea of making secondary tunnels from inside the volcano on Dragon Island, Valka suggests using an Eruptodon, as it could withstand the heat of the lava. The player then goes to Eruptodon Island with Valka and Eret and find an Eruptodon. To gain its trust, Valka tells the player to feed the dragon rocks. However, the Eruptodon is not impressed and falls asleep. Valka then suggests drawing its attention using some Fireworms. The player does so and succeeds in taming the Eruptodon.

Later, on Dragon Island, the Eruptodon is seen throughout all the other quests, following the Dragon Riders in and out of the volcano. At one point, while inside the volcano, the player is asked to mount the Eruptodon and shoot the weak spots in the rock wall of the volcano.

After the Green Death is finally calmed down and Harald sails away, Hiccup decides that the Eruptodon should be one of the player's dragons, as they made a really good team during the action.

Physical Appearance

The Helpful Eruptodon looks like any member of its species, being brown and yellow, with small red dots on its back and black wing edges.


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